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September 04 2003

IT'S OFFICIAL! Firefly: The Motion Picture, Joss Whedon's feature directorial debut!

Hooray! I'll be getting myself to the theater for that, for sure.
*submits to IMDb*
Way to go Joss!!! Genius writer/director & now Hollywood dealmaker :-) Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

I hope they can get the entire original crew back.

And that Fox learns something from the horrible mistake they made by canceling the series so soon, damn it.
Stoked, fo' shizzle.
"Plans are to see "Firefly" go into production in first-quarter 2004."

Does anyone know if when the Hollywood Reporter is talking about Q1 '04 they mean that literally (Jan. - Mar. '04) or in the financial world sense (Oct. - Dec. '03)?
"Plans are to see "Firefly" go into production in first-quarter 2004."

Does anyone know if when the Hollywood Reporter is talking about Q1 '04 they mean that literally (Jan. - Mar. '04) or in the financial world sense (Oct. - Dec. '03)?
"Plans are to see "Firefly" go into production in first-quarter 2004."

Does anyone know if when the Hollywood Reporter is talking about Q1 '04 they mean that literally (Jan. - Mar. '04) or in the financial world sense (Oct. - Dec. '03)?
I think they mean it literally Petrov. Though the way Hollywood gets bogged down in casting and pre-production, I'll be pleased if they can start filming by June. Q1 seems a little optimistic, though recycling sets and props from the series may speed things up a bit.


(and, I might add, shiny!)
Also, I love the picture of Joss in the article. Is that a shit-eating grin or what? Yes, Jossie-boy, we're all proud of you too!
Life, once again, has meaning. The world makes sense.
Hot damn! Yeee-Haaaww!

This is some hella good news. guys...I MUST be missing something...I have never seen an episode of Firefly...but you guys are making me want to!!!
OK, CNN has picked it up now. So it MUST be real.
Finally. Some justice...
Yes! Yes! YES!! Is it too early to get in line? Or is that too Star Wars geeky to even contemplate?

Oh, and wren, you're totally right about pre-production hell, but I don't think that'll be as much of an issue here. The casting is essentially done (assuming everybody agrees to come back), the bulk of the design work is done, and Joss probably started crafting the film in his mind the first time a FOX suit began monkeying with the show. Given all that, I think 1Q '04 is totally doable.
It is also on Reuters:

They just reprinted Hollywood Reporter's story, but it's already something.

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Shiny indeed...
*squeals in delight, then does a happy dance* This is just the coolest of news. I'm so happy for Jossy boy!!
Doing the Dance of Joy!! Firefly's still flying, life is good! According to rumor, Joss has already begun writing the script. Now we just keep our digits crossed that all the cast can return.

Now if someone would just get around to making the return of Farscape happen all my just indeed be right with the world again :)

*Faints dead away on the floor.* :)
I hope he goes for a "hard" R rating! Nudity and cannibalism for sure!
Glad to hear about Firefly, I was one of the people who watched it and will be watching it again on space starting Sept 8th when it is running again.
The only concern I do have is that the movie does not
take Joss' attention away from Angel and future BtVs,
which are more important to me than Firefly.
Well, I think any return of BtVS would be at least 4-5 years away and probably come in the form of a feature film (or, possibly, a TV miniseries). And JW's always been a little more hands off with Angel -- content to work out the story arc and do the occasional episode. Given that we'll have at least a combined 12 seasons worth of Angel and Buffy, I'm fine with waiting and having Joss invest his time into quality over quantity on whatever his current project.
i'm so excited about this. especially that joss will FINALLY have a worthwhile experience in's about time!
I echo Linda's sentiments. Although I'd settle for Whedon focusing on things in this order:
1. Firefly the film - Get it done and out of the way in time for Angel Six. First quarter of 2004 should give him about six months. More than enough time for everything but post production effects.
2. Angel tv series - The way things are now, only Whedon would direct less. Very hands on, and Whedon will lose more hair and gain more wrinkles. Very tight reins of the creative team, and probably a lot of coffee and stress-related doctor bills.
3. Ripper the whatever it becomes would see him in an Executive Producer role, where he hired people to do the real work and make his vision a reality, but he would oversee it supervisory and keep the reins alternately loose and tight.
4. A tv series featuring one or two of the Scoobies plus Fresh Meat. Would not be a hands-on project. Whedon would be Executive Consultant, and give it to people he trusts and trust them not to tick him off. Loose reins. I say give Jane Espenson a season where she gets Joss Whedon's Earth on the eastern seaboard. What would New York City be like with demons and slayers in it? Probably not all that different from ours, come to think of it. Near future thing. Before Fray but after Angel. One of the regulars would be a Slayer, but that'd just be one plot arc.
5. Xander and Willow no longer talk because she did the mojo on his eye socket without his permission. The magic eye works perfectly. No one can tell it's magic. Not even low level magic users. Xander got mad at her on principle and said some bad things in anger. He claims to never want to see her again. He storms off. He moves away and goes back into construction. Five years go by. Absolutely no issues with the magic eye. The world thinks it's normal. He thinks maybe he should track Willow down. Time has passed and it heals all wounds. She was his friend. He puts it off. One day he's working in a high rise and at a very inopportune moment, his magic eye starts working TOO well...

Oh, that last one's just a pipedream idea I have for fan fiction. Whedon would probably not touch that one at all. =)

...Penthouse? I don't get the joke. But then I NEVER _read_ Penthouse. *smirk*

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Re: Firefly, I hope those Fox execs are kicking themselves in their arses. Sheesh.

Re: Xander & Willow (Zach), I felt like I was reading Penthouse Forum (yeah, I read Penthouse for the *articles*). Thanks! :)
That'll show Fox, cancelling our show.

Apropos, I always know when Zachsmind is commenting because I have to pagedown five times before I see his nick. Not that that's a bad thing.

Once again, foamy!
Seriously off-topic: Zach, Penthouse Forum is where their sex stories are, and there are countless jokes about they usually start with, "You know, I never thought this would happen to me, but the other day..."
AWESOME! Firefly the motion picture! nothing to say but "!!!!!!!!!!" .
Zachsmind: where do you think Joss' baby (the living, breathing one) will go in that list? Hyped I am, but I'm having horrible visions of Joss' A&E Biography having a segment describng the effect his workload had on his child(ren).

[ edited by babykarret on 2003-09-05 03:54 ]
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a god! Go get 'em, Joss! I and everyone i can muster are standing in line already! Shiny!
**jumping for joy**
Not only to we get some closure (and more exposure..ooh, that rhymed) to Firefly, but Joss is making the first movie that's really his. (I believe someone made a similar comment it was...**checking to see who said it**...rsfayez.)
I'm excited. Our Joss is making a movie!
Not sure Cap'n Mal would necessarily agree with your interpretation there, waynesworld. But he might say to each his own (just not on his ship). ;-)
I just singed up so I could join in here - this news has got to be the best I've heard in ages.
Simply awesome, and I join the others who are doing the 'sticking it in the face of those boobs at FOX dance'.

Great site btw - keep up the top work!
Where do you think Joss' baby will go in that list?

Would you hate me forever if I said I honestly could care less? Good. Hate me forever.

The BuffyWorld is his child too. A creative artist's work is similar to having a child. Worse actually, because the more successful, the "bigger" the metaphorical baby becomes, the more people are needed to help cradle it. And I bet Buffy's World has gotten bigger than Clifford The Big Red Dog in that regard, and it's only about eleven or twelve years old (counting the original film).

I'd say conference the nanny in once a day and ask her to put the kid up to the phone. But that's just me.

Whedon could opt to just do the Firefly movie this early spring, Angel next fall, and give creative control of other BuffyWorld projects to others, retain a bit of a hands-on creative input capacity for these other projects, and devote more time to his son.

However, I thought Whedon said volumes with the whole Connor & Angel thing. Doesn't matter how much devotion and attention one divides towards offspring from other concerns: life will find a way to screw you both up. It never fails.

There. Now, how many pagedowns wuzzat? *smirk*
Cap'n Mal can say whatever he wants, melsta. Just as long as he says it on the silver screen.... :)

As for my beliefs... it's like this exchange in Matrix Reloaded:

Lock: G**d***it Morpheus, not everyone believes what you believe.
Morpheus: My beliefs do not require them to.
omg i feel so left out! i never enjoyed firefly; nathan fillion and gina torres make me grind my teeth, i cannot bear them. plus the show's premise never piqued my interest. oh well, i'm very, very happy for joss, i hope he has a tonne of fun and it turns out the way he wants it to.

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