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March 30 2009

The Ten Best Television Series Finales. Episodes of Buffy and Angel appear in the list from Blogcritics Magazine. Some of your other favorite shows are probably in the list too.

I usually never agree with lists, but this one is spot-on. I've never seen Oz, so I can't say much for that. And I'm happy that the only show to beat Buffy/Angel to the No.1 spot was SFU. Brilliant endings.
Well I haven't seen all of those shows so I haven't seen all of those finales but of the finales that I have seen I agree with them all being on that list except BSG. Which makes me really sad. T_T
I'm also perfectly fine with SFU being number one, as I personally consider that the best series finale ever--if only for the end montage sequence. Usually I hate stuff that explains exactly what happened to everyone once the story is over but with SFU the whole show was about death so what other way to end it than with the deaths of all the main characters? I will never be able to watch that series finale with crying like a big sissy.

I usually find lists like this stupid and pointless (and it still is) but I can't help liking the great things said about some of my favorite shows.
Six Feet Under ending montage had me on the floor crying like a little baby. Literally. On the floor.
Oz was so groundbreaking and graphic at times that you might have wanted to turn it off. For fans of the Spiderman films, you get to see JK Simonds play villain and you'll never see JJJ in the same light afterward. Chris Meloni who is Stabler on L&O:SVU as a villain is as equally terrifying as Stabler is dedicated to good. A tremendous series everyone should watch.

I agreed completely with most of the list including Buffy, Angel, and BSG. While I never watched SFU, I happened to turn on the TV as the montage started and it made at least want to add Sia's song to my iTunes which I did.

I wonder how the list will change in two years time with Lost ending on its own terms and ER ending this week. I'm certain the list might be revised.
this list is fail, it's missing Alias.
I agree with this list mostly - even Battlestar Galactica, which I know a lot of people had problems with. I personally would throw the last episode of Twin Peaks in there, too.

And Six Feet Under should be at the top. I have never, ever cried so much at anything ever. Just hearing the song which is played over that montage makes me tear up now.
Hey, guys, I wrote this article. Thanks for the comments. I haven't seen Twin Peaks, which is killing me, considering how much I love Lynch. As for Alias, never liked it, and I have little interest in E.R.

Again, thanks!
I agree with a lot of this list, too. It's right on. Especially happy to see Not Fade Away so high (it really was a better than Chosen, though I might put The Sopranos finale above Chosen, too).

Anyway, really good list.
Angel is the only series where I say the last episode was the best episode. I have been meaning to watch Six Feet Under. I might netflix it for the summer.
I thought the Alias finale was pretty dodgy. Everything seemed slapped together sloppily after such a promising start to the season. There were some freaking awesome moments in the episode though.

I'm very happy to see Six Feet Under, Buffy and Angel up there. Although the Buffy finale had a couple of weaknesses they were mainly faults of the season rather than the episode.
Such a fantastic list. Really can't beat shows like Freaks and Geeks, Six Feet Under, Buffy, and Angel. The Veronica Mars series finale really should be up there, though, it's pretty perfect.

I'm also glad that Angel was so high. For me, "Not Fade Away" is the best hour of television ever produced.
Whew. I was on pins and needles looking at that list, hoping Six Feet Under was #1. I love Buffy and Angel more than anything, but the finale of Six Feet Under blew both their finales away. That song, the montage, ack! I cry every single time I see it. Such a perfect ending to a show.
I dunno... Any list that claims to be about the best final episodes ever and not include All Good Things (the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation) doesn't rate too well in my book.
Not only is it a great finale, it's just a great episode.
Where's The Wire? Greatest show ever and a brilliant ending, perfectly summing up the show and showing how nothing is ever truly resolved.
The Shield is conspicuously missing as well.
Am I the only one who thought the Buffy and Angel finales were sub-par? I always have and I always thought I was with the general feeling. Although Angel has the best last line of a series ever!
For once I totally agree with the top 3. The SFU series finale was just incredible, and devastating.
I've only seen the first season of The Wire, and haven't started in on The Shield yet.

And sorry, ozfinn, not much of a Star Trek fan!
I agree that The Wire and Veronica Mars should have at least been in contention. Both were excellent.
As soon as I read the link title, I thought "Six Feet Under". I've thought this for years, and it was deserving of #1. But I was surprised "Chosen" and "Not Fade Away" just behind it. We must have good taste (comparable to the article's author).
Well, at least I know I have something to look forward to when SFU ends (for me)- watching now.
I dunno if Oz really deserves to be on there for its finale. Certainly it deserves to be on "best show" lists for other reasons (although I'd knock a few points off it for the second half of Season 4, though it quickly found its footing again in Season 5, but the sixth and final season was kind of a letdown). The best part of the finale is all the Beecher/Keller stuff, beyond that and the evacuation though, not much stuck out to me. And I just finished watching Season 6 a month ago.

Agree with everything else on that list, except I haven't seen the UK version of The Office, MASH, or Battlestar Galactica.

Only addition to that I can think of at the moment of a show I've seen that actually ended intentionally (versus cancelation), would be Justice League's "Epilogue" (moreso a franchise-ender than simply a series-ender, given that it tied up Bruce Wayne's story all the way through Batman Beyond).

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