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March 30 2009

James Marsters talks "High Plains Invaders". There's a pic of him from the cowboy/alien Sci Fi Channel movie as well.

Interesting notion... it's been done a few times, so we'll see how this goes.

In the 70s, there was a series entitled Cliffhangers in which one of the segments each week was a story called The Secret Empire, where an Old West sheriff comes across an underground city being run by aliens.

At Gen Con 2006, one of the items in the swag bag was an introductory comic book about cowboys or gunslingers or some such in the Old West who battle aliens.
Oh I can't wait to see this one. Apart from wanting to see wee Jimmy on screen again It just all sounds so deliciously daft. *g*

Bring it on!
Yep. Looks like fun, I am really looking forward to this. Unless James gets his head bitten off.
My experience with Sci Fi movies is limited to the ridiculous bits they show on Joel McHales "The Soup."

But if James thought it was interesting, I'm guessing I will as well. Plus, on a shallow note, he looks great.
Seems like Tremors 17 - This time, bring your insecticide!
Putting aside common sense about sci-fi movies...I'm really looking forward for this one...It looks like fun...
Then, it's James...can't be a complete waste of time!
It's just a waste of a great actor in a movie without screenplay ;)
Well, that's probably very true..
I'd rather see a better movie with James in a leading role..
But a lot of James is so much better than no James, so let's take what we can have..
It's just a waste of a great actor in a movie without screenplay ;)

Brasilian Chaos Man | March 30, 19:15 CET

Yep ;) but I'll watch it for JM (one of the few actors that could tempt me to watch a SciFi original movie).
As long as there are no arachnids involved, serious phobia there.
You don't like the too many legs?
James said at his Valentine's Day thing that Steve had been submitted a lot of SciFi (or is that Syfy?) scripts, but this is the one he liked. So hopefully it's better than the average.

Does anyone else remember when director Kristoffer Tabouri was an actor?

I've got a weakness for SF westerns. Yo, Brisco! Oh,and that thing about the spaceship.
redeem147; Yeah, I saw The Glass House, but didn't see Making It
Does anyone know when this movie comes out on SciFi/SyFy?

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