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March 24 2009

Willow Underwear?? A character in the web TV series "Anyone but Me" confesses to wearing "Willow Underwear" when she was 11.

In the latest installment of the web TV series "Anyone But Me", the main character Vivian is accused by her friend (at 02:13) of having had "Willow Underwear" when she was 11, and does not deny it.

Did anyone else here have a set?

As far as I am aware there were only Buffy and Spike panties that fans could buy. Still the Willow underwear is one of the better pop culture references that I've seen of late.
Umm... why do I imagine this was actually a reference to the Ron Howard fantasy movie?

(Or, is there some context that indicates that this is Buffy-related? I can't watch at work.)

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It is actually a Buffy reference, I watched the scene just to make sure.
Well, apparently I was editing my post while you did so! I take it back.
I welcome our new Willow underpants overlords.
I refuse to comment on this...

...but I'll be in my bunk...
Without watching the scene, I'm guessing the underwear are made from really bright purple yarn and somehow involve overalls.
Alexreager, it depends which season Willow they were based on. Season 3, pink and fluffy. Season 6, pure black and veiney.
"...pure black and veiney." Ok, there's a visual I didn't need!
I'm sure there's a dirty joke to be made here, but i'll let someone else think of it
I dunno, I find the entire concept kinda skeevy myself. I mean, why would I want to wear someone else's underwear? Eew! (Bet you can tell I wasn't the kinda kid who had superhero undies. :p)
Lili -- Skeevy or Skivvies??!! (yeah I couldn't resist)

Why dont they make adult size "super hero" underwear? I would totally be wearing my Dark Knight drawers right now...if only.
I remember hearing that Underoos did have a plan to release an adult-aimed line based on Superheroes but I don't think that went anywhere. That said,I think both DC, Marvel, and probably some of the other companies do still license them out...
For adult dudes, they do have boxers with various designs/cartoons/icons on them. Not all boxers are standard one solid color plain. I haven't looked, but I'm sure boxers exist for at least some superheroes.

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