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March 28 2009

James Marsters to appear at Hallowhedon. This convention will take place in England on the Halloween weekend. Nick Brendon was previously announced as one of the other guests.

This sounds really intriguing. I doubt I'll be able to get anyone to go with, though! Mainly because of the cost and travel expenses. :/
*wail* I wanna go, but I doubt I can afford it. *sob*
Whomever can attend, please take notes and pictures to share with us. Be greatly appreciated. I'm curious what James' has been up to lately..
But nothing happens on Hallowe'en...
It does now......*g*
I've just booked Madhatter and I always post pics and reports on the Cons I attend on my site. I'll be sure to let you know what James and hopefully lots of other guests are up to.
I'll wait to see who else signs on, but intra-Europe flights are fairly inexpensive, and this would be a good excuse to visit friends in London.
I booked tickets to this when it was first announced, its going to be my first con ever, so as you can imagine there's much excitement!! I'll make sure to post any news and pics I have after the event. Here's hoping for lots more great guests.
If only I could teleport . . . it wouldn't matter because I'd've already met them.
Finally, something I can attend! But I'm kinda poor atm. *glum-face*
I just been "booked"? What does that mean exactly?
:) Err tickets were booked Madhatter , not you. No offense....

[ edited by The Do That Girl on 2009-03-29 11:30 ]
it wouldn't matter because I'd've already met them.

So have I, DaddyCatAlso - but some people are worth meeting again.
Oh lord, that they are. *g*
The Do That Girl Allow me to translate for DCA - he meant if he had the ability to teleport he'd go to this convention (Since that's the only way he, or I, or many others Stateside, could afford to attend) but he wouldn't have to because that mystical ability would have enabled him to have already met those actors he'd want to.

Same thing he said, only with many more words.

As to some being worth meeting again...yes. Tony. Amber. Andy. Danny. I didn't really meet Tom (He was too shy to "hang out" with the fans) or Adam Busch, and only talked to Kali for a couple minutes. But...yeah. Wouldn't exactly hate running into any of them again. Although...I'd have to be careful doing so with Tony, since I kinda already did the "running into" thing with him.

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