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March 24 2009

Nick Runge covers for Angel #24 and #25. Variant covers for the Dru in Hell-A story.

Wow, #24 looks absolutely amazing!!!
Really looking forward to these issues!
Beautiful. Too bad I won't be picking these up. I quit after #17, which is pretty good considering I strongly wanted to abandon the series after #2.
No one ever pronounced her name as "DruZilla." I never got the chronic misspelling of her name.
In that linked from the link interview, what is that Dru artwork from? It looks like Georges Jeanty's work.

[ edited by CaptainB on 2009-03-24 23:57 ]
The third image from the top is indeed a rendition by Georges Jeanty.
The image is found on the backcover of his second sketch book, available from his website. It's my favorite comic rendition of Dru thus far.
Awesome covers! Now we just need Franco's.
CaptainB, if you truly didn't like the series after 2, I really appreciate you going through 15 issues of it. Thanks man and/or woman.
Those covers are gorgeous. Very poster-worthy.. ... .. but why is he spelling Drusilla's name with a z??

Did I ever mention how unprofessional I think it is for professional people to misspell character names?
It's in his blog, not the book. A blog isn't exactly spell-checked by a bunch of people.

In the script, obviously, it is spelled correctly.
The typos that make it to print are the only ones I care about, and then, only a little.

That #24 cover is just friggin' beautiful. Did Juliet sit for it by any chance?
Wow...absolutely gorgeous covers. I can't wait for these. Drusilla has always been one of my favorite characters.
Amazing covers
24 is a pretty good likeness, 25 not so much, although i can still see a little Dru in there. Is the destruction behind her in 25 supposed to show that she's caused all that destruction? or that she's just in Hell-A?
It looks kinda like a callback to the #9 cover, so I'm guessing Hell-A. That, paired with Chris Ryall saying that the Urru cover we've seen is specific to #25, makes me think that #24 will be out of Hell and that #25 will be in hell.

But I think this is the best Nick Runge work we've seen. #24 is one of the best likenesses we've gotten in Buffyverse comics, even better than Runge's fantastic work in Wesley's "First Night" tale.

It's going to be a tough few months waiting for "Become What You Are" and then this two-parter. I can't wait to read/review/re-readx20 these comics. Nothing beats an Angel comic written by Lynch with pencils by Urru. And covers by Runge just makes the pot sweeter.
Wow, amazingly gorgeous. Okay, my interest is renewed in ANGEL. I'm absolutely loving the cover for #24. IDW should send Juliet a framed copy of that cover.
Brian, I stuck it out because it actually did improve and impress here and there. I never meant to offend.
I wasn't offended, I was sincerely thanking you. I'm glad you found some stuff to enjoy!
Wow, the art is just as beautiful as the subject. I can't wait to get my hands on this. :)
Is Spike going to be in these comics?

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