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March 28 2009

Spike: After the Fall is featured on the New York Times Graphic Book Best Seller List. Congratulations to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru!

Not bad. It's been out for a few weeks now so the fact that its in the top ten is very impressive indeed. Or is that because book shops get the trades later than comic book shops?
Oh yeah. I knew about this because IDW sent me an email this morning and it linked to that page. I might have posted it myself if I had been thinking. Glad others are on the ball. It's great news.
I think it takes a while to climb to the top of the NY Times Best Sellers list; congratulations to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru! This is a great book, I hope more and more people will check it out. I am a big fan and I hope we see a lot more Lynch/Urru comics for IDW in the future.
Thanks, Pointy. Several of my favorites are on that list. Not suprised either. Would have expected it.
Wonderful! And richly deserved too. *g*
I am pleased!
Whoo hoo!! Happy to see some well deserved recognition. Now go write some more....I'm waiting....
Yay! I really liked this book. Lynch & Urru rock. I'm hoping to save enough money to pick up the hard covers at CC this year.

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