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March 25 2009

James Marsters: From Spike to Brainiac. IGN speaks to James about his roles on Buffy, Torchwood and Smallville. There's also another IGN interview where he speaks about his new movie Dragonball: Evolution.

Both of these were great interviews. I enjoyed them so much. I always like to hear that James was a fan of Buffy and Angel. He gets it you know?
His thoughts on Spike's popularity, outcast-status and future are more of the same (albeit as eloquently phrased as ever), but what I really loved were his pro-Spike/Buffy comments, which are rarer to come by. Thanks, James. :)
I was just about to write what Enisy wrote.. They mostly ask him the same questions over and over, he's mostly consistant with answers, most of his fans know what he thinks about most of this stuff (it's always a pleasure to have him talking about it, though), but the comment about Spike&Buffy, expecially about him knoking at 90 years old Buffy "I'm ready! I've figured it out, Buffy", was new and soooo sweet..(and reminds me about Willow's speech to Oz in New Moon Rising, which is one of my favourite)
Thanks James!!

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