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March 28 2009

Interview with Amber Benson. She will also be signing at Borderlands Books in San Francisco today at 4pm PT.

She's right, the Judeo-Christo-Islamic versions (at least if you're going to be accurate by either -sorry to misuse the terms here- fundamentalist or modernist standards) of the afterlife don't mix well with fantasy and horror settings, not without soem modifications. Pagan mythologies can provide endless possibilties, except when you take them too literally.

Considering how "fanfatuated" I am about AMber, it stands to reason we'd share an interest like mythology.

And I picked up my autographed copy today, hee-hee. Just my name, her signature and a smiley face, no "message," but it's still terrific.

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Are you sure there was no message? Maybe the smiley face was a secret code... :-)
quantumac: Well, my comemnts on my emailed order were:

"Dear Amber, you and Aly reminded me that love was real at a time when I'd forgotten that, and I'll always be grateful.

And , even though I voted for the other guy, I thought your political commercial was cute."

The smiley face could easily be a coded repsonse to either of those statements.

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