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March 30 2009

Backstage at the Streamys - an interview with Joss Whedon. Fresh from Dr. Horrible's triumph at the Streamys, Joss speaks to NonSociety's Mary about his beard, Dr. Horrible and why he doesn't twitter. And there's a very cool interview with Neil Patrick Harris as well.

Nice interview, but whoever was on the camera needs to stop with the push/pull. It's distracting and I almost needed a Dramamine. (nice little shout out to Whedonesque too)
Kudos to the interviewer for not stretching things out. Very nice of her to keep it brief, keep it easy for the interviewee, and to end on a high note. I didn't mind the camera work since it's just a little biddy 240x320 screen.
Well, Joss may not Twitter, but at least he has a blog. :)
It's so weird how he writes under all these different names. And the arguments he gets into with himself are downright embarrassing.
@Sunfire you win the award for making me laugh today.

And there's a pre- and post-interview with Felicia Day.

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Why do people keep saying he has a blog? (although it goes without saying that he can write here any old time he pleases) They should read his essay about Du'a Khalil and Captivity before saying that (amazing how many people interview Joss and don't really do any homework about him beforehand) where he himself says, (paraphrased) "I don't have a blog or a space, I just want to be heard for a moment." Sorry, it bugs me. But also, I get all excited when interviewers keep doing this. He does? Where is it? Why haven't I head about it? Is there an evil cabal keeping this information from me? How much do I have to pay to get in?? Then, oh, right ... Whedonesque.
Bwah! Thanks for that, Sunfire.

Joss Personality #3087
That was cool. The interviews are a funny thing to view. I've always wondered how the interviewees feel about left/right field questions... but I guess anything is fair game.

Joss rocks my socks. I love his interviews.

RE: Blogs. Yeah, that bugged me too, Tonya J. I thought "Blog??? Where? OMG is there Joss that I don't know about?". In fact, I came here to double-check to make sure there is no "blog", only Whedonesque. ;) And as far as Twitter, we know that's not real. Twitter cannot contain the awesomeness of Joss. IF he did do Twitter, I think it would be hard to Follow him.

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