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March 27 2009

Five Reasons We Love Eliza Dushku. TV Guide Magazine shares our love.

6. Soulful eyes.
7. Girls have a chance.....

No? damn it.
8. Mad skillz.
9. Step away from the glass...
10. It's like riding a biker...
Did not know she did triathlons. Need more actual swimming in the Dollhouse (instead of talking about it). :-)
11. Thank god we're hot chicks with superpowers.
8. That her mad skillz come from icecream scooping, IIRC.
13. Rebecca. Mad comic skillz.
"Teach me and I will come to you!
Taking 3 ibuprofens now....
Loved the gorgeous pic of her when I got my TV Guide. Also, nice ones if DB. Almost swooned.:)
Now I just need to know something to teaches her.
Nice little video there. Shows some behind the scenes footage/comments with everyone including David B. and Eliza.
Brasilian Chaos Man : Maybe she'd like to learn Portuguese. Maybe her boyfriend would, too snicker-snicker.

I'm reminded of the vote the Buffy & Angel amgs took for the 10 Hottest women in the 'verse, then issued a poster collection of them. At the bottom of each, they added info on the acttesses, including "Real Life Roamntic Status." SMG, ALy, AMy A., Stephanie, and, at the time, Charisma and Julie were all happily married, so they listed the names of their spousen. For Amber, Emma, and Michelle, they wrote "Secret." For ELiza (who rated as #1,) it wasn't "Secret," or even a just plain "Single," it was "Single (down, boys.)"

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