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March 30 2009

Happy Birthday Juliet Landau. Our crazed Vampire Fiend, Drusilla turned 37 today!!

She turned 37 today, not 36 (she's from 1972)

But happy birthday!! :D
Hm, I'm following her on twitter and have her as a friend on myspace...where should I write my HAPPY BIRTHDAY Juliet???
Happy 37th -snicker-snicker- birthday.
Juliet might want to scrub those newspaper records of her very famous parents having two children in the '60s. ;)

1969 article about Barbara Bain and Martin Landau and their two children starting their new school term (whoops). The real birth years for the Landau daughters appear to be 1961 and 1965 (Juliet).

Happy birthday, Juliet!

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You made Drusilla awesome, and happy birthday, Juliet!
Wasn't her Birthday last year?
Happy Birthday Juliet!

I wonder if she'll be spending time with her parents at all today?
Happy birthday to her, no matter what age :)
Happy Birthday, Juliet! ^_^
She's ageless anyway ^_^
Happy birthday to my favorite lady vamp :)
Happy Birthday!! <3
Happy Birthday Juliet!
Your portrayal of Drusilla was awesome and looking forward to the upcoming Drusilla arc of the comics.

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