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March 27 2009

The 20 all-time coolest heroes in pop culture. Buffy comes in at number eight on this list, beating the likes of Atticus Finch, Dirty Harry and Captain Kirk.

You know, I might have to buck here and say that Atticus Finch would probably come in above Buffy on any such list I might try to make.
I agree. And I have to tell you, it makes my head spin to think of Atticus Finch even being on the same list with Foxy Brown and John McClane.
Said it before but i'll say it again, Atticus Finch is still the man I want to be when I grow up ;). I guess it depends on how you define 'cool' though (most of those above him are more the conventional idea of 'cool' i.e. laconic, sarcastic, tough, lone-wolves/mavericks etc.).
No one from BSG? Blasphemy. Every (not evil or totally self-serving) main character spent every day of four years working to save the remnants of the human race, each in their own way.
So bah humbug to the whole list.
(And Buffy should have been higher up).:)
Ha! Without even clicking the link yet, I find a bunch of people have already expressed my first thought: love Buffy, but Atticus is the coolest!
I think the title should be reworded. Atticus - very high on the "greatest" heroes of pop culture. "Coolest" to me is almost anti-heroish or maybe about something other than their heroic qualities.
First my net is very is slow so these guys should have thought in me and put that list in one only link :(
Now, since Shey talk about BSG, last night I saw the final episode and stil have two doubts. If anyone can help me I apreciate: The final words of the Baltar image,
And second, that end should mean that I wnot be a happy owner of a Cameron model?
Can't say I entirely agree with the ordering so much, but there are some very interesting and awesome picks in this list.
I'm happy to see Buffy beat Captain Kirk any time. I'll even hand her a big stick to do it. (j/k, sort of).

Atticus FInch belongs higher up on the list. Nancy Drew isn't even on my radar when it comes to these lists.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2009-03-27 15:45 ]
Sweet! I love it when Sydney Bristow's on the same list as Buffy.
They included Gary Cooper's character from High Noon - awesome. Superman is 15 spots cooler than Batman? Erm, no.

Nebular1400, I guess Nancy Drew might fit more for young girls. So maybe they were trying to represent heroes for all generations.
Superman rocks!

But I do guess coolest means something different than most heroic, or most to be emulated. I wonder how Atticus Finch would look in a Spike coat.

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