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March 28 2009

Up to the Minute Coverage of the Streamys Red Carpet. Twitter reports from Tabz, who is in the press pool awaiting to speak with Joss, Felicia, NPH, Jed, Maurissa, Zack.... And the MANY others from the Whedonverse who are there. ETA: A list of who won what can be found at Tubefilter, official pics can be found here and interviews with the winners can be found at

So who else is watching them? I'm only getting an audio stream. Anyone know if that's the actual plan?
Audio keeps cutting out.
Oh there's video now. Looks like we're live! I seem to be getting a solid stream too. Nice!
Okay this got to a slow start, with silence at the, but with interviews here:
but now I have sound AND pictures! Yay
Starting out with Felicia introducing the awards! Can't get better than that!!
I think I'll be twittering this with #streamys.
Sandeep and Felicia are adorable. The video stream is working now.

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The hammer is my penis!
Fillion vs. Harris vs. Parikh comedy deathmatch. WHO WILL WIN?
Neil Patrick Harris won!
I am really enjoying watching this streaming live, and the winner of best Male is Neil Patrick Harris! And he is here! Yay!!
"Rad" - I am loving this.
The Doctor himself! Insulting Nathan! Outstanding.
Nathan Fillion " a dick, and pads his junk."
"and he pads his junk" :D
"That would be a lie!"

NPH is so awesome.
For people reading this later, Neil said basically "I'd say Nathan was great to work with... but that'd be a lie. He's a dick, and he pads his junk."

Also nice things about the Whedons and that Felicia is "awesome personified," but I know you're all here for the fake hate.
Can we have Felicia and Sandeep back?
No kidding. Their banter was quality. The rest so far, disappointingly like all other award shows.
So is this only streaming live?

ETA: This might be a stupid question, but there's no way to rewind and I'm wondering if I missed all the Whedon-y stuff.

[ edited by Emmie on 2009-03-29 04:17 ]
Given how much uncertainty there was earlier it would stream at all, I wouldn't assume anything at the moment.
Emmie it only just started, so the only Whedony thing so far was Felicia giving NPH his award, we have a lot more Whedon nominations coming up (and I hope they win!). But yeah, I think it is only live streaming.
Yes, there's only been the one category they were up for so far. Best male actor in a comedy.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-03-29 04:19 ]
Thanks! Ok, I can stand missing only one of the funnies. *imagines NPH winning award*
Joss is up! Director category.
Joss is up... did he win? YAY Joss Won!!!!
He'd been practicing his steamy acceptance speech, but he isn't ready for a Streamy! And he forgot to wear a tie... (kidding, I'm sure he remembered to not wear one).

[ edited by embers on 2009-03-29 04:24 ]
Go Joss! LOL that he was sorry he wasn't funny. The man feels obliged to make us laugh.
Congrats, Joss! Props to Sean Becker and Sandeep too.
And he won! Yay! He explained how everyone there is his hero, and he apologized for not being funny.
Finally The Guild wins something!
Oh wow, I'm loving on the Guild winning... this is really fun as I sit here in the dark because I'm pretending to follow the whole Earth Day dark hour whatever....
Hooray for Joss and The Guild. Also, Felicia looks even more uncommonly gorgeous. And check out the guns! She looks like she could bench press me.
Haha that was a funny acceptance speech by The Guild. Wow, Felicia is ridiculously gorgeous and so poised. Love her.
The Guild won best ensemble series. Felicia spoke and then Jeff rambled a bit from nervousness. :)
Apparently Jeff had an interesting experience at a bath house in Seattle he wanted to share. Not that it was him or anything.
Yay, Joss! Great speech. It was a little funny, in the beginning. But very meaningful. You rock, dude.
And the Best Writer is: (drum roll): YAY! Dr. Horrible!!!
Writing streamy for the Doc Horrible folks. Hurrah for our crew.
Noes! The video froze right when Joss got to the stage!
Yay Dr. Horrible wins for writing!
No Jed or Zack, but yay Dr. Horrible! If only it weren't competing with Felicia.
Yay, Jane E.!
Oh wow, Jane is wearing a beautiful dress, it is so great to see her win!
Jane Espenson just accepted for best dramatic writing, BSG.
This is what the Emmys would look like I if I got to pick things.
Can anyone figure out what the trophy is supposed to be?
Jane E won Best writing for a Dramatic series for BSG
Sunfire, word.
Hee, Kim Evey.

#9: Cast Felicia Day! I will pwn your ass.
Haha, I was hoping they'd include casting Felicia as one of the steps
This promotional video for the streams forgot that Felicia wasn't ONLY in Dr. Horrible and the Guild, she was in The Legend of Neil too!
Hire Felica Day ... or she will kill you.
Oh dear, they actually have a serious speech by an "Academy President"?
Hee! The most fun clips I've ever watched at an awards event.
Interesting how the thread dies when no Whedonverse categories come up. I wonder if that means something. Huh.
Boo! Felicia didn't win :(
hehe I loved his comment about the 'first annual dr. horrible awards'
Anyone else notice that Dr. Horrible actually didn't win the awards for best visual effects and best art direction :-(. While I hadn't seen the competition so I can't really judge whether this is correct or not, especially the video for the winner of special fx did not impress me; then again, Dr. Horrible was not really brilliant because of its special effects (although I was pleasantly surprised at their quality).
They are really over doing this dull French maid TV thing... something I won't bother to see online! Actually this HAS to be a technical glitch, they can't think anyone wanted to see this again....
I know who WON'T be getting a Streamy next year...

The producers of the first ever Streamy awards!
I find the presentation here kind of sad, really. They want it so much to look like a "real" awards show, and they just can't pull it off.
bored now

NOT bored now, Felicia is so great! I just love her!

[ edited by embers on 2009-03-29 05:32 ]
Wait!! I haven't fired a shot yet!
Woohoo, Felicia!!! Best speech of the night.

[ edited by hacksaway on 2009-03-29 05:33 ]
Awesome speech by Felicia!
Loved the speech by Ms. Day. Also, she looks gorgeous in that dress.
Oh, what a great speech! Go, Felicia!!! I got chills by her words. Hey, she must be a writer!
Whoa the Guild beat Dr. Horrible. Good for them!
Yay for the Guild!
Wow, the Guild beat Dr. Horrible!
Wow. Congratulations to The Guild!
Bah! I love how Felicia was so confused about why she was up there again.
Seth Green as Bud Bundy. LOL.
Good job The Guild! That show is marvelously funny. The writing's great and the ensemble nails it every time.
That was the best of all worlds--the choice between two great series! Also--so funny to see how genuine the surprise was!
BSG won for Best Dramatic series - Jane E accepted.
Lisa Kudrow is hilarious.
This was a triumph :D
Woot! Dr. Horrible won.
Woohoo Dr. H!
Dr. Horrible won the Audience Choice award! Hooray! And it's over. French maids and all.
Great ending to the show!!!
Yay, Joss and company!! And Kai (spelling?) for making Joss write Dr. Horrible!
So was anyone able to capture this to put it up at youtube?
Yay! I'm glad Dr. Horrible and The Guild could split the awards. Good stuff.

I hope they put video up, I'd like to rewatch some of the speeches.
I'd like to actually see NPH getting his award. Sadly, he didn't talk for the rest of the show.
I'm disappointed I didn't win anything...
Why don't people ever thank themselves at award shows, instead of thanking everyone else. We could use a bit of self a grandising once in a while. Switch up the show and pace a bit.
If only we could rule the TV and movie world like we rule the web video world.

What a wonderful world that would be.
More fun than most awards shows, but I could've done without the French maids. Went to check out "You Suck at Photoshop" (very funny), got caught up & and missed The Guild's win. I'll have to find Felicia's speech later.
Must say a "bout time" to Jane. She earned this one and more. What a talent writer!
12-second clip of Joss on winning Best Director.

Many similar clips also.

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Did you all catch Dichen Lachman in the audience?

I thought Felecia's speech was inspiring. Joss had it right, there clearly is an establishment and the independents. I would disagree that he's apart of the establishment though, he clearly embodies the spirit of telling stories on your own terms that webisodes provide.
It was a Whedon-y/Day/Tancharoen-y/NPH/Espensonian/Guild-y kindof an evening, wasn't it? Very gratifying. Congrats to all of our Whedonish/Guilderian winners.

I do also highly recommend Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy series - it's not only well-"written"/improv'd, but it has several episodes with the always-delightful Bob Balaban. And Lisa Kudrow is, as always, a hoot.

And like jcs, based on watching the streamys, I just started watching the You Suck at Photoshop series and I'm already laughing and hooked on it.

ETA: Forgot to say that I also thought the French Maid stuff was lame-o. On the other hand, Felicia's speech for winning "The Best Web Series" award for The Guild was hot, hot, hot. It was a real, "You go, girl!" moment. You lil' Square Peg, you.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-03-29 06:23 ]
RavenU, that would be self-graduations which wouldn't sit well.

Captain Hammer would have to get an award.
Madhatter : But it would be funny if done right. :D

Anonymous1 : Your right.:)

[ edited by RavenU on 2009-03-29 06:53 ]
Did the winners get mentioned anywhere in the media? Cause I did a Google News Search and nothing seemed to come up. I also added the 12seconds link to the entry.
Most of the "traditional media" didn't show from what we saw in the Press Line. Lots of the new media was out. Felicia and Sandeep both got interviewed multiple times. NPH was a no-interview person and Joss didn't make the red carpet from what I understand. Check out E!Online (great lady I stood next too in pressline) was writing a story for tomorrow. Most of the rest of the press was web shows (like Mahalo). I'm not even sure a lot of the press stuck around for the shows. So I bet most of it will be posted tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who @'d me during the show - sorry I missed ya'll since I was on my cell phone and could only see DMs. :D
I envision that in a few years time, the 'Streamies' will get hijacked by the mainstream media and become yet another big, overblown Hollywood production, and we'll all be in our rocking chairs saying "We remember the early days, back when Joss Whedon and Felicia Day..."
Well this has been a big zero for me, since I not only don't twitter but (gasp!) don't even have a cell phone (I'm actually that broke). ;) and all the stuff has been bumped.

I tried YouTube but they don't have anything up. Hopefully there will be a list of winners at some point, somewhere accessible to the tech-deprived.
And some pics, the ones on this link apparently require you to be signed up with Twitter (unless I'm doing something wrong).
Shey, the 12 seconds link that Simon attached to the top of the thread is still working, did you try that? And I sure hope that SOMEONE taped all of this and will put it up at youtube because I particularly loved Jane Espenson's speech about hats and livers.
12 seconds is just not long enough to watch our wonderful winners. Looking forward to seeing the awards and speeches elsewhere.
Simon: UnderWire managed to get an article up here, but still no video. :(
It was absolutely fantastic to hear the few traditional press people I saw there going "I didn't think this would be such a big deal... but this is amazing." As a New Media Junkie myself, it was extremely gratifying to see how much traditional Hollywood was agog.

I can totally see the traditional media taking over in a couple years. The CMO of Kodak told me there's no way things just can't keep progressing in web series. Many, many of the actresses/actors told me that they had originally gone "what the heck is a web series?" when their agents had wanted them to audition for one, but they're now (in the words of one of them) "no longer web series snobs". They loved the content (as one actress put it... it's better than the crappy movies I've done) and the audience reactions to their work.
Disappointing - the pictures at the link up there don't work. Says "picture you're looking for is no longer here."
Felica now offically scares me. Hire her or else, looks like she means it.
I was never a fan of Obama Girl, but this video about the Streamy Awards is really cute and funny!
The Twitpic links were broken this morning - they should be fixed now. :D
Here's New TeeVee's article

[ edited by BrownCoat_Tabz on 2009-03-29 23:47 ]
And here's iJustine on the red carpet and some of the awards show on Youtube.
That NewTeeVee article has the list of winners, which I can't find on the site. I can guess why they aren't streaming replays of the event, but am disappointed they don't even bold the names of the winners within the Nominations page. I only caught a glimpse of a french maid, but I didn't mind. It would have been funny (not fair) were they to instead wear Dr. Horrible outfits. I would like to think that plans are already under way to improve things for next year.

[ edited by peacemonger on 2009-03-30 03:36 ]
Pssst, Shey, you don't have to have a cell phone to use Twitter - you can tweet from the web, too. Easy, addicting, and fun.

I missed all the festivity, cos I was doin' farm girl stuff. Congrats to all the deserving winners, and thanks for entertaining me so well and so often!
Why is there still no video of the Streamy Awards up? I'm getting anxious to share some of the speeches with my friends who weren't able to watch.
I'm guessing the sponsors only paid for live broadcast, not storage and a streaming server. And someone didn't feel right about putting it out on YouTube - at least not yet. Perhaps a deal is in the works with another portal? Maybe they could be on Hulu or somewhere. That this is totally ironic for the streamy awards is remarkable.

ETA I'm sure it's been mentioned the name sounds like The Steamy Awards. And I didn't get a good look at that trophy but it could look like something unpleasant. Perhaps it's not too late to change the name? Mushortios won't work. How about WeSees - a shortened play on The Web Series Awards?

[ edited by peacemonger on 2009-03-30 03:47 ]
Considering this is an awards show for new media, wouldn't it make sense for the show to actually be available to watch on said new media? No?
Those photos are awesome. That's the spirit the award show was mostly not getting across.
You know, this thing was like 24 hours ago. This isn't major corporation Fox giving their shows to major website Hulu to post the day after. Give them some time, no?
The official photos are amazing!!
And about the video being available... give them some time, people!
This is the first ever, it's not like they have tons of money like the Oscar or something. I'm positive it'll be up somewhere eventually. We just need to have a little patience.
Plus, the name of the awards show was "streamys" and the show WAS streamed live (and from what I can tell of the screencaps it was pretty darn good quality).

So give the folks a break guys.

[ edited by BrownCoat_Tabz on 2009-03-30 05:35 ]
It's the weekend, and tweets suggest a certain amount of celebratory activities last night. Give it a little time.
Yes, I left the after party early... but didn't get into bed until 2am last night. :D

Plus, it's Sunday. They at least worked all day Friday/Saturday - they deserve a day off!
I've added the Tubefilter link to the entry and switched the pics link to the official Flickr set.
@TheWrap - Who knew that accidentally causing the death of a single person could define one as a serial killer...
Now that we've gotten a closer look at the actual award, what do you guys think it is? I mean it is all streamy, but is it a confirmation of the internet being a series of tubes?
I can't even guess.

The How To video is great. Felicia even makes a gun adorable.
I don't get the award either. It just looks like twisted metal for me. I think it'd be awesome if the award was a Golden ethernet cord, but that's just me.
Now that we've gotten a closer look at the actual award, what do you guys think it is? I mean it is all streamy, but is it a confirmation of the internet being a series of tubes?

I think Maurissa was right. It is kind of like fettuccine.
Why are we using the one where the award is out of focus instead of the clear one?
Because Neil's prettier. Duh.
Thanks to all for info for the twitter-impaired, and adding all the new links.:)
Great night for Joss and Co. and BSG, very happy-making.
Yep, Sunfire is right, I didn't even think of saving the one w/NPH out of focus, much less linking to it. But b!X is right too, that IS the better view of the fettuccine streamy.
My reports on the streamys:

Social Media World (for the New Media focus)

Joss'd (for the Whedon focus)
That "How to" video was f-n hilarious. LOLcats, gunnin' Felicia... at least now we have an excuse to harassoffer Felicia a spot in our up & coming web series. ;) I definitely don't want my ass poned. But I would like a drum kit. :)

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