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March 29 2009

Buffy Season 8 wins GLAAD Media Award. The awards are there to "to recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives" and Buffy won in the "Outstanding Comic Book" category.

The other nominees for that category were

The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames (Vertigo/DC Comics)
Final Crisis: Revelations by Greg Rucka (DC Comics)
Secret Six by Gail Simone (DC Comics)
Young Avengers Presents by Ed Brubaker, Brian Reed, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Paul Cornell, Kevin Grevioux and Matt Fraction (Marvel Comics)

Whedon and Whedon-colleague recognition. Nice to see all the accolades recently, and for Brian Lynch as well (NY Times Best Selling Writer). Deeply satisfying.
Then I was right about Season 8's secret subtitle: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Lestastic!
I'm not sure why it won. Buffy's not a lesbian--she simply experimented.

Meanwhile, someone needs to go to LA and tell Angel and Spike about Satsu. Their reactions would be so beyond worth the $3.99!

[ edited by Riker on 2009-03-29 23:47 ]
Riker, I completely agree, but only if we get to see them dealing with it together, out loud, in a scene written by Joss.
Why do they only list the writers? Lame.
I would assume the award is more in recognition of Satsu. And I still say Buffy was having far too nice a time to merely be experimenting. Sexuality - kinda one of those complicated things.
i dont think Buffy should have won simply because of how much assurance everyone needed that she wasn't actually a lesbian. What kind of message is that? Ok for the protagonist to try, as long as she's still straight...
Satsu, Willow, Kennedy, is Andrew in. or still ambiguous?
Any other characters?
Wilhelm, are you saying they won due to the amount of gay characters compared to the other books?
I don't know if it's because of the way Buffy is or isn't queer, but more the way the writers treat the concept of sexuality. The fact that Willow and Buffy had that whole conversation about how Satsu wasn't a phase for Buffy, that Satsu and Kennedy talked about the "straight girl" thing (which is a really common experience among the lesbitypes), etc. is kind of a big deal. Those are usually only conversations we see in media intended for a lgbt audience. It's nice that the Buffyverse is still a queer-friendly safe space.

Personally, I'm a bit surprised they didn't nominate Runaways!
Yeah, my first thought was, "Where's Runaways?"
Has Terry Moore (the writer following Joss' arc) explored the thing about Xavin's preferred form seeming to be male (and which he/she/it--are Skrulls even born as a particular default gender starting out?--seemed to prefer even before it met Karolina) ? I thought one of the writers (Brian K. Vaughan ? Joss ?) commented in one of the letter columns or interviews at one point that that was a potential storytelling point of interest for the future. I think it came up in-story (again, can't remember if it was latter-Vaughan, or Joss' six issues), with Karolina confronting Xavin on the issue, but I'd have to re-read to be sure.

I haven't bought any of Moore's issues (despite loving Strangers in Paradise--anyone reading his creator-owned follow-up to that, Echo ? Haven't heard a thing about it, reception/review-wise). I heard not so positive things about it after the first two or three issues, but I think it's at about issue #7 or so by now and I haven't heard anything since early on in his run. I plan on getting the larger format collected editions eventually (just the hardcovers, I guess?), but after Joss' delayed run, I had to quit the book as a monthly.

Has it leaked yet, who the creative team after Terry Moore and artist Humberto Ramos will be ? (speaking of Ramos, I just recently sold the first volume of Crimson for over $40 Canadian, had no idea it was a somewhat hard-to-find, out-of-print title these days)

[ edited by Kris on 2009-03-30 10:31 ]
I was getting Moore's Runaways because of SIP, but I was underwhelmed and stopped.
Kris: Apparently the new team will be Kathryn Immonen and Sara Pichelli.
Kris, as of #6, Xavin's gender-switching issue has been resolved in a surprising and tragic way...
By the way I thought Willow's scene with Kennedy in Buffy #10 (which came out in January 2008) was one of the strongest in the whole series and perhaps it's for that which Buffy won over everything else.

Drew Goddard's name seems to indicate it was nominated (and won) for the Wolves at the Gate arc.
I have to come down on the side of the "It wasn't a cop-out" faction here. Buffy does what she does and that's the facts as presented. In its way, it probably was new territory. And actually more imaginative than just having Buffy find out "Wow! I'm bi." That would have been fundamentally predictable.

As to the rest of it, re the Willedy, yes, that was strong stuff too.

I need to get moving on my screenplay....
Riker, Goddard's name is noted in conjunction with Whedon's and Loeb's; it covers all eleven of the issues released in 2008 (#10-20). (It should really have included the names of Georges Jeanty, Cliff Richards and Karl Moline as well, given their far greater contribution to the work.)
See, this is what I love about Buffy. Even in comic book form it is still achieving things like this. :)

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