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March 26 2009

Details for the 4th volume of MySpace Dark Horse Presents. "Joss Whedon teams with Season Eight cover artist Jo Chen for a special Buffy the Vampire Slayer story".

So presumably we'll be seeing this story sometime in the next few months.

It's a mystery to me how the Joss-man finds time!
what? a special Buffy story? what is it?
...WHEN is it??
Am I right in thinking that this is the first time Jo has ever done anything like this before? I only know her as a cover artist.
Neato. Bluey, I first actually wondered how Jo Chen finds the time. I guess it depends on the page count.
I am incredibly curious about what Jo Chen's in-book art-style will be like.
Yeah, I'm psyched for this. Not only is it going to be written by Joss, but Jo's actually going to do all of the art. Excellent.

Has the Whedonverse been in all MSDHPs so far? Sugarshock was in #1, Be Like Me (Captain Hammer) was in #2, and the Moist comic was in #3, right?
Good point CaptainB - how do either of them find the time!
Also, as others have mentioned really psyched about this partnership! :-D
Chen has done some interior art before (not for Buffy obviously). Wow, cool. A little Joss/Chen special to look forward to!

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Jo has written her own graphic novels:

The Other Side of the Mirror

Looking forward to this!
Is she doing the art? Because I've always said that is my fantasy.
A short story written & illustrated by Chen is available online. It's manga, so possibly not the style she'd use for Buffy, but a good read.
So is this gonna be a comic only thing or is it another one of those little companion comics we've been getting on Myspace?

And is it gonna be canon?
I have installed a robot to take the money out of my wallet.
Joss gets a cut.
My bookshelves fill.
Is it going to include the Harmony and manga stories?
Hah, that 99 Roses short comic of Jo Chen's was amusing. Nice turnaround too. I wouldn't mind if she used that style for her and Joss' Buffy story, it would be different from what we've seen before. I wonder if it'll be in black & white, or if she'll color it too...
I hope they collect all these "Whedonverse" stories into a single volume at some point... I think it'd be a bit extravagent to buy each of these high-priced volumes for a single eight-page story at a time, especially given they're available online for free in the first place (and will hopefully stay that way!). Although saying that the other material does seem to be very good and worthwhile.
Am I right in thinking that this is the first time Jo has ever done anything like this before? I only know her as a cover artist.

Didn't she work in some interior art with her sister, for some Dreamwave projects?
Yep Numfar, I was just about to comment on that. I think it was the middle part of a trilogy that got canceled or something and I'd only seen their TPB of it but it's pretty similar to the painting style she uses for covers except a little less textured in terms of coloring/painting.
As for interiors, I drew the Racer X mini-series for Wildstorm which was recently reprinted in trade format, last year, by IDW as part of the promotion for the ill-fated Speed Racer film. I also drew a short story for one of the Robotech books, and 4 issues of Darkminds Macropolis for Dreamwave prior to the implosion. And then there are my graphic novels The Other Side of the Mirror that I drew when I was a teenager.

Thanks for all the nice comments over the years. This is my first post. I'll chime in once in a while when I have something to add.
First Minear shows up, now Chen. It's like a growing feast of purple here lately.
Thanks for all the nice comments over the years. This is my first post.

Welcome to Whedonesque :).
Welcome, Jo!
Very nice to see another super talented Whedonesque artist around here!
Yay! Jo is here! You art makes me swoon. I can't wait for more!
Super-talented, indeed. My desktop is an endless slideshow of Jo Chen Buffy covers. So beautiful.

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