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March 21 2009

(SPOILER) Promo for Dollhouse 1x07 "Echoes". As seen at the end of "Man on the Street".

Thank you. We don't get promos in our neck of the woods.
Yes I also really appreciate the promo being posted on Whedonesque, for those like me who for one reason or another dont get to see it. Cheers mate.

Also- "That is like so heavy...makes my arm sotired"

pure win
Looks like Adelle is in trouble...
Thanks for posting - no promos for us. That looks as if it will be another fantastic episode.
Looks... intense. lol. :D But ya know, in a good way and all.
can't wait for next week especially after this week!
So excited!!
Looks great!
While I agree this looks intense, I have to wonder how much longer before Adele is relieved of her COO position - surely the other 19 can't be having this many troubles! Even the most clueless man-on-the-street is gonna believe in the Dollhouse soon.
Can't see it. =/

There is one on YouTube, but the quality is not very good.

Isn't there another way to see it?

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