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March 24 2009

Goodwill sells 'Verse stuff. Goodwill stores across the U.S. are putting their best merch on this auction site. It's an inexpensive way to round out your collection. For example, this link is to brand-new HD DVDs of "Serenity," plus "Dune" and "The Last Starfighter," with the top bid at $11.03.

The site also has BtVS videos and a lunch box right now. (I hope this qualifies to be a proper post.)

I may be missing something here, but I'm not sure how Goodwill's auction site is particularly related to the Whedonverse.
Well, I didn't know if this would be OK or not. Maybe I should have asked a moderator first. But I thought it was akin to people posting when has a sale of BtVS and Angel. This site almost always has some Whedon-related merchandise at great prices.
I think as a one-time alert to let folks know that Goodwill sells relevant and cheap stuff, it's a useful link. And, unlike most sale threads, it's for a good cause. I certainly didn't know about the site, so cheers Suzie.
Make sure and check the shipping cost, I wanted to bid on the movies the link was to, but not at over $10 shipping.
What's next? The Firefly Soundtrack on 8 Track, Buffy on Betamax, Angel on Laser Disc?
I saw a wedding dress in the featured items that reminded me a lot of Anya's. I'm sure a talented fan could work magic with it. It's only $87...

I'm not saying it's dead-on, but the style reminds me of what I can remember of hers.

..."sex poodle..."
Thanks, SNT. I got my sister and her grandson hooked on Buffy and Angel. On this site, I've bought him figures, and he now sleeps with his Spike doll.

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