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March 25 2009

Stan Lee nicknames mentions Joss. Paul Cornell recently ran a fun competition on his blog to come up with Smilin' Stan Lee type nicknames for current comic writers/artists. The suggestion for Joss might be slightly familiar.

I particularly like Action Matt Fraction, Leonard "Tiberius" Kirk, Garth "The Menace" Ennis and Big Bad Bill Willingham. And my worship of Neil Gaiman aside I'm not really a fan of that nickname.
I think John Romita Sr. had the coolest Stan Lee nickname...Jazzy John Romita. I seem to recall that he was also Jovial John Romita at some point too.

But those both really work well with "J" names, as in, Jazzy Joss Whedon.

If he puts on a ton of weight, Feedin' Joss Whedon.

I'll stop now.
If he puts on a ton of weight, Feedin' Joss Whedon. I'll stop now.

Too late alexreager, the damage has been done:
Joss "Noshin" Whedon
Joss "Wonton" Whedon
Joss "Wolf Down" Whedon
Joss "Sauce" Whedon

(Now I feel the need to order some lasagne...)

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Or maybe Jumpin' Joss but I don't see him as the big activity type.

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