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March 26 2009

Hey, even Xander Harris twitters. One of his recent tweets: Why do the vampires get all the action?

I've been getting a kick out of following Xander's Harris and trying to figure out which episode he's tweeting about.

Now if only we could get Nick to twitter!
There are a lot of people posing as characters. I came across an entire Star Trek: TNG crew who all followed only each other. It seems to be the latest in the variation PBP RPing.
Now if only we could get Nick to twitter!

And Joss!
Huh. IMO, it's kind of stupid. Reminds me why I don't read most of the unofficial cannon Buffy books. Nobody captures the characters the way Joss and his writers do.
This one is even more fun. Just make sure to click on "next day", because it doesn't end there.

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Remember when The First Evil had a Livejournal? Those were the days.
Jinx, electricspacegirl.
I'll admit the LiveJournal First Evil is pretty funny.
Hehe! Love the First's LiveJournal!
The past day he's been twittering Doppelgangland, but doing it wrong :(

It is annoying due to my obsessive knowledge of the early seasons. It's still fun to follow the characters' tweets though.
I also follow @DarthVadar. He's one funny cat.

And yes, Joss definitely needs to tweet! I enjoy following @james_gunn

Just wish we had more Whedon tweeters.
Anyone want to start a follow list of users?

@kbarrett is my mine.

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I am up for that...not that I twitter anything interesting!


Some days I won't STFU and sometimes I disappear for days on end. But I can guarantee unending rudeness, occasional offensive language, and the Poem of the Day - when I remember to do it.

Checked out a number of the Buffyverse/Angelverse LJs - some quite funny bits. This was exactly the spirit of the Friendster Fakesters when I used to play all these many social media moons ago - role-playing (as opposed to actually pretending to be celebrities, like some do, apparently.)

It was all yar and stuff, pretending to be the late Bill Hicks and Carl Jung and the Green Orion Slave Girl, but then Jon Abrams got his knickers in a twist & deleted us painfully & repeatedly.
Oh I love this sort of thing myself.

I used to love soulvamps (Spikes) live journal whose journal entries ran in tandem with the show as it aired.

Great fun. *g*

But I don't twitter much. I pitter and I patter but I rarely twitter or tatter.

"Hello, Joss? Joss? Joss? Hell-oooo? Are you here, lurking? If you are, please join Twitter. We know you don't have the time for much else (other than the occasional, few and far between posts here), and you can even tweet from your phone! Please, please, please....pretty please? With Eliza on top?"

er...that came out wrong.

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I'm content with having @drhorrible.

I'm the obvious @skittledog, although I tend to use it more to follow others and post occasional boring thoughts I have than to actually be entertaining or informative in any way.
I thought Jed and Maurissa were the only ones running @drhorrible?
@adamredman for all the information you need about my boring life :)

And I think @CordyChase and @Wesley_Price are other characters.
@bubblecat - I too promise bad language. Perhaps you could all help me with telling the lovely twitters that @joshwhedon is not joss! (It's driving me a little mad).
@sunshineguinn ^_^
Cool. After months of being signed up on Twitter, I officially have one follower. (Obviously from this thread)

I feel like Navin Johnson finding his name in the phone book for the first time...I'm somebody!
bubblecat, I do the same thing. I mean, the nerve!
Another reason for Joss to join, to give the imposter something else to do. That's why Nathan joined MySpace, after all.
electricspacegirl I mean, Josh must be feeling very loved but it's just not cricket, is it! I have added everyone so far - it's like a lovely lot of new people to join in with my random swearing!
Uh....there's an @josswhedon now, that supposedly started tweeting Feb 4th.

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I miss reading The First's Live Journal, heh heh. I didn't even remember there was such a thing. Probably read it the last time when Buffy was about to end.
Can you imagine all the witty things Joss could say in 140 characters? I'd burst out laughing in the most inappropriate public places and be branded completely off my rocker!


Once I have a spare moment, I'll follow all you Whedonesque peeps!

ETA: Apparently I screwed up and had to open a new account.

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Hah, love the First Evil journal, thanks for linking it! The rampant plot holes of season 7 at least lead to some delightful creative whining. This fandom wouldn't be nearly so fun without its healthy dark side.

I occasionally twitter whedon-related stuff, random links & life bits; just signed up a little while ago.
That happens to me just from recalling scenes or lines or gag reels, etc. Was at a fabric store once and saw a strawberry shortcake fabric that said "tutu cute" and all I could think of was Gunn's line about guys and their big ass packages jumping up and down and I completely lost it. After 12 years, I give up caring about what people think.

...and a whole heap of Firefly ones...
@whedonesque , there's a special Friday poll exclusive to Twitter followers.
I follow whedonesque on twitter :D
And now apparently people pretending to be characters...aha.
Mine is: @sarahissublime

I'm following a lot of you whedony people now, if you're wondering who that girl is.

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Is @alysonhannigan the real Alyson? I just started following her.
dunno kerfuffle, i thought so until I saw she was following all of the characters
I'm seriously doubting it. Wouldn't she be using an updated pic at least? Felicia Day and Amber Benson always use personal photos.

And she's way too cool for such a lame bio.

[ edited by josswhedonaddict on 2009-03-26 23:04 ]
I will keep following her just like I follow joshwhedon cause i got nothing better to do!

Yeah, very imaginative. ;)
Amber Benson's Twitter is real, as far as I know. @amber_benson

[Edit] I see people already know about it - never mind!

[ edited by gem on 2009-03-26 23:14 ]
There's also Adam Busch who's the real deal - and nifty if you're into (my kinda) politics, too.

I'm rather fond of FakeTJefferson as well - "he" may not say much, but what he does say is generally cherce.
Felicia Day's is real too. I'm pretty sure Juliet Landau's is also legit.


[ edited by josswhedonaddict on 2009-03-26 23:28 ]
@sandeepparikh (of The Guild) also real.
oh, I just joined twitter too (on account of Amber Benson, Juliet Landau and Felicia Day being there) and I imediately started spotting and following whedonesque people (so, of course, I will now follow everybody from this thread)...

and I'm:

@JoTheCat ..
My real first name is Xander.

I just got a message on the Twitter home page that Twitter is over capacity. Does anyone think/hope that's because of us Whedonesquers?
Nah, i get that message all the time and i have only been on twitter a week!

Still fairly new to the whole twitter thing and I don't do much of interest, so I'm pretty boring, but there you have it.
Maurissa's MySpace:

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Both Tim Minear and Marty Noxon are on twitter but they are protected from the world at large :)
I'm away from my computer right now, but I read an article this morning over on SciFi Wire about the "18 great scifi twitterers" that mentions some cool people, including Felicia Day, in case anyone wants to link it to this thread.
@ellerulz is me.

I've been following all the legit whedonverse actors for a while and it's actaully really fun, especially when they start following someone else that I know of from somewhere else. The beautiful sound of fandoms colliding and all that.
Not so sure it's really Marti or Tim. Kinda Doubting it actually.
Alright, I'm stalking you all. Enjoy.

Except Ameer. Are you sure @ameer_ is correct?
I am @embers (surprise surprise)
But I'm just there to follow celebrities (because I'm shallow), and I want to know if Maurissa and or Jed are the ones texting as @drhorrible and/or @captainhammer?
Inquiring minds want to know!
I think Joss should have his assistant twitter, so he can keep busy writing and working. And playing with his kids.


I mostly started because I wanted to follow Neil Gaiman, and Felicia Day was an unexpected bonus. Then I dragged my brother and sister into it. I don't post very often.
I'm imaginatively called @gossi on twitter. Tune in for updates about Boreanaz on the Dollhouse set (no, that's not a spoiler) and about my dreams.
Sorry, all I have is a Trakfone and that's never even been activated so you'll not be seeing Tweets from me.
I'm me. I'm pretty full up on people I follow, need to start cutting down again (I started cutting down at 100 follows and now I'm up to 280...), so I may not automatically add y'all, but if you're not prolific I probably will. :)

ETA: Oh, and you don't need a phone to tweet. Just web access via computer or whatever.

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Can't believe no-one's mentioned this yet, but the entire crew of Serenity are using Twitter.



I don't know if it's a group of people doing it or just one guy, but whoever it is has a lot of time on their hands :P
@AndrewThorpe in case people are interested in whether I'm hungover or not.

I promise I won't be livetweeting Black Mama, White Mama ever again.
@lionnesss , All other variations with fewer consonants were taken. Like cabri, I've had to unfollow a couple of people who tweet a lot, but I do pick up new people every now and again.And b!X, if you keep that promise, it will be much appreciated.
Guess I'll add to the list.

@danregal on twitter.
At least we know Xander isn't Nick. I'm trying to figure out if Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi are the real thing. I'm not convinced and leaning towards no.
wow, this is greats. now if only twitter had groups.
I'm @okelay, of course.
Who is captainhammer on Twitter?
Oh! Also, if you want to follow the California Browncoats, we have a twitter as well. It will be more active as we get closer to Comic-Con. Plus we'll live tweet from the floor like we did at WonderCon.


This will be the best way for those attending to know when special events happen.
This is always an on going question; we know that @Maddow IS Rachel Maddow, but we also know that @KeithOlbermann1 is NOT Keith Olbermann (he whined about it a lot on his show and evidently twitter shut it down!), and I don't think @keitholbermann is either (they have a locked twitter page, but in Keith's rantings he said he is not on twitter at all).
I do wish we could know for sure who is twittering under the names of @DrHorrible (Zack Whedon?) or @captainhammer (Jed or Maurissa?)!
Embers, @drhorrible is Jed and Maurissa. Mostly Maurissa.

For all the people who have only recently signed up, check your @replies regularly (tab on the right side of your home page). @replies are public tweets sent to you (as opposed to direct messages); for instance, @replies to me will start with @cabri. Only tweets that start with your @reply will drop into this tab if you don't use an app.

Also, once you follow a fair number of people, go into your notices (under settings) and try out the 3 methods of getting @reply tweets in your main timeline.
  • 'No @replies' means you'll never see an @reply in your main timeline, even ones to you. You'll still be able to see @replies to you in your @reply tab.
  • '@replies to people you follow' means you'll only see an @reply if it's sent to you or to someone you're following, which means you'll avoid pages and pages of celebrity twitterers saying thanks and answering questions. This is what most people choose.
  • 'All @replies' means you'll see every single tweet written by the people you follow.

@tlacook I whine a lot about work and stuff in general. Also much cussing about LA traffic.
Surprise: @nypinta But mine are protected so it might take a while for me to accept. And sometimes someone will request, because I get an email that says so, but when I go to that page to allow, they disappear so I can't. Twitter still has plenty of bugs to work out.
BTW, it's too late to win Brent Spiner's 5ooth tweet. He gave that away to one lucky follower yesterday. But maybe he'll have a 1000th? And Greg Grunberg is very chatty. Tweets in bunches. Like tweet grapes or something.
It's not too late to win @neilhimself's 100K follower contest (he's Neil Gaiman if you missed it during the sign-up process). It's a picture captioning thing so many here would do well at it with all your pithy phrases. ;)
@uptheapples (obviously)

that's me! i didn't know they had these. I started reading them and got totally hooked wow.

an hour of my life i'll never get back
I've added you there, korkster, since you were having trouble adding me.
@samatwitch, of course, but I'm usually so far behind that I don't tweet much that's current or interesting. (Also, my tweets are protected so I would need to approve you, which may take awhile.)
I think I got everybody so far, or at least sent the requests out. Hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, it's not personal, I'm just a 'tard!! :)
I'm @crystalsinger and @QuotableBuffy!

And if you want an easy way to follow along with the Sunnydale crew on Twitter, head on over to :-)

I'm @wiesengrund. But I kind of never know what to post.
missbinda here- I'm a twitter newbie and find it challenging as I tend towards verbosity, but I am hoping to get the hang of things soon.

(BTW it's comforting to know that even Felicia Day has days where her clothes just don't seem to fit!)
Personally, I'd appreciate it if kerfuffle would edit this post to add the tag, "twitter" so I can find this in a week (or year) from now, when I want to find one of your twitter names.

And wishing a great weekend to all my Whedonesquey friends.
@afburns here.

I got an @ from the malcolmreynolds on there a while back and thought the whole thing was hillariously ridiculous.

Sometimes I think it would be interesting to create a Twitter account for one of my own fictional characters. Maybe if I ever get around to writing that novel, eh?

Someone should start a twitter for Serenity Now. Might be a good way to help promote it.

[ edited by flakbait on 2009-03-27 16:04 ]
So original
I love alexreager's idea. Let's tweet kerfuffle to add a tag. I believe I added everyone, though.
Ooh, I want to join in!
I'm @jamesthegill and I was quite worried for a while that I was following more Whedonesque related people (Felicia, Amber, Juliet Landau, Brian Lynch etc) than people I actually knew in person.
did anybody find out if @alysonhannigan is the real deal? (can we ask amber benson to check that out..O_O?) and if it is her, how awesome is she?!?!
JotheCat: Amber and ALy consider each other friends but I don't think they have much of a shared social circle so she probably doesn't know.
I'm @jenskijen, but I mainly follow... not so much with the posting. But trying to improve! One day, I might even have something interesting to post... one day...

You can get keep up to date with news from the 'Can't Stop the Serenity' Global Team @CSTS

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