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March 24 2009

Get all Astonishing X-men by Joss Whedon in one Volume. Marvel June 2009 solicitation bring us the description of this special publication. Also solicited Digest version for Joss' run on Runaways.

Written by JOSS WHEDON
Now in one titanic tome: the entire chart-topping run of super-team Joss Whedon and John Cassaday! Winner of multiple prestigious Eisner Awards, Whedon and Cassaday's ASTONISHING X-MEN was a smash hit with critics and fans alike from the very first issue -- winning praise from dozens of top media outlets including Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly, TV Guide and New York Magazine, as well as racking up nearly every major comic-book industry award. Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Whedon and Cassaday (CAPTAIN AMERICA, Planetary) assembled a tight cast -- Cyclops, the Beast, Wolverine and Emma Frost, joined by returning fan-favorite Kitty Pryde -- and set forth a groundbreaking pace, from the opening pages of a Sentinel attack to the unexpected return of a beloved X-Man. Then, building on early momentum, they ratcheted up the danger and drama with a shocking second year, creating a must-read book that can truly be called "astonishing!" Packed with more than 40 pages of extras -- including creator interviews, script pages, character designs and variant covers. Collecting ASTONISHING X-MEN #1-24 and GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1.
680 PGS./Rated T+ ...$75.00
ISBN: 978-0-7851-3801-3

Written by JOSS WHEDON
Penciled by MICHAEL RYAN
Cover by JO CHEN
Rebellious teens Nico, Chase, Karolina, Molly, Victor and Xavin are survivors. All children of super-villains, they turned against their evil elders to become amateur super heroes. But when the authorities chase them out of Los Angeles, the Runaways forge an uneasy alliance with East Coast crime boss Kingpin, placing them on a collision course with the killer vigilante Punisher. The ensuing disaster hurls the kids a century backward in time, trapping them in 1907 New York - home of child labor, quaint technology and competing gangs of super-folk known as "Wonders." Can the Runaways get back to the future? Find out in a timeless tale of comedy, romance and old-fashioned heroism! Collecting RUNAWAYS #25-30.
152 PGS./Rated T+ ...$9.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-2389-7

Bwahahahahaha! My brilliant plan to wait a really long for this has paid off! [looks at price] Nevermind.
Sweet! I knew it would come out eventually. Glad I never bought the two-volume HCs.
And the next creative team on Runaways is all classified.
While I'm here I'll mention that I am enjoying Ellis' continuation of Astonishing.
Well, good thing I only paid $2.99 per issue . . . for 24 issues . . . plus a 25th for $4.99 . . . speaking of Giant-Size Astonishing . . .

willbueche, a buck-seventy-five saved. By you. Not me.

Best sci fi I ever read. Good thing.
Packed with more than 40 pages of extras -- including creator interviews, script pages, character designs and variant covers.

Is that the same amount of extras that were in the two hardcovers?
40 pages of extra's, that's quite a lot. I'd almost buy the volume just for that, but having shelled out for the original run, I'll just... not :).

As for the Runaways TPB: is this somehow a new release? I bought that TPB a couple of weeks ago at my local comic book shop and am now wondering why it would show up on the June 2009 solicitation.
I know the "digest" format TPBs are smaller, more like manga books. Is the one you got a "normal" sized TPB GVH ? Or failing that it could be a second printing.

May well pick up the AXM hardback, i've held off and have a bit of a mix of singles and paperback trades so a collection could be just the job. And yeah, that's a lot of extras. I wonder if they've also included stuff like the Marvel Spotlight interviews with Joss and Cassaday ? They're worth having as I recall though I read them a while back, could be conflating.
The two oversized hardback volumes were far better value - far more wieldly too. I'm not keen on these omnibus things. By comparison, the only things different about the omnibus are that they're all in one book and it costs ten dollars more (everything is otherwise exactly the same). I honestly can't see the advantage.

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Do the two oversized hardbacks have the 40 pages of extras too, daylight?
Ah, check, Saje, that clears it up. I have a couple of those manga-sized Runaways books for the original run by BKV, but when I saw the regular sized TPB pop-up in my comic shop, I figured they'd given up on that format. Guess they actually haven't. Heh.
Re: Runaways

It could be different depending on the market (like you'll get the smaller, manga-sized digest forms of the softcovers in North America, but European and other foreign markets might still get regular-sized TPBs). For a while there, Marvel had the idea that it was better, profit-wise, to cut out the TPBs and only go digest for Runaways, partly to cut the cost of the book, partly because it would fit on non-comic shop book store shelves much easier (irrelevent to a lot of book stores since many of the larger chains have graphic novel sections with large-space shelving). You had to wait for the comparatively pricey Hardcovers to get the artwork in the same size at it was originally printed in the monthlies. I thought this was still the case, I haven't heard anything about them going back to TPB softcovers, I thought the digest was still the norm. I'm also not sure if the size of dialogue bubbles and text has been changed in the digests. If they reduced the print to scale with the rest of the page, yikes, we've got an aging population, not everyone's eyesight is great...if they made it larger, it covers up more of the art and action. You lose either way, which is why I hate the digests. To me it's sort of like releasing a widescreen film in fullscreen.

I'm mightily tempted by the all-in-one Astonishing trade, but...doesn't that many issues packed into one hardcover volume mean a lot of the art in the middle, near the spine, is cut off ? Without practically breaking the binding of the book, you can't see double-page spreads all that well, can you ? (assuming Joss had Cassaday use any double-spreads ?) That used to be a problem on some trade paperbacks I bought, it was pretty annoying. I dunno...I might still just borrow this off the friend that has the single issues, as much as I'd like to read all those extras immediately after finishing the story.
wiesengrund, I'm pretty sure they do. Not that these extras are often worthwhile (they occasionally are, but there's only so much you can get out of uncoloured pages and script extracts) - especially given they're describing variant covers as "extras" here - those don't count! (And given how many variant covers there actually were I can't imagine there will be much else...)

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