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March 26 2009

Dr. Horrible wins Streamy Award for original music (Jed Whedon). And reportedly Jed gave the "best speech", and the work also won for editing (Lisa Lassek) and cinematography (Ryan Green).

Contrats to the Dr Horrible team!
Well, it was pretty much a shoe-in.

...I think so, anyway.
Congratulations to all winners! Sandeep also said Jed won for best speech so I hope it gets posted somewhere soon. Too bad Legend of Neil and The Guild were up against our favorite web series, but them's the breaks. ;)
Jed just posted under @drhorrible that he won. Somehow he manages to convey a touch of tipsiness in just 8 words. o.O
Boo, mine took longer to type. :P
All of which was while, or after, I re-did the post to link to Jed's tweet. ;)
Go Dr. H! :)
Re: Jed's Tweet... Hmm, great minds thinking alike? Or should we all be a little scared right now?
I'm always a little scared right now.
And it seems to me
Ass-kicking web TV
Is on the rise

Congratulations Jed and Lisa and Ryan and Others TBD!
I'm so excited about the Dr. Horrible wins! And I sure do hope that it was recorded so we'll get to hear Jed's acceptance speech! This is very cool.
Congratulations to Jed, Lisa, and Ryan - and all else involved in Dr. Horrible. Good luck to the rest of the nominees when their turns come.
Congratulations to all!

(I was going to say congrats to jed on twitter and then I suddenly became aware of all these new people watching me and got stage fright...:)
So thrilled for all you guys!! Much love to you all!! :)
skittledog, stagefright is unnecessary, just so you know. If James Gunn can tweet about pooping, I sure as hell don't see anything embarassing about congratulating Jed.
Shouldn't the Streamy Awards be streamed on the web? That would make some kind of sense.
They will be.
The Streamy Awards Ceremony takes place on March 28 at the historic Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles. The ceremony will be streamed live online around the world, right here at
These were the Craft awards, given out earlier and then announced during the regular show, much like the technical Oscars.

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Congrats Jed!! :D

Can't wait for tomorrow.

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