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March 24 2009

A Nerve-Twisting Acknowledgement. Chiwetel Ejiofor's Operative in "Serenity" gets a top-ten-kudos from Empire on their list of the 50 greatest finishing moves in cinema history.

Beware of major spoilers for other films on the list.

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Sweet. Check out number 35 too.
I could just give them The Operative above it but two Rambo deaths above the "Smile you sonovabitch" end of 'Jaws' ? Oh hells no. Insananoonoos.
Almost expected to see Mal kicking Nishka's henchman into the engine, but sadly they only talked about fimls! Still, nice to see Serenity represented in this list, but loved the inclusion of Indiana Jones, that scene's a classic!
I think death-by-sword-via-paralysis should be about three or four positions up.

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