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March 23 2009

Fran Kranz in 'My Two Fans' episode five. He's in a web show about having fans who follow you everywhere and get overly involved in everything. You may well want to watch this.

Oh weird, I know the editor! Most recently I watched the BSG finale with him and some other friends!

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Hah. I was looking at this web series yesterday on Youtube, and out of the blue they just emailed me this episode saying 'Fran Kranz is in our series' kinda thing. Freaky!

I am hoping Topher doesn't kiss anybody in the Dollhouse like that. Except maybe Laurence Dominic.
I mainly enjoy the fact that so many web series help prove that being free of the shackles of corporate television doesn't automatically make you good material.
haha, he just told me he was working on it at the superbowl party we both attended (he's always doing something on his computer while simultaneously hanging out). I dunno if it was this episode though. I would guess Fran shot this after Dollhouse wrapped, just for ease of availability, but it could've been shot anytime.
Aww, I enjoyed it b!X.
I snerked at the fact that his shirt was opened wider in each successive scene, but that was about it. *shrug*
every episode...I've been wanting to pull each chest hair out that was poking out of his shirt. Now I just wanna make him scream "Kelly Clarkson!"
Yeah, it wasn't awesome, but Fran was cute. :)
I thought that he looked pretty cute in this. And he was really good despite the material he was given.
This was so excruciatingly unfunny that I turned it off about half way through. What a waste of talent.
Hey guys. I'm the lucky lady getting face licked by Fran "Thad" in My Two Fans. Not everyone's gonna love the show but you gotta watch starting from the My Two Fans Musical and on to Eps. 1 - 5 (Fran's) to get what's going on. Keep in mind the show is improvised. And, yes, he is a TERRIFIC actor. One of the most talented around...and not a bad kisser either:) Thanks for watching it and thanks for the feedback!

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