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March 24 2009

Nathan Fillion is the King of the Castle. iF Magazine talks to Fillion about his new series, past work, and asks if Joss Whedon might not make a cameo.

Wow, Nathan wrote a pilot for him and Alan Tudyk? How did I not hear about that?
I heard about his pilot script at the ME day during the writers strike, by someone who then swore me to secrecy (I guess it's safe to mention it now) so it was some time ago. Don't know when it became public knowledge, but sad that it didn't get picked up.
That article says that Mr. Fillion is reading mystery and detective stories like Parker's "Spencer" series. Anyone know where to send a recommendation? John D. MacDonald's, "Travis McGee" series is a hoot. If he likes Spenser, likely he'd love Travis McGee - a bit more rakish, playful and oddly reflective than Spencer.
That was strange... when I clicked the link my Norton Security went crazy! Reported 141 threats on that page! Not sure why. The site itself seems legit enough. Read the article anyway, but that was very strange....

I hope that Joss does do a cameo! That'd be pretty sweet. I remember reading something about Fillion's pilot a long time ago. Weren't the two brothers supposed to be thieves or something?
Are people liking this show? I got annoyed with the first episode, beyond what Nathan's most excellent facial expressions could make up for. But if the storyline is keeping people here interested, I might give it another shot.
Whether Nathan writes it or not, He and Alan need to do a buddy film or a Buddy tv show.

Anyone who has ever seen them in action at a convention will agree with me. If you haven't seen them I think there is a video from dragon con last fall posted on youtube.

Heck I had a few script ideas after seeing them together at the convention and I had no idea he had already written a script. Even doing a movie about going around to conventions would be funny if it was about them.
I like his definition of charming.

Sunfire, the first two episodes do have moments that are kind of annoying because it seems they are trying to hard to give the audience time to get whatever it is they are broadcasting and not just letting it flow, or whatever. But the third was pretty smooth, IMO. For me it keeps getting better. And of course Nathan is just delightful to watch, but Beckett gets more interesting each episode too. And the mom is a hoot and a half! I just hope they don't start sticking her in too much for the funny because then she'd just be annoying.

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I really like the relationship Castle has with his teenage daughter. It makes it worth watching.
It's a fine little show. If ABC is smart, they'll know they can basically get the longevity of a "Murder, She Wrote" out of it. I can't remember the name of the actress that plays his mom, but I loved "Dharma & Greg" and she was great on that.

I'd *love* a running theme of bringing more and more writers into the poker game. Stephen King would probably do it just for fun. My requirements of Joss doing it would be, he has to A) be chewing on a stogie, B) drinking scotch, and C) wearing one of those transparent green visors, sideways.
I'm not particularly enjoying "Castle." It's too predictable, plus the whole MotW thing gets old fast. I love Nathan in it, but he really is too good for the show. I lose interest fast, and turn it off somewhere mid-show.
It is such a joy to see Nathan and Summer and Adam and Eliza on TV!

I'm a little worried though. The bad guys keep giving these nasty looks at Castle and/or Beckett. And the daughter is so sweet. They could kill off the daughter or the mother or one of the other police officers...oh wait, Joss isn't involved in the show...then he'll show up at the poker game and then...everybody is going to die!!!!!


Since you left early, who did you think committed the murder in the the Hedge Fund Boys episode? Or the other episodes?
If you want to read about the pilot Nathan wrote and ABC bought, see
I had a friend who insisted that whodunits were too predictable, so he never finished reading them. When I would test him about who he thought the murderer was, he would usually get it wrong. He then insisted that not only were the books predictable, but that they also got the endings wrong.

Sounds like your friend never got to the twist...Like was said at the first poker game "where's the twist".

I also like how Castle comes up with funny comparisons about the differences between real police work and crime novels.
He then insisted that not only were the books predictable, but that they also got the endings wrong.

It's impossible not to respect that sort of logic. Beautiful ;).

'Castle's pretty safe TV, it's very much in the realm of long-running series like 'Murder She Wrote' or 'Columbo' and just like those it'll stand or fall pretty much solely on the basis of the lead characters/actors. There's a sniff of something original in there but for the most part, though it's well executed for what it is, it's the sort of show I probably wouldn't look twice at if not for Nathan (and i've no inherent aversion to procedurals, actually quite like them).
I'm sticking with Castle so far, but if Nathan weren't in it, I wouldn't be watching. Nathan is hugely better than the material, which is, yeah, boring and predictable (I've been spoiled by Whedon, Moore and Fuller...).
I'm enjoying Castle, but like a lot of folks here, I'm aboard for the Fillion. I think the whole cast is pretty likeable, really, but I'm aboard for the Fillion.
Sunfire, I watch for Nathan, but I do find that the show is getting better. Keep in mind though that I consider this TV-lite. For a Monday night (knowing Dollhouse is so far away and there's so much crapwork to do, Castle is a good way to lift the spirits.

The last episode I guessed who did it, but not why. Nathan's awesome! His daughter is great! There was a scene between them two that almost moved me to tears, and then revealed about why she was just so upset... it was frakkin hilarious... especially Nathan's eye-roll (I wonder where I've seen that before...). I'd watch Castle's last episode just for THAT. :)

I really didn't like his partner in the beginning, but she developed into more of a *real* person that I gave her credit for in the beginning. It's good. Hope they keep it coming.

Having the title character means I probably won’t get killed off in the second season.

I wonder where is insecurity comes from... HMMM Joss??? What did you do to our poor actors? ;)

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