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March 22 2009

Cabin in the Woods gets a new cast member. THR reports that Brian White (of Stomp the Yard, apparently) has joined the cast. Article contains his character's name, but no more new information.

Interestingly he's been listed on IMDb for at least a week now, maybe more. Guess it was right for once. He's playing who I thought he must be.
Knowing Joss' subversive ways he'll be the LAST one to die... or survive the whole thing.
I've been sufficiently confused by foilers to still not really have a clue what this movie will be about-- but for whatever reason I got the impression this guy might belong to the Jenkins/Whitford side of the cast rather than the "pretty young people dying" thing.

Not to say that he's not photogenic, it's just he seems like he'd be the younger side of the establishment/grown up characters than try to hire him on to pretend to be a teenager. Or whatever age range they are.
My impression of how THR worded that wasn't to say he's literally joining those other people, but he's joining this list of the other most-recently-cast actors.
If you'd like confirmation or denial of your hypothesis, orangewaxlion, check out this very mildly spoilery article about the casting. No real plot details, just some info on his character's place in the picture.

ETA that I didn't realize there was more article past the advertisement. It gets slightly more spoilery there, but again no specific plot details.

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