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March 22 2009

Wash reunites with Inara on V. is reporting that Alan Tudyk has joined the cast of V, as an FBI agent named Dale Maddox. He'll be playing opposite Morena Baccarin, who is playing the Visitor leader Anna.

Interesting ... sounds like they are taking a different tack with it. Haven't heard any concrete word if any of the original cast from the mini-series is in on it. It would be cool if some of them like Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) got to show up in it or at least a reference to it.
Wow this project is definitely attracting some very interesting names. Baccarin, Tudyk, Elizabeth Mitchell (who is EXCELLENT on "Lost", IMHO) and also Morris Chestnut. Also TWoP ran a script review a few weeks back and said that it was pretty solid. All in all I'm starting to get a little excited for this series.
The casting on this new remake is incredible. I'm really excited, and I am putting my faith into the writers because I know they will do the original justice. Plus Joel Gretsch? Ugh, my "4400" fangirl self just died a little inside.

I love this.
Sweet. The more Firefly stars, the better. I've never seen the original V, so I hope this new reboot is good - if only for the reason that I'm missing out on meeting Morena because of it.
I am soo excited about this project. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever. The mini series was better than the series.
Sweet!! I used to love that show, but I know it won't stand up to the test of time enough for me to show it to my nieclings and nephling.

Morena will be perfect as Anna. And I'll watch pretty much anything Elizabeth Mitchell is in after seeing how well she did in Lost.

Although I am a little disappointed to see Alan cast as just an FBI agent. Wouldn't he be better in Robert Englund's old role? It takes serious charm to pull off that role, and our boy's got it in spades.
Good news for Alan! :)

Inara's name only has one 'r'.
Oops, I was tired...

Just because he's an FBI agent, doesn't automatically make him boring :p
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Used to quite enjoy watching the original on Sci-Fi, will be interested in seeing how this goes.
Rikardo, I'd at least invisitext that and warn that it's not a V spoiler.

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edited both for my own spoiler and cos it's not wise to post angry ;)

Oh and yay Alan.

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I would remind posters to have the sense not to post spoilers for other shows in threads such as these.
FBI boring? how about Booth in Bones and Paul in Dollhouse, I don't think these guys are the least bit boring. I am looking forward to this series, since I did not see the original.
Elizabeth Mitchell


Rats. That's like a spoiler in a name, I fear.
Erm, I'm not sure if this counts as spoiling another show...? But yeah, ABC people (jointly with CBS or whoever makes this?) said that Mitchell was some sort of special guest star in this pilot thingie vs. necessarily an ongoing character.

Anyway, since I've given up on Lost until it comes out on DVD and don't really know anything about it, lets move on to V which I'm likewise clueless! Wonder if they pick up any other Serenity based cast members that are currently free... It'd be sort of neat if pretty much everyone from a Whedon project got their own shot at Hulu-esque "because we're sexy aliens" special effects shots...
All I know about the original V is that my mom liked Robert Englund - I gather he was very much not Freddie in it. I'm not too interested in shows about alien invasions. Earth Final Conflict was an exception (at first) because the motive of the aliens seemed less confrontational - but that changed quickly and it went downhill.
OK, i've taken a few deep post really-frikkin'-annoying-spoiler breaths...

Loved the original 'V' mini-series - even if the 'holocaust' subtext was maybe slightly heavy-handed it was still quite powerful so it's cool to see Whedon peeps pop-up in the cast. Remember Robert Englund's Willy character being a favourite of a lot of viewers. Younger me also had quite a thing for Faye Grant ;).

The ongoing series ran out of steam fairly quickly though IMO.
I loved the mini-series and only saw it for the first time about two years ago. My husband was a fan from childhood though. Very excited about this!
Morena, Alan and Elizabeth Mitchell? Thatís one hell of a casting! Iíll definitely check this show up when itís on the air.
Haven't we already learned from Dollhouse that casting news like this can be extremely spoilery, depending on how the character's identity is revealed? I'd prefer to see things like this tagged as spoilers, and the potential spoilery stuff not appear in the main description. Not that I expect V to be as twisty or sneaky as a Joss show, but you never know.
And it's much, much worse when the (now deleted) spoiler isn't even for 'V'.
Yeah, no kidding, Saje. That was extremely not fun to find out here, in something ostensibly unrelated. Oh well.
I'd prefer to see things like this tagged as spoilers, and the potential spoilery stuff not appear in the main description.

I wouldn't see news about the casting of a Jossverse actor in a new non-Joss show as spoilery. If however actor X was revealed to the third Supernatural sibling or the real Walter Bishop in Fringe, then yes it would warrant a spoiler tag. Obviously those were just examples and should not be taken seriously.
Since we're on the topic of "V," I just wanted to mention a site devoted to the original "V" as well as the new incarnations over at
The original was an allegory related to how the Nazis took over Germany. I loved Faye Grant in the original. My favorite character was still Ham Tyler.

In the original, he was a merc that joined the group in the last few weeks providing much needed connections and tactical advice. It was his direct involvement with a covert network that got the LA group to the forefront of the battle with the visitors who nicknamed his character The Fixer because he kept solving the humans' problems ... permanently. In the original he was played by Michael Ironside.

These are some clips on youtube for those who want some of the original to look back on...

the rescue of Julie:
Technically, Ham Tyler wasn't in the "original", he didn't show up until the second mini-series - The Final Battle.

But I know you were referring to the original incarnation of V as a whole :)

The original was inspired by a book called "It can't happen here" which detailed a wave of facism taking over the US, but yes they drew many parallels from Nazi Germany for use in the Mini-series.
Wow, those old clips remind me of Mars Attacks! for some reason. Wow. Those were... wow.

Well, at least there's a lot of room for "oomph". Maybe, with the right guidance, it could be as loved as BSG's re-imaged version. ;)
Alan, Alan, Alan ... how I miss your sweet face and now it'll be on V!! I don't know if Willie the bartender (Robert Englund) was my favorite but there was something so kinky about a human falling in love with a lizard alien wearing a human suit. Sweet lizard though. ETA: And boy, did I love that show. Not thrilled about Elizabeth Mitchell though. I've never warmed up to her as an actress and she bores me stiff on Lost.

Unfortunately, everything I'm looking forward to lately is way way way way off in the future.

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Oh, interesting.
V was kind of like BSG for the 80's: war allegories, media savviness, cutting-edge f/x (for TV). (Yes, they were lizard suits, but when that chick ate that rat and unhinged her jaw -- *shudders*)
I adored the original mini-series. I sort of dislike that they're re-doing it (I loathe re-makes) but I'll watch nevertheless.

Juliet Parrish was undoubtedly the first strong female heroine that I loved as a character. I can't imagine any one else in the role other than Faye Grant.
The original V was one of my guilty pleasures. I think there is plenty of room in the concept for other approaches, and I'm looking forward to the new version.
Has anyone read "V: The Second Generation" which is set 20 years after the first mini-series? It ignores the second mini-series and the tv series. It's not bad and for my money offers the best debate about what is canon and what is not.
Has anyone read "V: The Second Generation"...

No, but I found it at Amazon and put it on my wish list. Thanks, Simon!

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