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March 21 2009

Clip of Nathan Fillion on the Bonnie Hunt show. This is from earlier this month.

Thank you Famin on myspace for finding this.

Awesome clip. Nathan is a class act.
I wonder if all her guests slide down that pole.
I seriously doubt that. lol

Nathan is great on interviews.
Haha, that was a hilarious interview. I also liked the Brian Austin Green (Derek Reese, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles) interview in the "related videos."
Come on rabid Whedon fanbase. Terminator is an amazing show; seriously underrated...and it has a higher chance of cancellation than Dollhouse I bet. I really really want both of these shows to survive. If you're not already watching it, go out, buy the first season on DVD (its really good and only 9 episodes) and especially if you have a Nielson Box...START WATCHING (its right before dollhouse; you're watching anyway). This show is always excellent, but the awesomeness just increased exponentially within the last few episodes and I might cry if its cancelled. Plus, lets not forget...Summer Glau. That should be all you need.
Whedonites, unite!

I watch Terminator. Put up signs at work advertising Terminator and Dollhouse...Castle too...
Nathan sliding down the pole (& the walk afterwards) was the best part.

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