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September 03 2003

Vote for your top Buffy episode Fox are releasing a DVD with the top 4 episodes of Buffy on it as voted for by the fans

At the moment, the top voted for episode is Once More With Feeling, which I avoided voting for, since it's already available to buy seperately. It would be nice to have a bit more variety for those of us who can't afford to buy whole season DVD box sets!

I had a difficult time naming my top 4 for release on 1 dvd is something to think about...Off the top of my head, just choosing the ones pictured there (in order) Hush, Restless, The Gift and OMWF....
I can't believe more people aren't voting for "The Body". That episode changed the way I look at television.
Current top 4 episodes:
Once More with Feeling
The Gift
Fool for Love
What about "The Prom???" We can't forget that one. I do agree with the current choices though, oh what to do?
I agree with ringworm, I'd like to see "The Body" in there. Probably swap it in where "The Gift" is, but that's just my own preference. Don't terribly disagree with what they have there, though.
The Puppet Show will always be one of my big faves. It didn't advance the story arc much and it certainly didn't "forever change the way we watch television." But it was well-conceived, well-written and well-acted. And it makes me laugh - oh how it makes me laugh. So I gave it my vote.

(Plus, gotta love the Oedipus scene!!!)
i voted for conversations with dead people just cuz its a season 7 ep and they didnt have any icons for those so i feel bad. also having a hugo award winning ep isnt a bad marketing ploy.
Hush, The Body, The Wish, and Once More With Feeling. No wait..
Restless, The Zeppo, Prophecy Girl, and Nightmares. ...Or maybe..
Band Candy, Beer Bad, Tabula Rasa, and Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered.
...Oh forget it. I just can't decide. =)
This way madness lies. I voted for "The Gift", although maybe I should have voted for my other fav, "Restless", since it's probably less popular. But maybe "Restless" doesn't really have a chance anyway ... grr ...

My current Top 4

1. The Gift
2. Restless
3. Graduation Day I & II
4. The Body
I voted for Becoming Part 1 & 2, that's my number one. Numbers two through four would be Innocence, The Wish, The Body. Each one of those really freaked me out. They should really do a Horror disk, these four would be perfect, and a comedy disk with Once More With Feeling, Jonathon, Tabula Rasa and such. What's the one with the animated Mummy hand?
Ooh! I got it! This one's perfect!
Phases, Beauty and the Beasts, Wild At Heart, and New Moon Rising...
..No wait! Aww crud.
Come on.You gotta have Lover's Walk in there.It's the reason why I became such a huge fan of Buffy.
"Now that was fun.Ohhh.Don't tell me that wasn't fun."
Nobody mentions Passion?
Besides the requisites (Hush & Once More With Feeling), mine would have to be:

1. The Body
Why? Because it's heart-wretching and masterful.

2. Restless
Why? Because it's chock full of yummy symbolism, metaphor, and foreshadowing.

3. Selfless
Why? Because it beautifully captured Anya.

4. Tabula Rasa
Why? Because you can't get any better then Spike calling himself Randy Giles.
Ooh! Ooh!
The Zeppo, The Replacement, The Pack, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered and Triangle!
No that's too many.
Dopplegangland, Something Blue, Gingerbread, and Tough Love!
Oh yeah that's definite popcornage...
Is this DVD only going to be released in the UK?
Dopplegandland, Selfless, Something Blue, Lover's Walk
No Amends?!? That would definitely be in my top 4, with Superstar, The Body, and Hush.
1. Once More With Feeling
3.Becoming (1&2)
4.Graduation Day (1&2)

**these are MY top four...
The Prom should be there, I have seen the part where Buffy tells Willow that she's trying not to die after Angel breaks up with her about a dozen times and I cry every single time (even now writing about it I get teary).

After that OMWF, The Body, Band Candy.
Thank you, samara1. I thought I was alone on Amends.

"It's not the demon in me that needs killing, Buffy. It's the man."
Am I the only one that wasn't really feeling "The Gift"? That episode kinda bored me. Anywho, my top 4.

1. Becomming Part ll
2. Passion
3. Innocence
4. Selfless

Hush was great, so was "Once More with Feeling" and the Body, but I figured loads of folks would be voting for those.
1. Once More, With Feeling
2. The Body
3. Innocence
4. Hush
My list for the four most underrated episodes:

1. Lovers Walk
2. A New Man
3. Passion
4. Lies My Parents Told Me
I voted for "Restless". It gets overshadowed a lot by "Hush", from earlier in the season. (Not that both aren't great episodes.)

But, honestly, apart from the potential for introducing new people to Buffy (which, I would think, is what the reruns and DVD rentals are for), what's the real appeal of this DVD? Certainly, it's less expensive than the box sets, but it's also pretty clear that no two people are going to agree on which are the best episodes from the series. Who's going to buy this?

I'm certainly not gonna buy it. But I like making lists, so I made lists. I'm a list person. I'm a listee. I'm enlisted. I'm definitely not listless.

Yay a cynical cash in by Fox who obviously haven't made enough money from the show.

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