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March 24 2009

(SPOILER) Zap2it's Korbi discusses the multiple Dollhouses. She basically confirms what Joss said about this earlier, but also delivers new and interesting details on that topic. Beware of spoilers for other shows as well.

Not a lot of spoilers there at all, but the comment about there actually being a REAL and TANGIBLE plan in place to build new sets gave me a lady-reaction.
I've never heard of the "we will be meeting some of the people in charge of them"-part, so I guessed it was a spoiler.
I wonder when we'll know if Fox decides on another season of Dollhouse. Will it show in the ratings, or do we have to wait for a decision from the people that keep American Idol around? I'm really starting to get sick of these reality shows that take away from good television.
Well, yay for more Dollhouse love. Boo that they mention $$ with building new sets. If it prolonged the show, I'd be happy *pretending* that the Dollhouse sets were different.
Well, one could have speculated that there weren't really over 20 dollhouses, that it was simply disinformation from the Dollhouse cabal.

This makes it near certain that there really is someone on the inside working counter to the Dollhouse agenda.

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