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March 23 2009

Angel artist Stephen Mooney to do commissions of your favorite character. Too expensive for me, but man, I want one. Or ten.

I'm confused -- the base price is in euros, but if you want an additional character or background, it's an extra 50 pounds. Quid does mean pound, right? Not that it really matters these days with the euro almost being equal to the pound, but still.
I think it's pounds. I'll ask.
Yes, a quid is a pound
Quid is used by Paddys for euros as well.
He answered, it's euros.
I would like to have a really good drawing of Wes. I would pay for it, but this IS a bit to expensive.
Hey Angry Puppy!! If you fancy a nice drawing of Wes or whomever, why not buy one of the After The Fall or Not Fade Away original pages in which he appears? These usually run from about 50-75 euro or so. Gimme a shout at if there's a particular one you fancy and we'll work something out. Come one, come all.

[ edited by Stephen Mooney on 2009-03-23 23:47 ]
For some reason that drawing made me upset that Cordelia wasn't in the final season of Angel (with You're Welcome as an exception).

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