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March 22 2009

Buffy Season 8 is a New York Times Best Seller. The third volume made its debut entry onto this week's Graphic Books (Paperback) Best Seller List.

Does anyone know of there are plans for a hardback collection of the first several arcs? I haven't been buying the trades, because I love hardback versions of my favorite comics.
Scott Allie has said they'll do one eventually, most likely after Season 8 is concluded. Or probably two, because 40 issues of a comic is a lot to fit into one hardcover book, I'm not even sure if that's been done. Maybe Dave Sim's Cerebus was. Haven't read it, but I've seen those giant trades some readers refer to as the Cerebus "phone books".

IDW's made the Angel: After the Fall hardcovers real pretty, so I hope Dark Horse follows suit (all new covers by Jo Chen, would be my hope).
Grant Morrison's New X-Men run was collected into a hardcover omnibus. The entire run consisted of 40+ issues, so it's been done before. The book is HUGE, but I much prefer it that way, instead of a bunch of piddly hardbacks.
Jeff Smith's Bone series, 55 issues, was collected in both a softcover and limited-edition hardcover.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Bone, that's an obvious one. I read a friend's single issues, but she didn't follow the story to completion. So I bought the second-to-last trade paperback (black and white) when it was released, but then never got around to buying the very last one because I saw that they were collecting the whole thing. Then Scholastic starting bringing the trades out in color (and I'm always fine with b&w, but it looks awesome and is more appropriate to Bone's high fantasy cartoon flavor, so I prefer to get it that way now), so I'm waiting for a giant sized trade in color, which means it's gonna take a few more years still to finally know the end of the story.

It's strange to wait so long on a book I like, I was right into it back in the early `00s, even read the spin-offs like Rose and that frontier Bone one, I usually would've finished it by now for any other title.
Cool. Thanks for the info, guys! :)
Go, Buffy, go! Awesome to see the comic doing so well.

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