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March 23 2009

Harry Lennix in "State of Play." Our favorite handler stars in this with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe.

A commercial for this came on during Family Guy last night and I thought I saw him for a split second, so I looked it up and lo and behold.

If anyone hasn't seen the original State of Play BBC miniseries, I highly, highly recommend it. Among the most gripping six hours of TV you'll ever see.
I second that! Watch the BBC miniseries first. The movie may be good, but better to be spoiled for the movie than for all the twists and turns and reveals of the series.
Oooh... the Philip Glenister character.

I'd have to add my voice to the chorus. State of Play and Life on Mars were the reasons I bought a region free DVD player, as unfortunately, neither was available in Region 1. It is now though and LoM will be this summer.

The mind boggles at what they will need to cut out. (Apparently the Bill Nighy and James McAvoy characters for a start)

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Hey, I didn't know he was the trumpet guy in the House episode DNR. Guess I know what I'm rewatching tonight.
It is now though and LoM will be this summer.

That is the absolute coolest news I've heard all day. And I definitely want to check out the original State Of Play; I've heard a lot of good things about it. I hope the movie version will hold up as well.
"The mind boggles at what they will need to cut out. (Apparently the Bill Nighy and James McAvoy characters for a start)" - Znachki

I think Helen Mirren will be filling Bill Nighy's role as the editor, and Jason Bateman will be in there for James McAvoy? Excuse me, I'm going to go figure out how to do quotes.
This is one of those movie remakes I don't get -- the original is great, is in English, is easily available (netflix is how I saw it) and, if it is at all true to the original, has enough subtlety that I have doubts how much of a big box office movie it will be, and if ya ain't gonna see it in the theatre but at home, then there's even less reason to see the new one rather than the original.
It makes jobs even if the art sucks, doubtful guest. And how would I know, not having seen the original, or you, not having seen the remake? Maybe we'll both by a new download or DVD. Though not if it's crap, despite the great cast.
Thorpe - Bateman's character is the Mark Warren character. It looks like Helen Mirren is the Bill Nighy replacement, but without the McAvoy part, you lose a whole layer of the story.
Well, it's not a six hour movie, so they'll have to lose layers. It may well be a very good movie, but I'm so biased, having loved the series so much, that I feel sad to think of anybody missing out on the suspense of the original because they were "spoiled" by the movie.

I'll watch the movie for Helen Mirren though, and out of curiosity.

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