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March 25 2009

Joss to give keynote address at 'Shasha Seminar for Human Concerns' in May. The Wesleyan seminar will focus on "Defining American Culture: How Movies and TV Get Made".

That seminar sounds fantastic. How often does one get to type that sentence?
! I'm applying to Wesleyan for transfer... maybe if I get in, I can say insist that this is the weekend I absolutely must visit the school. Yes, that seems foolproof.
Good luck, Jobo! Wesleyan is a tough school to get into. 2 of my friends are on the waitlist right now and it's both their first choice.

I hope they get off the waitlist and then we could all go visit together. That would be sweet.
Will his speech be available anywhere to the public, after the event?
Dang it, I will be on campus the weekend before for reunion, but not long enough to attend and share scoopage. Sigh.

shicks - Wesleyan has a YouTube channel and they have been posting videos of classes and seminars on there. I don't know if this Shasha Seminar will be available - but it seems likely.
Thanks Zannadoo!
So I guess I can't just go see Joss at that one event without having a Wesleyan connection and/or paying $250? :(

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Hopefully someone will be taping the address and will make it available online!
Yeah it's just a shame when I live only 20 minutes away!

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