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March 25 2009

David Boreanaz break-dances on the Rachel Ray show. I don't know if everyone has seen this already, but watching David B. pop-lock on a sheet of cardboard while plugging Bones made my day. I believe the episode aired on March 24, 2009.

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Those are some of the same hilarious moves Angel imagined himself doing at Cordy's party in the AtS episode "She."
You've gotta love that guy! This made my day too!
He did some of those moves in the blooper reels as well.
That scene at Cordy's party had me cracking up! Alexis was pretty awesome at dancing awfully too!
"Of course I am!"
Well I've seen worse pop-locking.

And psst, Rachel Ray - America's Best Dance Crew is really nothing like Dancing With the Stars.
Oh God, that was just too awesome.
That was pretty fun. And what was enjoyable was that he was very laid back about it and a good sport.
That was awesome. We should have Angel pop-lock fan conventions. :)
*big grin* Go David!

I laughed at his "Of course I am!" DB is so cocky.
Oh, I didn't think I could love him more....guess I was wrong. "Of course I am" indeed. Go David!
What fun! This makes me smile. I think I'll go back and watch it again.
Oh, too damn cute!

Much less embarrassing than Tony's wedding reception dance scene in Imagine Me & You.
"Of course I am!" Like it could be any other way.LOL David is so cute!
Oh, that made me smile, a lot!! Go David :-D!!!
Nice confidence. There was a link in the sidebar to the imagined spazz-dancing from Season 1 of Angel. I'd forgotten just how hilarious and spazzy that was.
He's actually pretty good!
He makes me grin

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