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March 22 2009

A fan's 'Joss Whedon' room. That's an impressive amount of collectibles.


Even got some unicorns in there. I would worry that keeping that amount of figures dust-free would be time-consuming though. If that was my room I'm afraid it would get pretty dusty.
I shudder to think of the amount of money that room represents.
Good point jlp :/
That room was likely worth quite a lot of money, but my favorite item in the whole video was the key taped to a bottle of Dawn.
With all the DVDs, magazines, figures, limited editions, replica weapons/items, and the cost of the many cons that person had to go to, I feel like that room is probably worth upwards of $4000 (really a ballpark guess).

Seems like whoever's room that is should be on here. Anybody care to stake their claim?
Whoa! I'm turning green in envy. Wonderful collection, may want to think twice before inviting one of us diehards in there.

"Well, how did that Sword of Angelus slip down my trouser leg like that? Must of fallen by accident. Oh and the Giles' library set? Wasn't that a gift?"
Hello. That is my Joss Whedon room. Thanks for the link, Simon! I didn't want to link it myself... I would feel like a whore.

Thanks for the views and the comments everybody. My favorite piece is a self-created bag of Tito's potato chips. It goes by quick so you may have missed it, but gives you all the reason to watch again!

It gets so dusty in there its unbelievable! But the perfect cure for that is throwing in DVDs and cleaning all day.

Sometimes I try not to think about how much it cost me for all of that... but when I do... I came up with this little scenario:

lets say I went to the bars EVERY weekend of the year... and had ONLY two drinks... for the duration that I've been assembling my room's collection...that would cost me: $3,744. And that would only be stopping at two drinks a weekend.

Here's a greater way... I don't smoke. But if I did. Lets say I smoked a carton of cigarettes a week... for the 9 years (roughly) that I have been assembling this room... I would have spent: $18,720. And I figured inflation into that so that total is REALLY low than what it should be.

It makes me feel a lot better when thinking of the money I could have spent that on.

Thanks again for everyone checking out the room! My slower more detailed video was too long so I had to make a faster version of it.

I love Joss Whedon.
oh, and I don't post often. I lurk more than post. But I love reading everybody's comments about everything! I'll try posting more often. Bad me.
Bloody hell! Wow! It sucks to not have the money for stuff like that. And to be so young that I couldn't grow up watching Buffy and Angel with other Whedon fans from the very beginning. (I'm trying to make up for it though).
And here I was, all excited because I had 3 of the smaller Willow figures, the 12 inch Willow figure (can you guess who my fave charcter is?) and Demon Giles, plus a set of trading cards. And of course, the DVDs. I am way behnd in the collecting department!
Thanks for the link, Simon!

Anytime. I don't much in the way of collectibles but I do have a Buffy #1 poster signed by Jo Chen and a copy of 'The Zeppo' script signed by Nick Brendon. And the Fiesta Giles action figure and Bunny Suit Anya (Moore Action Collectibles version).
Holy crap, that's awesome.
Well you probably don't have time to post because you're too busy dusting off unicorns and taping keys to detergent and whatnot... ;-)

I also have a 'Whedon room' (guests particularly love sleeping under the Angel duvet) but you're a better fan than me, as I don't even take my figures/collectibles out of the packet like Joss says you should. (BTW did anyone else get flashbacks to that directive when they saw Dollhouse this week, where the client was talking with Ballard about making dolls have sex with each other?) Speaking of, you now need to start a new section- I wonder when they'll start making 'Dollhouse' dolls?

I'm glad your collecting brings you so much joy- thanks for sharing!
Aha now how many people here are going to try and outshine that? I think I've seen a bigger one than this with all the figures in their original packaging (not a toy store!). Mine's about two shelves, bit lame in comparison!
I need to do a re-organizing session to set up a Doctor Horrible section (got Captain Hammer shirt, DVD etc)... and if Dollhouse merch begins, I may have to move to a bigger residence! My sleeping quarters is going to result to a couch if this keeps up.

I wouldn't consider myself more of a fan than anyone else, I just have too much time on my hands. If you are any kind of fan of Whedon, that is the best kind. We all have to stick together as a group.... key-taped-detergent bottles or not!
A signed copy of "The Zeppo"? Now I'm jealous twice over. Leave me be as I simmer in my corner.
What a fantastic collection! *is envious*

I have a fair amount of stuff, but mainly I collect the Buffy/Angel figurines and toys, especially the 1/6th scale figures that Sideshow used to produce.

The most expensive items in my collection are the exclusive versions of the premium format Spike and Angel statues which came to about $260 each. I love them both, but never again! I just haven't got the money for that sort of thing anymore. :0

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-03-22 14:49 ]
I'm guessing this was shot on s Flip camera signed by Ara Celi? ;)

Great collection- major jealous!
Erm, wow :). I always thought I was being extravagant with a Whedon themed display cabinet and a room with signed pictures and posters and the such. But nope, this is much, much more extravagant. Thanks for making me feel good, FruitPunchMouth27 ;)
I knew I didn't have as many Whedon-related items as a lot of people do, but, WOW!, FruitPunchMouth27, that is impressive!! I have a couple of book shelves of books/comics, all the DVDs, including multiple copies of Firefly and Serenity, several CDs, a Mal figure, a homemade Mr. Pointy and cross and an autographed picture of River, plus about 15+ T-shirts. That doesn't even come close! Oh, and I have some unicorns, too. ;)
Yes, Flip video made this video possible! I will add an updated video to my YouTube page sometime in the next two weeks, because I got notification that my full size replica Angel puppet is now in stock (finally!). I don't care what other people say when they make fun of those puppets... but I love them! ITS SMILE TIMEEEE! Although I hate the idea of the Spike one. I will buy it when I find it really cheap at a con.
I can match the Firefly/Serenity section, but not the rest. Wow.
Aww, I like the idea of a Spike puppet, especially since Shadow Puppets comic series was released but, but just like the puppet Angel version they're sadly not very well realized.

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-03-22 15:52 ]
Congratulations FruitPunchMouth! I thought I had a lot of Whedon-y stuff (and I do) but it doesn't match up to the completeness of your collection (also a lot of mine is packed away, and some of my shelf space includes Doctor Who and Discworld fun). I'm impressed with your collection and I agree about the money spent: the drinks and/or cigarettes would be money wasted, but if you ever did get tired of your collection you could pretty much count on getting most or all of your cost back from other collectors! BTW I had never even seen a Kaylee action figure before, that was sweet (I'll need to watch again and pause in the Firefly section!).
Holy Cow! Some of thet stuff I didnt even know existed. Collecting all that must have been quite an effort.

I couldnt scrape the money together to buy all that even if I had years, so I have focused on buying the more important books, essay-collections and Watcher guides and the like.

On a completely different note: Have anyone tried the Buffy boardgame that rushed past there for a brief moment? Is it worth buying/fun to play?
I did think you were missing a Joss Whedon section in your room! Just sayin'.
Loved the bottle of Dawn. And the library set up.

If I was not married to a frugal man and forced to be more responsible, I'm afraid my house would look like this. I am green with envy.
sueworld2003: After the Shadow Puppets comic, yes... Spike makes sense, but I think the puppet came out before the announced the comic. I have been passing it up the past few conventions, but this summer I will probably have to break down and get it.

embers: The "Kaylee" figure is her recently released figure from her character on Stargate: Atlantis. I saw several several months ago that they were releasing her for that show, and I counted the days until I can throw her into the Firefly section. You are right... I really should have a special placement for just Joss appreciation. He did autograph my Once More With Feeling poster, as well as Amber Benson.

Satai: I tried the board game ONCE with two other friends... and we could not just figure it out. We were beginning to make up our own rules once we got confused. I should really bust that out and learn it one of these days.

All: Autographs include Andy Hallet, Mercedes McNab, Joss Whedon, Amber Benson, Nathan Fillion, Adam Busch, Gregg Henry (all in person). The ones I did not receive in person is just Nicholas Brendon... the military Xander figure. When meeting Adam Busch (through Common Rotation), it got to the point where him and his bandmates were calling me by name when I would show up at the next show. The first time I met him, I geeked out so hard... even by telling him that I needed "to get the FREEZERAY out of here". He gave me the wink and the gun. But the remaining times I've met them at the concerts... its been all about the music.
Well, how did that Sword of Angelus slip down my trouser leg like that?

Don't try this at home.:)
FruitPunchMouth27 Well as as someone who made her own Spike puppet well before Shadow puppets or DST made theirs, I've always thought it was a cute idea that in the right hands could be seen as a nice little creative exercise. Shame DST's version was a bit on the ugly side. :0

By the way. Have you got the premium format Buffy statues? They're really quiet nice. The exclusive versions with the extra head in particular. Shame they won't be making anymore. :(

[ edited by Simon on 2009-03-22 17:55 ]
That's a extremely impressive collection, FruitPunchMouth27.
sueworld2003: Sadly I do not have any of the premium statues. I had to draw the line somewhere. I concentrated more on replica weapons (scythe, operative sword, reaver axe and sword) instead of the statues. I drew the line at the ornaments and busts (with exception of Willow & Tara OMWF) too. I didn't want to get TOO crazy.

I also have a new huge poster of the Fruity Oaty Bars advertisement... the lithograph poster. Didn't get a frame for it yet.
Looks like an open tag...from Sueworld.

Really great collection! If I ever make the time, I'll put something like this video together for my comicbook room. It's not easy maintaining a huge collection (any type of huge collection!) and I concur with everyone elses' comments when I say holy-dusting-Batman.
That's kind of scary. Impressive, but scary.

[ edited by Nico-Angel on 2009-03-22 17:59 ]
To Satai the poster who asked about the Buffy board game, I have it, and it is enjoyable enough. But maybe less so to a non-fan... Basically much like Top Trumps - with a board. As FruitPunchMouth27 mentioned, me and my friends did spot one or two weirdnesses in the rules and had to 'fanwank' our way around them.
Wow, awesome collection ! :) The PEZ dispenser made me smile because I have one too and it reminded me of how I totally spazzed out with fangirly joy when I saw it in my small-town grocery store.

Do you have any of the video games ? I think that's the only thing I didn't see. (which is impressive !)

I have the board game too. I bought it in Wal-Mart AGES ago and my gosh.. it's so odd. XD I've played it twice and my Mom kicked my butt both times.
Excellent collection fruitpunchmouth27 *eyes the sideshow Drusilla with envy*

Limited space has meant that I haven't succumbed to all the variants on the figures - I would love to have a room just for all my stuff, then I probably would do the replica weapons and larger statues.
I have the board game too.

There was a UK version from what I remember. It may have been the insanely difficult version.
Sweet Fragility: I do have both of the Buffy games for XBOX. I DO NOT have the Game Boy Color one, which I WANT... and I think there might be a UK version of the Game Boy Advance one if I am not mistaken... which I do not own. The games are fun. I love playing as different characters in the second one... especially Willow.
FruitPunchMouth27, I hafta ask about Giles' drawings from "Hush" and Andrew's dry erase board from "Story Teller" - are those the actual props? or did you make them yourself? Either way, I love 'em - they are just exactly the kinda thing I like - the ephemera-props, I guess you might say.

Oh, like this - this just tickles me, and I want it, and others of their ilk.

I like the figures & stuff - but like others have said, I love the Dawn soap - and anything like that.
What a smashing collection, it puts my humble Joss Shelf to shame! Well done.
QuoterGal: I made the "props" you spoke of. Giles' flashcards I tried making as accurate as possible when freeze-framing the episode when it was on tv. Andrew's big board as well... but some things are out of proportion and aren't exactly like his, mainly because it was hard to see detail. But now its an ORIGINAL! Hidden in a video is my self-made bag of Tito's potato chips. I think its near the bottle of Dawn if I remember correctly.

Thanks for watching!
I'll say. Pretty awesome

[ edited by Chris the Bloody on 2009-03-22 21:47 ]
I love the Dingoes Ate My Baby poster. It's hard to find Buffy posters nowadays, I'd love to get one for my room.
danielgm86: I got the Dingoes poster free when I went to Wizard World Chicago one year. I go every year and they give you a goodie bag when you enter, and that was one of the mini posters. SCORE!
That's awsome! I'd love to do to the cons, but I live in Brazil, so it's pretty much a no-go. That poster along with the Once More with Feeling and the Season 8 ones are so cool!

This is something I'd like to have :)

[ edited by danielgm86 on 2009-03-22 22:31 ]
I covet that Dingoes poster. Pretty big fan (well, of the actual band behind their sound, Four Star Mary, though I haven't bought their most recent album, I did get the previous three plus all the singles/extra-ish CDs). I remember liking their mascot/emblem on the drum set in the actual show.
I love Four Star Mary. Veruka's band, THC, is pretty awsome too.

[ edited by danielgm86 on 2009-03-22 22:35 ]
Did you spot the first season Angel? There's a keeper.
Excellent collection! Thanks for the video! I love the Dingoes and OMWF posters and the great Firefly weaponry. I have the Scythe also and it is one of my faves.

I wish I had more money to collect. I have one small room dedicated to my collecting habits but I mainly collect trading cards so it doesn't take up much space. Though it gets quite expensive when there are 15 different Buffy, 5 Angel and 2 Firefly/Serenity sets! I try to get set-used props but they can get so expensive too. Alas, Joss has many, many fans. :D

[ edited by anjee on 2009-03-23 00:10 ]
I bow down to you fruitpunchmouth27. Incredible.

Thanks for letting us see it.
You want to know the sad part about this room!? That there are barely ANY Whedon fans in my area to check out the room! Nobody really die-hard enough to beg to check it out all of the time.

That's why I figured I would share it with the world... for everybody to enjoy!

Thanks for watching everybody!
Great video - impressive collection

I have all the Angel DVDs, Angel comics,Angel books,Angel 'guides' and the shirt worn by Boreanaz in the opening scene of Season 5:) - but thats it as far as my collection goes. Would love to have more, but alas cannot afford.
angeliclestat: oh wow, David's shirt from an episode... this is AWESOME! I've tried a few times to obtain clothes... I have a handful of the pieceworks cards... but those are just small portions of them. Awesome.
Heh, I know buying actors' clothing is a fan collectible thing, but if you were planning on wearing it too, it just seems funny to me because second hand clothes are usually supposed to be cheaper (unless they're vintage and in good condition maybe ? Dunno, clothing is not my area of expertise). If I owned an Angel shirt, given that Boreanaz is almost the same height and probably wears a Large too (if the IMDb is to be believed, he's 6'1 and I'm an inch or two taller), I'd probably wear it eventually for the novelty or for a convention or something. It'd be extra motivation to go to the gym in an attempt to suitably fill it (tall and scrawny here...okay, lean, we'll say lean instead).
Gosh, I thought I was crazy, leaving several shops in Leiden with a Buffy statue, shirts, autographed photo.. and ending up with a premium format Buffy statue, Book form dvd set, slim dvd set and numerous other stuff, books, comics and what not (uh, life size 1:1 Buffy statue please!)

Do have a life size poster of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft though, prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Oh, jeez, yeah, FruitPunchMouth27, I watched your video again and realized that the flashcards are from "First Date" and are obviously not the overhead transparencies from "Hush."

That just means there's more paper-y stuff for me to want. I love that particular little kid-ish drawing style - it's also used here, which, now that I look at it again, looks like Buffy Meets Battlestar Galactica. (Talk about ephemeral props that I crave.)

It's verra cool of you to make your own props - kinda inspires me to do some of my own. I had about fifty ideas just looking at your room. Thanks again for showing it all to us. Naturally, you deserve to get the oohs and ahhs of the folks like us that will care.

ETF: Oooopsie on my link. Fixed.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-03-23 03:28 ]
I always wanted Buffy's sythe. Does anybody have one? Anyone's signed? Are they nice? Do tell. lol I was afraid to get one on ebay.
WheelsOfJoy, I know people who bought the scythe and were thrilled with it, or you could always make your own out of paper mache (like I did) but I get that that may seem too silly.

Yeah, QuoterGal, I love that boxing bag with Joss' drawing of Angel's face, that is really something special. I would settle for a small replica, in proportion to a 6 inch action figure.
i think the extent that my collection goes to is
a buffy book (portal through time if im correct) TPB of tales of the vampires and the slayers, all season 8 comics, couple of fray comic, the chaos bleeds comic, 2 buffy games ps2 and xbox, season 5 cast poster, anyankas necklace, signed picture of amber benson, and 2 willows, 2 taras, faith graduation day, and anya from fear itself in her bunny outfit :)

i have two of willow and tara so i could open 1 and play with them :]
QuoterGal: I should really put up that Angel punching bag. Thanks for the idea!

WheelsOfJoy: The scythe is amazing. Expensive... and worth every cent! ITS HEAAAAVY!
He did autograph my Once More With Feeling poster, as well as Amber Benson.

Super jealous. I have often felt the need for an autographed Amber Benson.
giles (yes, it is my real name): Yes, an autographed Amber Benson is so great. She is still weirded out by the fact that I asked for Joss to sign her.
I have the mini-scythe - accurate, portable and much less deadly (unless you're a mini-vampire.)
that is well epic
Some may call me obsessed, but now I can proudly point to this link and show that I now have inspiration for my addiction. :)

My "shrine" has the comics, DVDs, and a couple of shirts. I don't have space (or money) for anything else. Not with Paley & CC around the corner...

However, if I could chop off my hand (Joss shook it) or live without my arms (they hugged James), then they'd go in the shrine as well. ;)

Thanks for sharing!
Very nice! I watched the whole thing and usually I get bored by looking at people's collectibles. The unicorns under Harmony made me laugh.

I don't collect things myself (other than the dvds & season8/4 comics) with the exception of 1 mug I had to buy off of cafepress. It says "Whedon's B*tch" :) I do have a couple things that were given to me as gifts.

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