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March 24 2009

Dollhouse TV forum now accepting questions for Maurissa Tancharoen. Ask Dollhouse writer and future Whedon your questions now. The deadline is April 12th.

She's a Whedon from the future? Is she here to warn us about a secret plot to blow up [insert yet another random city here]? No, wait, that's Heroes. Nevermind.
No, no, She's from Earth, y'know, not THIS Earth, but that other one, and She wants to keep Dean Stockwell from blowing up Vancouver...or, no, wait, blow up the Opera House! Yeah, that's it! Never trust those nerdy, funny scientists!
You don't actually need to be a registered dollhousetvforum member to post questions. It is also open to guests.
Wait, Dean Stockwell? Great, now I'm thinking of Dollhouse/Quantum Leap crossovers...
It is hard to come up with really good questions, but they do have some... and plenty more time to think up more....
Sam leaps into a doll...

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