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March 24 2009

SF2000 Fantrailer : the best Buffy trailers out there. This guy has been making Buffy (and Angel) trailers for years, and they really are the best I've seen. I'm surprised so few people know about it.

You need to register to see the videos, but it is totally worth it. The site is in German, but it is pretty simple to register. There is a trailer for each episode from season 3 to season 6 (not finished yet), and many other things. Enjoy.

Messy page with some English in mixed with mostly German content, and registration required to download stuff. I'm not really surprised so few people know about it. Thanks but no thanks.
Yeah, that's too bad, but like I said, it's worth it.
Not convinced ? well, there's one of his previews on youtube, to give you an idea, and it's a trailer of "The gift".
That one was good but not the best I've seen. The pacing was a bit off and the audio and dialog were muddy in quite a few places. My personal favorite are the season previews this vidder did that are very much like movie previews. BtVS Season 3

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