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March 24 2009

Willow as female tech heroine for Ada Lovelace day. Ada Lovelace day celebrates women in technology.

Heck, go for someone real: Felicia Day.
And, because I'm a Byron scholar, I'll point out that Mrs. Lovelace was the poet's daughter, for those who A) Didn't know, and B) Actually care. :D
Yeah, Willow fits. Felicia Day fits too though you could argue that she didn't really innovate so much as be among the first to really make a web series work.

With Ada Lovelace it's not just what she did that's amazing (arguably - pretty definitely IMO - the first programmer, almost certainly first to fully describe what we'd call a computer and to see some of their potential) it's when she did it. A true pioneer.
Willow, we salute you- and I'm sure many women have followed in your footsteps, you're an inspiration to us all, and Joss Whedon- she totally deserves a spin off show!

Couldn't agree more, although I would include one more and call the series "Will & Tare". :)

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