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March 26 2009

18 Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following. SCI FI Wire compiles a list of must-follow Twitterers, and naturally includes Felicia Day.

Amusingly, they note their disappointment that the Dr. Horrible Twitter account isn't "in character." A commenter points out the recent BillyBuddy account does just that-- along with a whole slew of other characters.

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Any reason we're using the Facebook redirect URL rather than the actual URL?
Oh, also: That's a link to an interview with the head of SCI FI Channel.
This was linked to in the other twitter thread. Here's the direct link.
Thanks, sammygeen!
Not sure why I got my back up so, but I won't follow William Shatner. And I love Captain Kirk! Honest.
@b!x: D'oh. thanks for noticing that-- copy-paste glitch, obviously. Fixed now. Didn't catch it in the other thread, but it was posted via Facebook to me.
Hm.. one needs to chose twitters based on personality. Will weaton spams messages all day, he really lives up to twitters "what are you doing" moniker, but I'm not really that interested in what he does all the time. Gregg Grunberg tends to twit how everybody should buy his new iphone application.
It's a free app, so no buying involved. It's true he was a much better tweeter before he started promoting it, but I'm sure he'll settle down a bit once he gets over the excitement.

I don't really consider prolific tweeters 'spammers' since they're just doing what they're doing. Wil does have a feed that posts for him but it only happens once or twice a day, everything else is him being him. The term spam for me is reserved for accounts constantly trying to sell me stuff and those are accounts I block anyway.
I'm afraid that I have a much more strict/narrow/personal definition of 'spam', and that is anything that which fills my inbox with what I'm not interested in, making it hard for me to get to what I am interested in. Someone like Felicia Day can post every hour, but it will always be interesting and funny. Then someone else comes along and fills the page with dull pointless information, which I will consider spam, and I'll stop following them (but I still will probably save them under 'favorites' so I can find & check up on them periodically - I'm not heartless).
I guess I don't understand why you would follow them in the first place if they're 'dull' and 'pointless'. I only follow people who are interesting and/or informative.

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