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March 24 2009

Will The End Of 'Battlestar Galactica' Help Revive 'Dollhouse'? NPR tries to find out "why it might be logical to think that the end of Battlestar is the right time to go for a Dollhouse push".

Yay! Somewhat positive buzz on NPR is always good. The possibility MotS aired purposely the night of BSG's finale on purpose is interesting, even if speculation. Plus, "byzantine plotting" made me check the dictionary.
If you, as a viewer, sit down with a fixed amount of time (say, on a weekend) to catch up with something you enjoy, every show is now in competition with every other show. Sunday shows are competing against Wednesday shows; shows on the same network are competing against each other.

So when you are trying to appeal to smart people who like byzantine plotting and dark-hued sci-fi, you've got an opening any time something else that's all-consuming for those people loosens its grip on them. By this logic, the end of Battlestar Galactica might make an opportune time for a Dollhouse reboot, even if Dollhouse aired on Tuesdays.

I tried to make this point on another post a few weeks ago only I wasn't all articulate and stuff...
Overall - Good news everybody!
In a comment to the NPR piece, someone pointed out that the odd, off times for the BSG finale and recently seen on some other shows could have been intended, by the programmers, at least in some instances, to screw up the recording of the programming on a competing network. Well, if so, hiss. We hates it.
Any help is welcome.
Look, am I the only one who reads NPR as Neil Patrick Harris? It's really quite disconcerting...
No, missb, you're not.
I honestly don't think BSG ending will create any kind of significant change in Dollhouse. I would be very interested to have seen how "Man on the Street" would have done had "Daybreak, Part 2" had started at 10 instead of 9. If anything, I think all of the things NPR points out as advantages (which seem redundant and ill-supported) will be evened out by possible groups who watch Battlestar and someone in the group encourages everyone else to watch Dollhouse. We'll see, but NPR's reasons seem negligible to me.
I hope it does give a boost to the viewing figures, because there's got to be something good about having an out-of-date screen name.
How can it be out of date when there's three of you on every street corner?
We could always call you Ishmael.
Is Queequeeg taken?
Let's keep the faith that it DOES give it a boost. At least so that they bring it back fro a season 2 leaving it open for people to find it..
In Vancouver, the BSG fanclub's weekly Friday night frak party has now morphed into a weekly Friday night Browncoat Dollhouse shindig.

(We like to party)

And Joss is of course invited!
Hmm, is (or I guess was, *sob*) there really no scheduling conflict for BSG and Dollhouse on the coasts?

Here in the middle of nowhere they both aired at the same time, 8:00. Granted, BSG would replay at 10, but here in the neck of the woods I don't want to claim- major primetime scheduling conflict. So I was hopeful that there would be a rating bounce with BSG gone (I might have to start a support group for that).

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