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March 24 2009

Firefly on EW's list of "Great TV Shows that got a quick hook". 26 shows that were canceled too soon.

I love how this lists pops up about once every 3 months, usually when a good or decent show gets canned. I didn't click the link but I'm assuming this one is for Life on Mars. Hmm I'm trying to think of what else has been cancelled recently...
Haha, Life on Mars is indeed on there. Was it any good? I caught some episodes of the original British one and that was pretty cool.
This list clearly lacks Pushing Daisies, which I am still sad about. :-(
Pretty weird list. They had the good picks (Freaks and Geeks, Firefly, My So-Called Life, Wonderfalls), but the ones I have seen from the rest weren't really that good. And about Pushing Daisies, it did get 2 seasons, though short ones so I guess it could fit in there too.

I guess I should give Daisies another try, watched a couple of episodes but got too annoyed about the no-touching thing. Two people in love but never having sex, sounds just a bit too much like an American TV-dream. I guess the lack of sex should come with extensive violence to truely fit the cliche, but even the first half was too much of an annoyance for me.
That list makes me cry. Oh, Brisco, Now and Again, Nowhere Man, Cupid, Wonderfalls... how I miss you.
As Pushing Daisies progressed I got the feeling they actually did up the violence with some fantastically gruesome/creative corpses. A Colonel Sanders knockoff that started to eat himself after he was accidentally deep-fried, someone who ended up looking like a fried egg when she was impaled on a lighthouse lamp, and the handful of people missing faces or bits there of.
Then again, they also sort of got around the whole having a couple that can't touch skin to skin thing with a surprising amount of intimacy. (Making both romantic leads show skin, and full body condoms of sorts which still come across more sweet than sketchy.) Anyhow, I'm still very disappointed about Pushing Daises though, how for much of the run it had more Emmy nominations than actually aired episodes...

It's neat to see that this article was based on Andy Richter Controls the Universe though. (Finally on DVD?!) It's sort of interesting that the same creators basically repackaged some elements (and one cast member) into Better off Ted which is still okay-ish but not quite as fantastic. And I think that series got something like three or two and a half seasons so It's not necessarily length of duration but how much potential there was to continue the story.
I had to go and watch some Brisco on Youtube. Damn I miss that show. Why can't it be available on R2 DVD, why? :(

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