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March 27 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse episode 8 preview. As seen after tonight's episode.

OMG that looks amazing. I can't freakin wait till next Friday!
I think if anything this will end up being the game-changer. It looks fantastic.
When I heard the description of it last week I assumed it would be a glitchy thing that gets resolved and patched over by the end of the episode... but seeing the promo and the subtitle "The Awakening" makes me wonder if it won't cause much more progress of the plot...

What does everyone else think?

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I like that they're advertising it as "The Awakening". Still don't think it'll last that long though. I'm assuming they're just trying to pull in more viewers.
Man what a sweet episode dying 2 C it this show keeps getting better and better
That looks amazing! It'll surely be an interesting episode to watch.
You know, if it is a permanent change, I don't know why, but it would seem like too much too soon.

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If they awake, will they ever fall asleep again? Will our Dolls like each other when they're themselves again?
Wow... Joss wasn't kidding! It's only getting better and better! Shiny. ;-)
This looks awesome! But I doubt that "the awakening" will last. Maybe it's some kind of experiment or a temporal glitch, but I think that the ultimate fight for freedom is still long away.

In fact, since we already know the synopsis of the tenth episode, I'm absolutely sure that by the end of the episode, "the awakening" will be over and will be once again replaced by Echo's (and other actives') gradual growth of self-awareness that we saw in previous episodes.
I really hope Fox promotes it. I'm thinking it will since it has a title, but who knows. I only saw one commercial for MotS and nothing for last night's Echoes. Sigh....But holy frak, next week looks amazing!!
OMG! OMG! OMG! I can't wait!!!!
Anyone knows the song in the promo?
Whoa. So cool. I can't wait for it. And Topher meeting Caroline, that'd be an awkward conversation, for sure.
Looks awesome! Can't wait.
Somehow the line: this is the awakening you've been waiting for sounded quite negative to me. I know it's pretty standard promo-language but in context it almost sounds a bit like: give this another chance, the lame part is over (and I definately don't think the show was lame so far).

Anyway it sure looks damn good, though I wish they would tone down the Dolls breaking down a bit and start showing a few exciting engagements were the Dolls don't break down or regain flashes of memories, like Gray Hour was shaping up to be before the remote wipe.

We've really had some sort of breakdown in every ep so far, though it wasn't very prominant in True Believer, which also happens to be one of the better episodes (IMO) and the only times that it really worked for me were during the Ghost story in the pilot, in the excellent seventh episode and with the hack of Echo in MotS, which actually was quite a different thing altogether.

I hope this will be another one of those good ones, but I would rather see a few different stories altogheter.

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But the show is about the breakdowns. Which is a criticism I don't get. "The dolls always glitch. The House is a sucky organization because they always have problems!"

To me, the whole point has been, we're coming into it at a time when the Dollhouse's perfectly controlled operations are failing. Because of factors like Alpha, the inevitable thing of one of their already morally shady staff members crossing the line into bankrupt, and simply that you can't keep people erased. Who they are, who they really are, will fight their way back to the surface.

The engagements are there to serve that. For now. I wouldn't be surprised, in the increasingly less likely second season, if the show morphs into something completely different than it has been. I have a feeling that the end of the season is going to leave everyone in a completely new place.

I've enjoyed every episode more than the last, and I still really liked "Ghost" even after these so-called "improved" episodes, but where Joss could go in a second season, with all the kinks worked out, excites the hell out of me.
The House is a sucky organization because they always have problems!

I know your comment might not be directed directly to me, but my complaint isn't that the house is a sucky organization, I tend to like sucky protagonists (for example I love "Fawlty Towers") but that the show is a bit repetitive and sometimes fails to make the most of its concept. Basically it's not that I don't want them to have any problems (that could become boring quite easily) but that I would like to see more different problems instead of the same one over and over.

But the show is about the breakdowns.

Yeah and Voyager was about a ship getting a chance to get home and wasting it every week, but too me that doesn't mean it wasn't valid critism that it was repetitive and didn't live up to it's potential. But I guess maybe for someone else it might have not been a problem at all and I might seem crazy for wanting it too be something different than it is.

While I think the whole concept of identity the show could play with should be enough material for a tv-series, so far it hasn't really transcended people brainwashed and programmed with sci-fi technology once again having a glitch. And to me the show has been less interesting when dealing with this subject. "Grey Hour", which I thought started out very promising, especially really took a huge dive after the remote-wipe.

I really liked the way the glitches were used in "Ghost", "True Believer", "MotS" (to that wasn't really a glitch, more a hack) and "Echoes", but I think the series tends to work just a bit better when it deals with other subjects. And atleast would work better if it was a bit more diverse and less reptitive. The original trailer for the very first pilot seemed to promise a lot more than just a glitch on every engagement. I would like to see some more other problems in the engagements than glitch after glitch. Anyway I think the show has a lot more potential and should take on a huge range of subjects. Like Buffy was about so endlessly much more than a girl fighting vampires, I would hope that Dollhouse could be about more than just about brainwiped people somehow regaining their memories.

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That's kind of what I meant by the second season being different than this one. I think this season is about brain-washed people regaining their memories. But I don't think that's what the series will be. I see this as a first chapter.
Ah, I see. Didn't get that at first. Hope it works out that way, though I guess I should really hope that second season will get there at all. Contrary to what may seems after that last depressing post (hope it didn't came across too hostile) I'm actually liking the show more and more. But I'm afraid things regarding the chances of renewal are looking dark indeed. :(
Which music?
I only hear three segments.
Beginning- Cradle lullaby
When Echo/Caroline reveals from the shadows- Dark ominous/Dance-ish
End- Cradle lullaby

Nothing really song-y.
@ Wilhelm:

I mean the cradle lullaby-thing...
I just watched Needs. It's far and away the best episode of the series yet.
...and it best rate higher otherwise I'm eating an actual hat.

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