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March 26 2009

Another preview page for Angel: Not Fade Away (the comic). It's the Spike one.

Direct link to picture

Isn't it great? It might be the best page I've seen Stephen do for the Angel comics.

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Linking to jpgs isn't the best practice so I changed it to the blog post url.
That's cool. People don't die from scrolling.
This has me conflicted. I had decided to not buy the episode adaptations, but this looks so good......
"Linking to jpgs isn't the best practice"

It does however keep us Dial-Up users from having to load several unnecessary images
I added the direct link to the post (which made the post all wonky)

Direct link to picture
Haha, yeah, and the blog post itself links to jpegs anyway.

That is a truly beautiful piece. I'm so curious if it will add detail and breadth to the story of the episode, or if it will just be the same. It seems like graphic novels are sometimes limited by the number of pages, that there might have to be less detail, not more?

I hope not, though!

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