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March 30 2009

R.I.P Andy Hallett. E! Online confirms that he passed away last night. It's a very sad day for the fandom. Deepest condolences to his friends and family. Details about to send donations and cards can be found here and here.

What?! Oh my. I love Lorne. RIP.
That's so sad. Loved your work Andy. RIP
How can one die from heart disease at just 33? How terribly, terribly sad.
Damn. :( That sucks. :(

RIP. Bah.
Very tragic. He was a lovely and talented man. Sad.
Oh my god. Such a happy, great guy. This is a tragic loss.
I know it's morbid of me, but I'm always worried about seeing a headline like this every time I load the page. I hate being right. I met him once a few years ago and he was an amazing guy. I wish it hadn't been him. I'll really miss him.

Does anyone know if there's something we can do for his family or services?

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Lorne was a constant joy. And AH was so young. Very sad.
Oh, no, no. I'm so sorry for his family and friends. This is absolutely terrible. He was so young.
This is just horrible. He'll be missed VERY much! Kinda puts a damper on my daily Angel viewing too! :(
That's terrible! I loved his work on Angel. He will be missed.
My condolences to his friends and family. RIP Andy.
Sad now. Bye, Andy. And bye Lorne. You were such a young one. And you fought your heart disease for so long. Peace to you, and to your family and friends.

: (
Horrible news. I wish his family and friends well.
I'm terribly sorry for his family and friends. Andy Hallett, you will be missed.
I don't have the words.
RIP Andy. Had the privilege of meeting him once and he was a very great guy.
Very sad news. Lorne was a standout among the many wonderful things about "Angel." Andy showed up at the Flanvention (you know, the one that actually *was*), and I was very impressed with what a nice guy he seemed to be. This is very, very sad news.
I met Andy at a comic show a couple years ago where he was signing autographs. He was so nice and friendly and funny and always with a big smile on his face...this is heartbreaking news.

I hope someone posts an address where condolences can be sent to his family. What an awful thing.

He will be sorely missed.
That is very sad news indeed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
I dressed as Lorne for Halloween once. I'm sorry I never got to meet him.
Andy was a great actor and had one of the best singing voices I have heard from an actor. I haven't finished watching all of Buffy/Angel yet but watching the rest will be harder knowning he's gone. Rest in peace man, your singing lifted all our souls.
Terrible sadness. My thoughts to Andy's family.
RIP Andy. My thoughts are with your friends and family.
My thoughts go out to his family and friends. Andy was a wonderful actor and will be missed.
So very shocked & saddened to hear this. :(
Lorne was one of my favorite Whedonverse characters; he definitely will be missed.
My condolences to his friends & family.
RIP Andy.
"My little Prince!"
This is a very, very sad day. My thoughts are with his family right about now. :(
This is heartbreaking news. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences to Andy's loved ones. A tragic loss, especially at 33.

We love you, Andy, and you will be greatly missed.
What a terrible loss. He will be missed greatly! :(
Dearst Andy will be so very much missed. I had the honour of meeting him a couple of times. He once called me da bomb... but actually he was da bomb. his voice, his humor.... he was just so amazing. And Im so deeply in shock. I also had the honour of meeting his mother. My thoughts are with her and her family and Andy's friends right now. I hope he will rest in peace and have a kick *** time in heaven. Conventions will just not be the same without dear Andy!
Andy was tremendously talented, and funny as Lorne. I didn't know too much about the guy otherwise, but I will miss him.
So very, very sad.
I'm so saddened by this news. It will be hard to watch Lorne on Angel without a tinge of sadness. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
This is one of the saddest days ever. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Andy.

Everytime I get sad I would watch a scene with Lorne in it and start smiling within the first words he would say. Thanks Andy for just being a wonderful person.
I'm shocked beyond words. I never had the chance to meet him, but I have heard wonderful stories from other fans about his kindness and humor. He was a topnotch actor and a glorious singer. I feel blessed to have seen him on my screen playing a memorable character, even for a short time. He will be missed by so many. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace.
This is really a shock, especially for someone so young. My very sincere condolences to his family. He was a remarkable performer and gave many people a lot of joy.
Bloody hell.

Rest in peace, Andy.
I knew he had heart trouble but I'd hoped it was better. Such sad sad news.
Thank you, Andy. You will be remembered and missed.
Damn! ... Lorne was an iconic character and took a special type of performer to fulfill the role. Andy will be missed greatly!
Awww boo. RIP.
I'm very sad right now.

So long, Andy. You made me laugh too many times to count. We'll miss you.
I'm stunned.

I have such good memories of him, but I'd always hoped to meet him again.

Goodbye, Andy. You are missed.
Wow. I wasn't expecting that. R.I.P.
This is so sad.

Deepest condolences to his friends and family.
What a shame. He will be missed.
Isnt it mean that someone with such a great and sweet heart, dies on heart failure? This world really sucks.
I just hope he's up there in the Las Vegas Lounge in the sky. His music will be the sweetest Heaven ever heard.
Godspeed, Andy Hallett.
I'm beyond sad and Twitter was not the best place for me to find out. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues. Andy was just a delight as Lorne. I could watch the same episodes over and over on TNT and he would say a line of dialogue, and I'd either hear it in a new way or it would just be fresh and I'd collapse in laughter or have my heart touched (Lorne to Angel holding baby Connor): "Look at him." Andy, I will miss you not being here on earth with us anymore. Farewell.
Lorne (aka The Host) was the embodiment of what was so good about that show and how that show sought to portray Los Angeles. Sure it's demonic, with spots, horns and red eyes, but boy could the man sing! Andy Hallett brought this character to life and will live on through this enduring piece of art. I'm sad to hear that we'll never see Hallett in green again, but I'm sure most Angel fans will keep his song in our hearts.

Very sad. Best to his family and friends.
R.I.P. Andy! I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2005.

Goodbye Andy, you are gone far too young. You and your creation will be missed terribly.
I'm in shock over this. He will be missed. My sympathy and best wishes certainly go out to his family and friends. He just made everything brighter.
LORNE: Mmm. I'm sorry.
ANGEL: Hey, it's OK, Lorne. Just try and get some rest. Get some sleep.
LORNE: It's it's hard. It's hard being the host of the party. Yeah.
ANGEL: Stop trying to be.

Get some rest Andy...
Condolences to his family. He was a gem. This makes me really sad.
Andy's humor, depth, and musical talent will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace. :*(
Oh, what heartbreaking news. What a terribly unfair, way-too-soon farewell for such a bright spirit. My heart aches for his family and friends and we share in their grief.
My wife and I are just stunned...what a sad day this is.

RIP, Andy.
Oh my god. R.I.P., Andy. I never had the pleasure, but two days ago I was having a conversation about the most entertaining convention guests and Andy's name was the first to come up.

Time for a Seabreeze everyone.

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I'm just heart broken. I had known he had had health issues, but I hadn't realized that he had never really gotten well. I hope his family and friends know how much he was loved and treasured by his many fans.

I'm starting to cry now, but I found this which is a lovely way to remember him.

[ edited by embers on 2009-03-31 00:21 ] young...too talented...there are no words to express the world's loss.
What a real shame. We've all lost someone special today.
I am shocked and saddened by this news today. Andy and I met at San Diego ComicCon before he came up to Toronto to do my convention here, Sunnydale Central, a few years ago. He became a friend and a bud.

He will be missed. :(
Stunned, and saddened.

My thoughts are with his family, and he will indeed be missed.
This is a shock. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
I'm in shock. I had no idea Andy had been sick again. So, so sad...

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy briefly at a Posting Board Party years ago and see him perform. He was a fantastic entertainer, and seemed like such a nice, funny, down-to-earth guy. He radiated energy and life. He made the event very special for everyone (all for charity by the way) and seemed to have a great time hanging out with his co-stars and his fans. His voice was really something special, of course. But what a great actor too. I mean, anyone who can show the emotions, comedic timing and nuances that Lorne did behind that green make-up is a true artist. He's always been one of my favorite on Angel.

I'll be watching my favorite Lorne episodes tonight.

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This is heartbreaking.
I'm in shock, how very sad.

I'm donating to the American Heart Association in memory. :(
I'm usually a bitter person but this genuinely saddens me, a great, talented man and far too young to die. Andy played a big role in making Angel the brilliant show it was and I'm hugely grateful to him for his work.

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This is terribly sad news. He was a fantastic entertainer and so young. My prayers go out to his friends and family. He will be missed.
Rest in peace, Andy. He was so young, so talented. I'm in complete shock at this news.
R.I.P. Andy. You'll be missed.
NO! He was too young! This is just too sad. So much talent, gone far too soon. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Just having Andy/Lorne around on screen or at a convention always left us happier. Tonight is the only time he's left us sadder, and I'd guess he'd probably hate that.
All I know of him is his work on Angel. Here is what I think, in his work on Angel, suggests his talent and the humanity of the actor playing the part: The character of Lorne in his Karaoke bar was wonderful. As he showed up more and more, I was a bit on the fence -- would this great small part be develved into a gimmicky sidekick? But, in the series Finale, the real mark of all that had been sacrificed by that crew, of the stakes and consequences involved, was Lorne's shooting of Lindsey. If there had been the slightest doubt in my mind about not only the goodness but the depth of character of Andy Hallett's depiction of Lorne, that scene would have failed miserably. Instead, it is of equal emotional resonance to me as the death of Wesley, a character with a longer run in the whedonverse and a favorite of mine. Had Hallett not himself embodied much of the characteristics of his character, I doubt thtat Lorne could have so successfully been able to function as the heart and conscience of the series for so many years.
This is terrible news to get at any time, but harder for me right now, as I'm still reeling from losing my uncle on Saturday - He was killed when the tractor he was using to pull down an old shed flipped.

I met Andy at MotorCityBuffy and he was the most manic, sweet, hilarious, incredibly goofy young man (A year younger than me) with an amazing voice, the craziest stories (School bus!) and the biggest heart when it came to his fans.

Saturday night, while most folks were at the Common Rotation concert, Andy was hanging out in the smoking lounge with fans who didn't have tickets. They were talking about everything under the sun, from fanfiction to computer games. I stopped to chat with Andy briefly, to tell him a bit more about the fic I'd written that featured Lorne in a pivotal role.

I'd had him sign it that afternoon, and when I told him Lorne was in it, he wrote "Hope you kept it clean! Not!" On Sunday he gave me his address (I still have the piece of paper) so I could send it to him. But the poor dear had just moved, and didn't remember his new address correctly - the story was sent back to me.

Saturday he came out with a latex glove, which he'd apparently mistaken for a napkin while in the lounge. And Sunday, when I met up with him in the bar/grill, I asked if he was aware he'd had his shirt on inside out. And he said he'd gone back to his room after the Q&A to get a quick nap, but his PA had tracked him down because he still had the autograph session, so he just grabbed his shirt off the floor.

My roomies and I hung out with him for a long time on Sunday, until the weekend finally caught up with all of us. I will never forget how very laid-back and casual he was, and the wonderful hug he gave me before he left to catch his flight.

Requiescat in pace, dearest Andy. A true angel.
Andy, you will be missed. We were family even though we never met. Funny the way a stranger can touch your life without even knowing it. Always with the voice of an angel now an angel himself.
Wow! A busy real world life has stopped me posting here over the last few weeks and this was really not the first comment I wanted to be making now that I'm back.

33 and Andy dies of heart disease? I'm 33! Scary!

Andy, you really will be missed. You helped create one of the most unique television characters I ever had the pleasure of watching. Thanks for that.

Rest in peace, Andy. You will be missed.
He was so young. My thoughts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

R.I.P. Andy.
This is simply horrid news. I hope you found peace Andy.
Andy you will be missed. Rest in Peace.
There should be songs, to honor him, not silence.
This is so heartbreaking. :(
Such a shock. I had no idea he was sick and this was such a sad way to find out. Lorne was a (ironically) one of the most loving, giving, sweet characters on Angel and always gave of himself to everyone else. It was hard not to instantly love and adore him, and I'm sure that quality in him was just a little bit based on Andy.

My deepest sympathies and support to his family and friends.
Oh, God, I thought I must have gotten his name mixed up when I read this headline on LiveJournal, because 33? I wasn't even aware he had heart problems... This just gutted me, he was so talented and funny. There's a hole in the world. :(
I remember when it was announced he had a heart condition. Wow. This is so sad. Rest in peace, my friend.
So, so sorry and sad for his friends and family. A truly talented man who will be greatly missed.
I'm very sorry to hear that. All my sympathies to his family and friends.
Condolences to his family and friends.
I'm shocked. I met Andy several times at events and he was a very nice guy. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
What a terrible shock. Let me add my voice to the sea of support for the friends and family of Mr Hallett.

I did get the pleasure of meeting him at a convention, my friend entered a karaoke contest judged by Andy. Andy took the time to hunt him down and tell him that he thought my friend's performance was fantastic and that he should continue singing. So yea...extremely nice and very talented.

Too sad.
The world just got a little darker :( now playing: Mad World - Gary Jules

Truly terrible news. Again, I add my thoughts to the collective pile for his family and friends.

Every episode of Angel is going to make me sad now.
InevitableTraitor said:
I know it's morbid of me, but I'm always worried about seeing a headline like this every time I load the page. I hate being right. I wish it hadn't been him. I'll really miss him.

I know exactly what you mean. I don't think it's morbid, I think it's normal to be scared of something happening to people who've touched your life the way Joss&Co. have touched so many of ours. This is terrible news, feels like losing a good friend.
Some classic Lorne:

and then Andy himself:
This is sad and shocking news. I never heard anything about Andy Hallett having heart trouble. He was a good actor and singer and will be missed.
Very sad. He will be missed. RIP Andy, and thanks for all the grins and giggles you gave me.
My condolences to his family and friends. He was a wonderful actor who brought such warmth and humanity to a character that could have just been a one dimensional joke. I loved Lorne and it was Andy's acting that made him so lovable.

If I could sing, I would sing a farewell song. Instead, I'll have a Seabreeze in his memory and put on some good music.
My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. I had no idea he had heart trouble... :( So sad.
I just read this. How terrible.
How horrible and unexpected. My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved him.
I didn't know he was so sick. So very shocking and sad. RIP.
God, I was just talking to my brother yesteday about how amazing he was as Lorne, and how weird it was that he was never really in anything besides Angel, despite his brilliance. So unfair. Andy Hallett, I love you.
Awful, awful news. RIP Andy. My heart goes out to his family.
I just KNOW he's somewhere singing, "Somewhere over the rainbow....."

What a great voice. He'll be missed. RIP
I just heard and this is such sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Thank you Andy for four great years of Lorne. You were amazing.

This is so sad. He was one of my favorites. Much love to his family.
Oh my god! I can't believe this, I'm so shocked right now. I was just thinking like last month, and hopeing that Joss would put him in a ep of Dollhouse. :(

RIP Any.

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My condolences to his family. A big shock. We'll miss him.
Strangely enough, I had pulled up Andy's IMDB page last night after a marathon session of Angel episodes (the final 7 of Season 2) to see if he had any projects coming up. I started wondering why someone with his level of screen presence did not have a longer list of credits, but then vaguely remembered his medical issues. I hope his family and friends have some idea about how much Andy will be remembered and cherished by people worldwide for years to come. Seeing him on screen always makes me smile and he will continue to have that effect on me.
Oh my God.

I rarely pray for celebrities but my prayers are with him and his family now. Poor Andy, such a delight to watch his performances, and so shocking to hear of his passing.
This is such sad news. I'm heartbroken. I think I'll be watching a Lorne episode of Angel tonight.
I'm very sad about this. I was lucky enough to meet him at several cons, and he was always so genuinely warm and friendly. He was so talented; I wish we'd had more time with him. My condolences to his family and friends.
This is terrible, terrible news. I know he's had health issues in the past but this seems sudden.

My wife and I will forever remember seeing him on a panel at DragonCon right before Angel Season Five started. He and James Marsters had the most hilarious banter. We've never laughed so hard as when Andy, recovering from is own fit of laughter, sighed, "Oh Marsters." (You had to be there.)

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Another spot on "my artifact" forever unsigned.

At least he's in a place where he won't be tired or stressed again.

Of the mead so sweet upon our lips,
In those summer days,
All that remains is a jar gone dry,
And a winter memory that stays.

"Good night, folks.
(drops gun on floor as he walks out)" <3. he was better than all of us.
This is terrible. I'm in total shock right now. I just can't believe this. I hope his family and friends can get through this difficult time. May Andy's soul rest in peace.
Such sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. In the middle of my annual Angel rewatch (just starting S3) and am thinking about all of the wonderful Lorne moments, will probably find it hard to keep watching now but remembering what a wonderful actor and singer he was seems like the proper way to honour him. His voice was amazing and he turned a character that could have just been a throwaway into a complex and vital member of the show - all that with the handicap of the green make-up and horns. I was actually thinking about him a few days ago, wondering if I'd get to see him on TV again - so five years since his last TV role someone on the other side of the world was wondering what he was up to, surely a great testiment to his talent. RIP Andy, you will be missed.
How terribly, awfully sad. What a wonderful talent, and such a dear man, far too young to not still be with us. My deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and friends.

He will be missed - by millions.
Sad news. You'll be missed, Andy. My condolences to the family and friends.
Terrible,terible news.I'm in shock!
Just totally stunned here. He was so lovely in person and had such an amazing voice. Prayers for his family. He will be very missed.
Tragic. My heart aches for his family; to watch someone suffer from heart disease in his late 20s and early 30s is very hard indeed.

Rest in peace, Andy. Your portrayal Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan brought me much joy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
So young. So sad. T-T

Although his family and us, his fans will miss him greatly; his contribution to the world was out standing. We wish he could have stayed.

My heart is with his loved ones.

Requiescat in pace.
My condolences to all his family and friends.
oh my GOD, that is absolutely terrible.
You will be missed, Andy.
I don't even know what to say. I am in utter disbelief and so very saddened by this news. I am so thankful that I got the chance to meet him. He was a talented guy and far too young to die. Lorne has always been my favorite character on Angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Rest in peace, Andy. You will be missed. :(
I am at a loss for words. Lorne is one of my favorite characters. His bust looks over me while I write. Damn it.
Such sad and shocking news. Life just isn't fair. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Heartbreaking, RIP Andy.

I'm going to have a Seabreeze now, made with fresh squeezed grapefruit...I loved Lorne so much.
That's just awful.
Too sad.

And he was so young.
I am totally leveled...

you don't really realize how much of an impact these characters have on you. It is really a testament to the people who create and portray them. RIP Andy.

I feel really down right now. :(
Andy, you're gone way too soon. You'll be remembered with great fondness by so many all over the world. My sincere condolences to your loved ones.
Completely heartbreaking news to read...such a talented, kind man taken from us far too soon. Condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Andy - you will be sorely missed.
This made me really sad - he still had so much to offer! I hope you are crooning away somewhere awesome Andy!
Horrible news :(
How very, very sad. I remember he was scheduled to appear at a convention I went to, but he had to cancel because he was ill... I think with the beginnings of this heart disease. Such a shame... so talented and so young. He'll always be remembered fondly for his wonderful performance as Lorne. My condolences to his family and friends.
I can't believe it, so sad.
What?? Why how did he pass? I didn't even know that he was sick...
So sad! RIP Andy.
Now cracks a noble heart.
So very, very sad. And shocking. So young. I've been struggling to find the right words - I think it's a testament to Andy Hallett, both as an actor and a human being, that even those of us who never had the privilege to meet him are so saddened by his passing.

Enisy really nailed it - there's a hole in the world; and my deep condolences go out to Andy's family and friends, for whom that hole must be so unbelievably huge.

Take care, Andy.

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He was wonderfully talented and uncommonly kind. And this just breaks my heart.
RIP, Andy.
God, this is so sad. Rest in peace, Lorne.
This is just so sad. He was so young. RIP Andy.
His father being at his side . . . that is indeed heartbreaking, and my thoughts are with his family. Perhaps the donation in his memory like browncoat_tabz is doing(for any who can do it, we all know times are very tough right now) might be an idea? Or any way to let his family know that, despite the young age at which he passed, he has touched so many so deeply? (I'm sure that's not really worded very well, but I hope the idea's there.)
Total Sadness.
I started watching angel because a friend begged me to. I wasn't super impressed and then the Host showed up. He was the reason I stayed for as long as I did. Everytime he was on screen he was magic. May the PTBs watch over you on your final journey Andy.
My God. This comes on the heels of me watching Angel all the way through in one run for the first time ever. Lorne is, far and away, my favorite.

This is a tragic loss. Truly tragic.
How very sad. I will miss him. RIP Andy.
Oh no. No, no, no. I can't believe this. I feel bad for not even knowing he had heart problems. This is a tragic shock.

I just can not believe this. I had no idea that he was sick! Oh, Andy. Rest in peace. I'm so sorry for your loved ones. What a loss. Just way too young!
RIP Andy.
You wont be forgotten.
Reality fell down on me when I read this, I can't believe it, yesterday I was watching Andy in my tv and now...

"It's called a moment of clarity, my lamb, and you've just had one."

*hugs* to Andy in the Ever After.

Forever loved
Never forgotten
Always a Song in our Heart


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spork-girl, you said it best.
Just came home & read the news. I'm so very sad. I remember seeing him at DragonCon a couple of years ago. He was such a joy to listen to & so incredibly nice to all the fans. We'll miss you, Andy!
My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Andy :( Thank you for all the wonderful Lorne memories.
This hurts my heart. I was listening to him on the Angel soundtrack yesterday, and was completely surprised to see this headline today, and hoped it was just an early April Fool's joke.

I hope his friends and family find peace and in this time.
Just wanted to add my text to the mix. I'm sad, obviously. I never knew the man, but there's still this weird emptiness, you know? My thoughts and positive energies are being sent out into the world. Hopefully they find the right people.
Words don't do justice to how big a shock this is. Unlike others, I had somehow managed to miss the news of his heart condition.

I met Andy twice, once at Nocturnal 3K in London, where his presence was one of the convention highlights. He was approachable, funny and very charming. His live performance of 'lady marmalade' there, really made an already great party better. The second time was at a convention here in The Netherlands and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

His signed picture, and a photoshoot picture of us together, decorate my bedroom wall.

His work made this world a little bit better for many of us. That's more than most people can say after a long and healthy life.

But, 33. Life is unfair.

Words lack.

He will be deeply missed by his fans.

My thoughts go to those who were close to him, his friends and family.
My goodness, he was so young. This is a terrible loss. My condolences to his family. :(
I can only add to the chorus. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Andy. My thoughts go to your family and friends.
How is this possible? Why can't he just jump back in his body and not be dead anymore? This is stupid. It's not right.

RIP Andy. You are loved always and you will be missed forever.
How tragic. What a lovely, talented man. He brought joy to so many. Condolences to all his loved ones. Godspeed, Andy.
Andy may have played a demon on Angel, but he was the most human one of them all. Loved that about him.

It really is true... the good die young.

At least we have him on film, so a part of him continues to convey his warmth, humor and talent... and as demons go, he was very cool.

The world lost a good person today... but the angels gained a heavenly new singer...
my heart is broken.
I'm going to have to watch the best of Lorne tonight. This is a ridiculously unfair loss!
My prayers go out to his family. We lost a piece of the Jossverse today.
I was shocked to hear this. My heartfelt condolences go out to Andy's family and friends. Thanks to Andy for sharing his talents with us. He brought such brightness to Lorne. Heaven is a bit more melodious tonight.

RIP Andy.
Rest in peace.

Watching Angel will never be the same again.
I am saddened by this news, as we all are. Just this weekend I kept rewatching the video Tim Minear put up on Facebook of Numfar's "Dance of Joy" and the clip reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching Lorne in any scenes he was in. I had decided it was time to rewatch Angel again from the beginning, but I think tonight I might just watch one of Andy's episodes first.

My condolences to his family and friends. What a loss to the world, not just the acting one; he sounds as if he was a wonderful person as well.

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I'm just so surprised by this...I mean I knew he wasn't well and I'd been hoping for him to get better. Damn.

RIP, dude...I hope you finally find some peace.
Don't *rest* in peace, go have an adventure in peace. (He was too young to settle down so soon.)
I think I am going to get out and do some karaoke sometime soon.
I am so shocked. My sympathy to all of Andy's friends and family members. He was so young and talented...
wow, that's shocking. Lorne was one of the best things about Angel, and Andy was incredibly talented. This is as bad as when Glenn Quinn died. Sad news.
This is such a shame. He was just the nicest guy and so very young.

My ex went down to Comic Con once and asked Andy to leave a voice mail for my brother (he's a huge fan). Andy did so and even sang a little song for him. You don't get many celebrities that are willing to do that sort of thing. He was very special and will be greatly missed.

RIP Andy Hallett.
There is an Andy Hallett shaped hole in the world.

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I'm so very sorry to read this. He was too young. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Andy. You will be missed.
Oh man. I can't believe that Andy Hallett passed on. He was amazingly talented, kind, and humble. RIP, you are missed. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
How heartbreaking....

RIP Andy <3
I never got to meet him. :(

R.I.P. Andy. I'll think of you whenever I watch Angel, and when I read Lorne's adventures in After the Fall and Aftermath.
He was such a joy to watch, and in my opinion the most under-rated Whedonverse actor. I was so hoping to see more of his work. This has made me so sad.

RIP Andy.
Such sad, awful news.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Only the good die young...and Andy was one of the best.

I saw him in person just a couple of times, but the joy he felt in life shone through. He will be missed.
The sadness that I feel is too deep for words
How very sad.
:( So sad. RIP Andy :(
Absolutely shocked. Always hoped one day we would see him reprise his role on some sort of Buffy-Verse spin-off.
He was too young. RIP Andy.
He was supposed to appear at a convention I attended five years ago, but he had become seriously ill and couldn't attend. We knew this was a problem some time back, but I still never expected Andy would die, much less so soon and so young.

My family and I are deeply saddened by his death.

RIP Andy.
I am very saddened to hear this horrible news. My fondest memory of Andy was the night he had a karaoke night at Mid-Ohio Con. He was such a gracious host and made me and my husband feel so welcome. And he wasn't above showing off his backside if it meant more money for charity, as he did that night during an impromptu fundraiser. ;) I will miss him and the joy he brought to the world.
Wow, what a shocker. My condolences to his friends and family. R.I.P. Andy.
I can't believe he died at such a young age. He will be sorely missed.
A great, underused talent who will be sorely missed for the rest of eternity.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hallet.
Condolences to his family, friends and fans.
Condolences to his family, friends and fans.
What sad, tragic news. Andy will be sorely missed. I had the fortune to spend some time with him at "Flan-that-was" at the Kareoke night, and he was just so warm and friendly that it remains one of the highlights of the event (and of all my Whedonverse fandom activities). Such a talent. May you find the peace you've been seeking, Andy.
That is just shocking. Deepest sympathies to all his friends & family.
Emily Dickinson wrote it best - "It's such a little thing to weep -- So short a thing to sigh -- And yet -- by Trades -- the size of these. We men and women die!"

I feel as if I have wept a river and sighed a tornado tonight. I had been hoping against hope and refresh against refresh that this was a very early and very bad April Fools Day joke but no such luck.

I feel lucky to have met Andy and got to know him from those occassions, he was a true entertainer in the sense of the word. There will be stories for the ages about him and what a great quirky person he was. He will always be loved and because of his work on Angel he will always be remembered, and I will servely miss him but I cannot help myself but to smile through the weeping and sighing for all the joyous memories he gave me. At his heart he was a sweet funny man, who made the world a little bit better because he was in it.

But of course knowing Andy he would be looking down or up, on us and saying one word... Bullshit!

He was not one to take praise or compliments well, no matter how much he deserved them.

I love you, Mr. Hallett, may you rest in peace.
I saw the headline and couldn't believe it! I still can't!

I always thought that Lorne's "flashback" episode actually took place weeks, months, or possibly years after the very last episode, making him the only survivor of the entire group, remembering and saying good-bye to his lost friends.

Good-bye, Andy...
Don't know what to say, really. Had been wondering and googling to try to find out where and how he was a few weeks back. After Giles, Lorne was my favourite character in the Whedonverse.

'It's not easy being green...'
I am stunned, and heartbroken. Unfortunately, I never got to meet Andy at a con, but he's one of the actors I would have loved to see. I remember thinking after the finale, "With his talents, he's sure to go places." This is just terrible. I don't have the words... I wish Andy the very best in the afterlife, and condolences to his family and friends.

Lorne was one of my very favorite Whedonverse characters too... I'd hoped he would show up again in a future project. Even though that won't happen now, we can still treasure both the actor and the character in our memories and our hearts.
You were very talented and will be missed. Goodbye sir.
Terrible news. Just so sad to go so young.

I hope his family take comfort in how much he was loved by, and the impact he had on, fans of the show. I don't think I've ever heard anything said against him.
I never knew about his condition and I didn't realize he was so young. This is a heartbreaking loss. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hallett. We'll miss you.
"Winifred Burkle once told me after a sinful amount of Chinese food, and in lieu of absolutely nothing, 'I think a lot of people would choose to be green. Your shade, if they had the choice.'"
I'm stunned. Sad too. This just feels crazy and wrong. RIP, man. You will be missed.
Oh, God. I didn't have net for a few days and I finally connect and its to a shock. I loved him, Lorne was my fav character in Angel. I somewhat recall that he had been really sick a while back - but, still... I might cry...

I wish you all the peace, Andy.
My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed.
I was just watching "Life of the Party" the other day 'cause I was thinking about how Lorne makes me laugh. Wow. This is shocking. Deepest condolences to the family.
I just read about this on twitter and was hoping it was a mistake. I am shocked! So sad.
RIP Andy, you will be missed. But you will always be remembered for your warm presence on the screen as Lorne.
So, so, sad news. :~( RIP, Andy, you are very missed.
This is just awful. I had no idea he was even sick. I think I might cry. Rest in Peace, Andy, I wish I known you as more than just the character you played.
Lorne: [sighs] Good night, folks. [drops gun and walks out] :(
I am deeply saddened by this news. Lorne was my favorite character on Angel.

I met Andy at the one and only Con I have ever attended. He was a delightful and warm person.

"I'm the Host...have you met me? I never shut up!" - Lorne
I am so, so sad to see this piece of news. Just popped on before going to bed so see if there were any interesting discussions happening, to find this. I had no idea he was so ill, or so young. What an awful thing. He brought such a lot of joy to our screens for a lot of years.
I just want to echo what has already been said. Truly a tragedy.

"There's a hole in the world" indeed.
Very Sorry to hear this. The world lost a fine underrated actor, but more importantly a family lost a loved one. I hope and pray that the family can find some peace druing this time.

Andy seemed like a genuinely lovely person. Deeply saddened by this news. His performance in Amber Benson's Chance was proof, if proof be needed, that he was a most versatile and warm actor. My condolences to his loved ones.
This is truly sad news. My heart goes out to his friends and family. Andy, you are missed. Rest in peace.
Saw the news earlier this evening, and there was nothing I could do but go watch a few of his best episodes. Going home in "Over the Rainbow." Sadder-but-wiser Lorne narrating "Spin the Bottle."

Rest in peace, Andy. You made your place in the world, and in my heart.
Lorne: [sighs] Good night, folks. [drops gun and walks out] :(

Immediately came to mind for me, too. That scene is automatically a million times more heart wrenching now.
Horrible news...
When Andy's heart was damaged in 2004, I googled for details of the condition that he had, and was shocked to find out that the average lifespan of an otherwise-healthy person with that heart problem was rarely more than five years. I'd been hoping beyond hope that he would be the exception, while fretting while he approached the five year mark. Damn.

I remember his first convention appearance at the small L.A. Comic Con at the Shrine, when David Boreanaz was also there promoting "Valentine." Andy had a small autograph table and was afraid that nobody would want to meet him. Instead, there was a constant line down the aisle of people excited to see "The Host" (Lorne didn't have a name yet). But nobody had a bigger grin on their face than Andy, who was overjoyed at the unexpected outpouring of love from fans.

He won't be forgotten. And now I need another Kleenex.
Sad news. Lorne was one of the best things about Angel. RIP Andy....
I am at a total loss for words, God. RIP Andy.
Still shocked Andy actually died. I remember reading about his heart condition before but for some reason thought he had gotten better. Now gone at the age of 33. :(

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Andy, you were amazing as Lorne, giving the character so much life and in return providing one of the very best Angel characters. Rest in Peace.
Wow so sad... I don't know what else to say, except RIP Andy and thank you for such an amazing character.
RIP, Andy. Thank you for the music.
I wrote a small appreciation of Andy for Blogcritics Magazine.
With no intent to interrupt the well wishes that I too have expressed, is it possible for someone to comment accurately on what the ailment that damaged his heart in 2004 was? I take it that it was a disease, such as bacterial endocarditis or flu or other virus, not congenital heart disease? There's a natural curiosity, and I don't know if there's any good or bad to it, but it is a curiosity nonetheless.
RavenU - I discovered this poem just a few days ago - It's such a perfect selection - Thank You for sharing it for Andy Hallett -

Emily Dickinson wrote it best - "It's such a little thing to weep -- So short a thing to sigh -- And yet -- by Trades -- the size of these. We men and women die!"

I feel as if I have wept a river and sighed a tornado tonight. I had been hoping against hope and refresh against refresh that this was a very early and very bad April Fools Day joke but no such luck.

I feel like a beloved friend has died - Lorne was really my favorite character of the Angel The Series Joss Whedon series. Mr. Halllett’s interpretation and performance of this character was absolutely wonderful and his singing on the series was always a highlight in any episode.

This is so, so wrong. A light has truly gone out.
How shocking and sad. I didn't know he was so young. He was wonderful on Angel. All the best to his family.
I'm stunned. R.I.P.
Oh my God, I just can't believe this. Rest in peace, Andy.
So sad and shocking, I had no idea that he had been struggling with this disease. My thoughts are with his family.
What a terrible loss. Andy lit up the screen, and based on what so many here have written, it seems he had the same effect in real life. My most sincere sympathy to his friends and family. He will not be forgotten.
Well, that just bites. As if we needed more proof that life ain't fair (and death's no better). RIP Andy--no one else in the world could have been so gracefully green.

*dances dance of sorrow*
All of my thoughts and sympathies go out to Andy's family and friends. This is truly a sad day. Rest in peace, Mr. Hallett, your acting always brought a smile to my face.
This is incredibly sad and hearthbreaking... Nobody should die that young, and Andy certainly deserved better..
My thought go to his loved ones.
RIP, Andy.
Never met him or knew much of anything about him past his portrayal of Lorne, but absolutely loved him there and 33 is just too young. I can't help but imagine he must have been a pretty vibrant person to be able to portray Lorne. My condolences go out to his friends and family.
Such sad, sad, news. He was uniqe, with just the right colour of green.
Oh...such sad, sad news. My thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.
That was really nice, UnpluggedCrazy. I enjoyed watching the youtube clip.
Andy was a beautiful, sweet man and had so much talent. The world is a duller place without him.
I had the pleasure of meeting him many times, and he was always so warm and friendly, even when he was clearly unwell.
My thoughts are with his family and friends, as they try to come to terms with the huge hole in their world.
Like everyone who posted before me I am shocked and saddened by this news. Having a hard time finding the words to express what I am feeling and having a hard time not tearing up. I feel so sad for his family - to lose him at such a young age.
I hope it's okay to post this here. Several people were asking about Andy's condition, and here's something he had posted right after he initially became ill in 2004.
From an interview:


The end of Angel coincided with another disturbing situation for Andy. Around the time of filming "A Hole in the World," he says, "I remember a filling coming out of a cavity in my mouth. It didn't hurt and I didn't get it fixed immediately, and eventually, it got infected. But it wasn't inflamed, so I never knew that I had a problem - until the day I was in the hospital."

About a month after Angel wrapped, Angel make-up artist Dayne Johnson dropped by to visit, realised his friend wasn't well and wound up taking Andy to the doctor, who sent Andy to the emergency room. The tooth infection, Andy explains, "[had] a direct line to the heart, which was causing the heart to not pump as efficiently, so my heart was getting more and more enlarged. When I finally went in, I was in the middle of congestive heart failure and it was leaking blood from all the valves. The whole thing would be described as advanced cardiomyopathy. But I'm better now - I'm so thankful."
So young, so talented. He played Lorne with so many layers and such maturity - his performance in NFA is heartbreaking. And the genuine outpouring of grief shows how widely he was loved and respected.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends today. May he rest in peace.
Have just come online this morning and seen the news. That's so terrible. He'll be greatly mourned and missed.
He shone in Chance. I'd recommend to anyone to watch that film, Andy gave a stellar performance.
Oh gah. This is horrible. RIP Andy, and my deepest sympathies to his family and all who knew him.
R.I.P., Mr. Hallett. His talent, his voice and all the joy he brought to us all will never be forgotten.

Ordinarily, I mourn through quiet, contemplation and respectful silence. For someone clearly as full of life, joy and energy as Andy Hallett, however, I plan on doing the opposite. I'm going out to sing karaoke this weekend in his honor and believe me, I'm no karaoke expert. Still, I think the finest tribute any of us could pay him would be to go out there and make the world a little more full of laughter and song.

Rest in peace, Andy Hallett and thanks for making our lives brighter.
Such sad news. RIP, Andy. :(
With this kind of situation, I definitely know what Andy's family is going through right now. My mom recently passed away from something similar, though it was a stroke brought on by a piece of damaged/diseased heart muscle breaking off and blocking a minor artery just below the brain. But the suddenness...and the empty feeling it struggle to make sense of such events.

Even if they will never see it, I offer my most heartfelt condolences to the Halletts in their time of grief. They are in my prayers...

RIP Andy Hallett
My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Andy.
So sad to hear this news. My condolences to his family.
Just read it on another site, I can honestly say I'm very sad and shocked. I had no idea he was ill... and *so* young to die :(((
My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers. I never met the man, but I know his character certainly had a big heart. The next time I karaoke, I'm dedicating a song to Andy.
Thanks to all those who posted YouTube links - Andy was an awesome entertainer. Sad to know that we won't be able to see more of him, so grateful for what we did have in Angel. When I'm down, his performance in Spin the Bottle never fails to cheer me up. Nor his very performance on screen, about to sing "I will survive".
Awful. So, so sad. :(
very very sad that my first post on this site is thus but I had to add my voice to the MANY on here. RIP Andy Hallett :(
Man, 33 is no age at all. That is so sad, never met him but by other accounts he was a great guy and I know for myself he was bloody talented, what a voice.

Condolences to his family and friends.
His performance was, far and away, my favorite part of Angel. He was the show's wit, the show's heart, and the show's conscience.

Condolences to his friends and family - and to all of us who will remember him all our lives, with fondness.
This is deeply saddening news. Condolences to his loved ones
Just disbelief and overwhelming sadness at this news.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Andy several times and seeing him perform. He was a true entertainer and always gave his very best to his fans. My condolences to his family and friends.
RIP Andy Hallett, never was there a character in the whedonverse that embodied every thing that I love about the shows. Watching Angel will never be the same.
So incredibly sad, deepest condolences to friends and family.
Namaste and Blessed Be, Andy. You wont be forgotten.
Man oh man. Awful, awful news. hopefully his family and friends are coping.
A fantastic actor and singer.
Truly sucks.
So sorry to hear of Andy's passing. 'Angel' is the only thing I have ever seen him perform in. He was a gifted peformer and will be dearly missed.
Oh no, that's just terrible. 33 is far too young :( R.I.P.
Terrible news. He was so young. RIP Andy Hallett.
What a shock!
That was, really, really sad :´(

R.I.P., friend. We'll have the wonderful job you did.
can't say enough :(
very sad
he will be much missed
rest in piece
ohh,i shouldn't have kept re-playing all those episodes of angel, i wore them all out :(

condolences to all. loved his voice
So very, very sad and so tragic to pass at such a young age.
My condolences to all his family and friends.
Be at peace Andy...we will miss you.
Sing for God now.
Too stunned for words, really. You will be missed, Andy. My condolences to his family and friends.
I don't know what to say. This is absolutely shocking and very sad news. :-(

R.I.P. Andy

We will miss you... a lot.

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Haven't read the other posts but I'm so very, very sad. Devastated, in fact.

I was fortunate enough to get to meet Andy at a few conventions and found him outrageously hilarious, as though he knew had an awful lot of living to fit into a few short years.

I will treasure the fact that he took the time to converse with fans, away from the con crowd. He took me aside in a room in Sydney and just pumped me with compliments, at a time when I really needed it.

What a special guy he was...and what a huge loss to us all. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Condolences to his family and friends. I'm very sad.
Just heard this news from a friend this morning who I got to recently watch (the entire series of) Angel. Such tragic news of a life taken too soon. His character Lorne was a ray of sunshine in the Whedon 'verse, and Andy himself sounds like he was just as sweet, down to earth and giving as his green counterpart was. Rest in Peace...
I am so shocked. Tears filled my eyes when I read this. Terrible that he died so young.

Awful, awful news. I don't really know what to write. I was hoping so hard this wasn't true. Such a wonderfull man. The world can be so unfair.

RIP Andy Hallett.
Shocked and incredibly saddened.

Will always remember him fondly - My wife and I had his version of Lady Marmalade played at our wedding.

Condolences go to his family and friends. Rest in peace Andy and thank you.
How sad, R.I.P. Andy, prayers going out to his family.
This just breaks my heart. I loved his character so much. I loved his singing too. He just made me smile all the time.

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I never had the pleasure of meeting Andy Hallett, but I always heard about his warmth and kindness--something that truly shone through in his portrayal of Lorne. It may be an old chestnut to say, but his character really showed that it was not only okay to be different, but that it was a magnificent joy that could only be fully expressed in song.

Thank you so much, Andy. You will always be one of the good ones.
My favorite demon! R.I.P Andy. Watching Angel will now and forever be changed. Thanks for all you did.
Wow this is really horrible news. RIP Andy!! :(
Rest in peace, Andy. Thanks for sharing your great talent with all of us. You will be missed. Very sad news.
Oh man. This is so sad and tragic and I have no words.

Rest in peace, Andy. You will be greatly missed.
I am just heartbroken beyond words. I am so sad to think that I will never hear the school bus story again, but I think I'm more sad that there will never be any more new stories to tell. You will be missed deeply, love.
I've been struggling to think of something to say, but sometimes thoughts are very hard to alchemize into words. Andy's acting and singing and enthusiastic convention appearances made him a part of our community and our lives in ways that nothing can ever change or take away. Rest in peace, Andy.
Andy Hallett's work on Angel made me laugh and touched my heart, and I will remember him always.
All I can say is I was lucky to meet the man once. One of the genuine good guys. God bless...
This is so sad.
RIP Andy, you'll be greatly missed.
My condolences to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.
For years Andy made me laugh and now he's finally made me cry.
Wow...I just heard. So, so sad. All the best to his loved ones. RIP Andy.
i'm utterly gutted, a great great loss. r.i.p mr.hallet :( x
Fear not the passing, dear friend
For you will be remembered
In every hall, every room
Everywhere we've known you to be
Fear not the unknown, dear one
For in our hearts, our souls
You will be with us

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So shocked, stunned, and saddened to read this news. I'll treasure my memories of the warm and funny man I met who had a smile and a sweet word for everyone. He was such a joy and a natural and gifted entertainer.

A great, deep loss for the world ~ his fans, and most especially, his family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with those who loved him.

The curtain has gone up on a new show in Heaven ~ Andy entertaining the angels...
R.I.P. Andy Hallett.

You know, I just told my dad about this and I ended up bursting into tears.

The Jossverse loses another one of its family. Both Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett left us too soon. They were both so young.

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The first time I saw the news I was absolutely floored, and now I'm misting up as I'm reading the comments here. I always thought Andy lit up the show every time he was on screen, and he seemed like a genuinely good person. It's so sad that he's gone.
Really really terrible news - so sad. Lorne was amazing. Condolences to Andy's family and friends.
So damn sad. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Andy.
That's so sad! I can't believe it - he was so young!

I absolutely loved Lorne: one of my favourirte characters. Andy made the role entirely his own.
Every time I listened to Andy's songs from the Angel soundtrack they always made me smile and brightened up my day.

Andy, you were amazing actor and singer and you will be sorely missed. May you rest in peace.

My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

I'm crying now!
Goodbye to a funny, gentle man.
Heaven sounds awesome right now. <3 you, Andy. Thanks for all the songs.
R.I.P. Andy, you will be greatly missed. :'(
This is a shock and a blow. I didn't even know he was sick.

Lorne is one of my favourite characters on the shows, and on any show for that matter. Andy played him so perfectly, he was always fun to watch and you always wanted to see more of him.

Rest in Peace.
My deepest condolences to the Hallet and Angelverse families. There will never again be such a host. The host of hosts.

Peace, Andy Hallet. We will not forget you.
Very, very sad news...
Lorne stole every scene he was in. What a wonderful character, superbly played by a very talented man. So sorry to hear this news.
I am among the stunned who had no idea he was ill. I remember seeing him on one of the DVD commentaries, and he just seemed like he was having so much fun in the show. I'm glad he got the appreciation and the fame while he was here to enjoy it.

Does anyone know if he had a favorite cause or charity that the fandom could make a donation to in his memory? It might make his family feel a little bit better to see how beloved he was in the Whedonverse.
barboo, that's a great idea. Have a little good come from all this sadness. It might be a positive way to channel all of our grief as well. But I confess to having no idea what charity or cause it could or should be.
Incredibly sad news indeed. We'll miss you, Andy.
Barboo, I was hoping that at some point his family will put out a statement of where they would like donations to go, hopefully some place that advances research in cardiomyopathy, or some other cause that was important to Andy. I imagine this is all too soon for them at the moment.
Very very sad. He was a great actor and a great talent.
R.I.P. Andy Hallett
This so sad. Andy Hallet was a great actor, and brought so much warmth to Lorne. It's really a shame to see him go so early. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Awful! Andy jumped off the screen as truly special - not just as an actor and a singer, but as a human being. He radiated kindness, sensitivity, and warmth. I'll miss him being here.
I don't know what to say, it's very sad. I was always impressed by what Andy was able to do with all this make up on, a great actor.
He was clearly a sweet man.

One broken heart leaves many the same.
Such sad news!

A lovely tribute to Andy from Keith Topping here
...Wow, don't know how to express it, but I just feel disconnected, as if I've been struck by a fog. This is terrible news, poor Andy. Lorne was always a favourite...
Without you Andy, the world just got a little bit bleaker. See you on the other side, bro. RIP.
I always viewed Lorne as the glue of the group, and it was all due to Andy's portrayal. You need a lot of talent to shine behind that much green makeup.

Sad, sad, sad.
Oh my... I'm just shocked... I just don't know what to say... It's just... Oh my...
Any hope that Joss himself might set Andy on with a word for us here?
This is very sad news indeed. He was such a talented and fun guy. Andy will be missed. RIP
I was just floored when I heard the news today. My condolences to Andy's family and friends. He will be sorely missed.
So sad. His work on Angel was filled with such wit, humor, and kindness... Andy Hallet will be remembered as a very gifted actor. May he rest in peace.
Yes KoC, I'm looking forward to hearing what Joss (and any of Andy's co-stars) has to say. I expect to be brought to tears all over again.
I already posted my sorrow over Andy's passing but I can't resist commenting one more time. That was a lovely tribute by Keith Topping. I'm not surprised that Topping would be so quick to say such lovely things - he's always been one of my absolute favorite analysts of the Whedonverse. Thanks for passing his blog post on, debw.

Like KoC and Haunt, I hope at some appropriate point there will be some public statements by those who knew and worked with Andy Hallett. Dealing with the loss of someone whom you've worked with and known well is very difficult so it may take some time. But it'd be nice to read some acknowledging words at some point.

I can't get over that this tragedy began with a tooth infection. I know of someone else (a young relative of a friend) who suffered a similar fate. Unbelievable.

I watched "The House Always Wins" last night in Andy's honor and reveled in his remarkable, charismatic acting (through all that green makeup and those prosthetics; wow) and great pipes. Damn.
I'm very touched that Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney came by yesterday - I wrote Brian today at Twitter but I don't mind giving my thanks to him again.
Agreed, Tonya J. Agreed.

Edited to add: Maureen Ryan of Chicago Tribune's "The Watcher" wrote some really nice things about Andy. She quotes one of the posts in this thread, as a matter of fact.

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I raise a glass to honor the memory of what Andy added to the Whedonverse and in sadness of what we have lost. My condolences to his friends, family, and loved ones.
His work was really amazing. This is truly very sad, rest in peace!
Andy leaves a legacy that will be remembered and honored. R.I.P.
I heard about it last night and i was shocked, he always seemed such a nice guy in interviews and dvd features. I'm very sad and impressed about this. I think now it's a good time to try a Seabreeze.
I was saddened to hear the news. Hallett emoted beautifully through his Lorne make-up and his ebullience was felt by anyone who met him.

He will be missed.
I met him at a Con. He was sweet and friendly to this little geek. Such sad news :( He will be missed indeed.
Just pulled out the notes I took during Andy's Q&A on Saturday at MotorCityBuffy in June of 2005:

Dayne (Johnson) and David used to love yanking the horns off after filming wrapped for the day - they kept a large "Lorne Horns" bucket that they would toss them into. Andy said he tried to hide from them, but they always found him.

His costumes were bought from a store on Hollywood Boulevard.

The script for the last episode was kept very top secret - the crew was not allowed in during rehearsal.

At the time, Andy said he was going to take "a year off from acting to focus on song writing." There was talk of him releasing an album, but it didn't sound like it was being discussed seriously. (I don't mean like it was a joke, more like just a fun idea but they hadn't focused on making it a reality.)

Can someone set up an "I Remember Andy" page where we can share our convention memories?
Checked Twitter; Adam Busch sent Amber Benson a simple "R.I.P Andy" & she replied "R.I.P very young and talented"

Of course, I didn't expect to find them posting their deepest thoughts "cold" in a public forum . I'm sure we'll hear from both Joss and both Davids later. Probably not here, but through official comemntary formats. And probably some others.

Brings up the point again, we know these folks were co-workers; we seldom know which ones are close off-set, and don't need to. But I suppose most of us wonder like I do.

As to our own reactions, I'm reminded of a story Rick jackson tells on his Hall of Fame radio show. In 1982 he'd only been a country DJ for about 5 years or so and hadn't gotten used to the fan-performer connections there which are so similar to fantasy/s-f-. So it really hit him when Marty Robbins died (also suddenly and in his active years, altho he was much older than Andy) and listeners were calling him at the station literally sobbing. I'm seeing that here. And for my own part feeling much like I myself did so long ago.

My usual egotistical paragraph follows; I'm flashing on my fic "Never Bet the Devil Someone Else's head." The entire Angel Investigations crowd including Cordelia and Harmony are guests at a destination wedding in Vegas, and so is Xander. They've taken rooms at a hotel in which Lorne is a partner, and he's the only one who can cut thru the tension in the group. "Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, your home away from home for three days." I can hear him saying it, in Andy's voice. I guess under a certain, separate star, it happened.

God, I can imaging Andy "duetting" with Mama Cass....
I was thinking of Andy a couple of weeks ago, and had a sickening feeling that he was deathly ill. I go on line and see the horrible news that Andy has passed away! I am now going to do the dance of sadness. Andy was one of those rare performers that was not only very gifted, but loved and appreciated his fans! I will miss him! :(
My God - I was just watching the last ep of Angel and saw Lorne's last song, and it broke my heart. This is such sad news - breaks my heart again. RIP.
For their article posted today, Charisma Carpenter told that "Andy was a beacon of love and laughter."
Oh no. Nothing I can say that hasn't been said above. Just want to join in expressing my condolences and deep sorrow. What a very dark day for the Whedonverse.
I still don't know what to say really. My deepest sympathy to Andy's friends and family. I never met Andy, but like a lot of you have already said, Lorne was one of my most loved characters. Andy just owned that part, he brought the role to life and a real feeling of family to Angel.

R.I.P. Andy, see you on the flip-side my friend.
I just read this. In shock.
Perhaps we can have a "Remember Andy" thread over at our Flickr sight so people can add their stories. Would people be up for that?
As with any Whedon show each character had their function within the show. Andy made Lorne the heart.
R.I.P Andy. AKA Lorn. One of my favorite characters hands down on a Whedon show. 33 years old and already gone. Incredibly sad. Thoughts and prayers to his friends and family. Thanks Andy for such a memorable character.
Poor Andy. R.I.P. Sir, you were one of the greats.
This is so shocking and so sad. He was a wonderful actor and singer, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Condolences to his family.
Didn't know what to say yesterday and still don't. So sad. RIP, Andy.
Still in shock. Too sad...too young...We will miss you.
This Seabreeze is for you Andy.
Lorne was such a great creation. Grateful for any exposure to the man. Thanks, Mr. Hallett.
There are no words that are anything close to adequate when one so young dies. Andy has begun his next journey, and we wish him peace and light and love along his way. We wish the same to those he left behind. He was a wonderful person.
I'm deeply saddened by this news. Rest in peace, Andy -- and sympathy to your family and friends.
So sad to hear, so young! I offer my sympathy to Andy's family.
I feel so bad. It's hard to imagine a world without Andy singing in it. He was one of my favorites on Angel. As much as Lorne couldn't live in a world without music, I find it difficult to see the world continue without his lovely voice in it. My heart goes out to his family and friends over his passing. Thank you, Andy, of reminding me to smile with a song in my heart.
Rest in peace, Andy... I hope you're in a better place now.
I saw this on AOL earlier today and was just crushed. Thirty-frickin-three years old. I didn't even know he had health problems. :( I'm trying not to cry.
I just found out from my brother and I had to make him repeat it because I just couldn't believe it. I still almost can't. Go in love and rest well, Andy.
Sometimes the world seems so cruel. I was very sorry to hear of his passing away.

His character and singing brought joy and happiness to many. May peace and love go to his family. You will be remembered.
A wonderful, talented man who brought my favourite Jossverse character to life. You were too young to die. I'm sorry I never got the chance to meet you. Rest in peace, Andy.
In total shock after opening my newsletter and reading that first line. Didn't have a clue he was so sick. And so young. What a cruel, cruel trick to pull by the PTB. At this moment we can only be grateful for everything he left us to remember him by. But it's gonna be awkward rewatching Angel knowing he's gone forever.
He really made the series' third season such a joy to watch. Loved his singing, his litte showbizz-insider jokes only Angel could get -having been around long enough- (green Lorne, anyone?), their infective banter... But also his worldly-wiseness, (been there, done that, seen it all) big heart and occasional melancholy... Always wondered how much of the character was coming from the writers and how big a part was brought in by the actor.
So sorry my first post after years of merely lurking on this addictive site has to be such a sad one. Only 33... Hope he went peacefully, and wish his loved ones strength.

Green 's the colour of spring
and green can be cool and friendly-like...
My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved this talented young man. Andy was definitely one of a kind, and easily made his way into my heart with his nuanced portrayal of Lorne.
Thinking of and praying for Andy's family and friends - if he touched people who barely knew him so much, what on earth must they be feeling right now? Such a lovely, talented man gone much too soon. We will miss him.
I'm sorry to read that Andy lost his battle with heart disease. I remember reading about surgery years ago & had hoped it was all done & fixed.

RIP to one who brought a smile to those he crossed paths with.
LORNE: Mmm. I'm sorry.
ANGEL: Hey, it's OK, Lorne. Just try and get some rest. Get some sleep.
LORNE: It's it's hard. It's hard being the host of the party. Yeah.
ANGEL: Stop trying to be.

It's time to rest Andy. You'll be missed.
I just found out! My condolences to his family and to my fellow fans.
Wow, I found out in my first class at college yesterday; my classmates wondered why I was crying. I wish that there had been more episodes of Angel where Lorne was the central character, but I treasure the moments we have. To lose someone so talented and so young is a travesty and heartbreaking. I never met the man, but I loved what he brought to Angel. I was always hoping David would get him a guest spot on Bones or Ally get him on HIMYM. It's time to watch Angel again.

Miss you Andy; but I know you're in a better place.
Way too young indeed...
I tend to be more of reader of Whedonesque--haven't posted much. But I had to log on today to just express my sadness about the loss of Andy Hallett. My husband and I watched some Angel on DVD last night. What an energy and talent Andy brought to the show. My condolences to his family and freinds.
Wow what a shock. Rest in peace. He was the best part of Angel.
Shocked and saddened to read this, he was so young and talented. My thoughts are with his family.
Such a shock and so very saddening. R.I.P. Andy.
RIP Andy

Hope they have one hell of a bar, up there!

Second soldier down, as Cordy might have said. Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett, both with a connection to the PTB on Angel, both taken from us way too early irl. Absolutely gutted at this news. He seems like such a nice person from what everyone says, and from the fact that you never see a picture or video of Andy when he wasn't smiling.

Favorite Lorne episode: Season 5, Ep. 15, because Andy really shines here. Lorne... loving Fred so well, and so uncharacteristically ready to punch people, (well, did Eve really count as people?), to save his dear friend. He made me smile, laugh, cry, and completely broke my heart, all within moments of each other. So much talent and such a beautiful voice. I've actually been watching my Buffy & Angel boxed set of late, and just saw that Ep. the other day.

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B_mac over at made a tribute to Andy. I started crying all over again.

Also tribute pages and memorials are being created. has 2 pages for Andy. Page One & Page Two

I created a memorial fund page at the American Heart Association website for Andy.

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Aww man.This sucks.RIP Andy.So sad when somebody so young dies.
Really truly horrible.
Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
God Bless x
It is amazing when an actor can shine through his character to convey the person beneath.

This is a true loss.
How awful. Haven't been here in a few days and so discovered the news by a screen crawl on the morning news. I can't believe it. The world loses another sweet-heart. :(
Very sorry to hear this news.

RIP Andy Hallett.

My sincere condolences to his friends and family.
I loved the character of Lorne that Andy brought to life.....he reminded me of a friend I lost about 10 years ago. So this is so very is time to break out the Angel DVDs and remember a wonderful caracter in a wonderful series. May he rest in peace.
Rest in peace, Andy. What a loss for us.
RIP Andy, your brilliant talent will be missed.
RIP Andy. I'm sure you will be missed by all who knew you, either personally or just through your work.
Anyone who want to share photo, art, video, and/or storeis about Andy, I created the "Remembering Andy Hallett" flickr group.
I understand that I'm probably repeating sentiments, but I suppose this is one of those times when it's okay. Lorne was always my favourite character in Angel, always the one that drew the most emotion from me. I wish I'd had the chance to meet the man behind the character. You'll be desperately missed, Andy. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
So I've been off busy with life for the past few months, unable to visit the site.
And I do, and I find this on the front page. I thought at first I had read it wrong!
I remember when Andy got sick years back and had to miss the convention, but I thought, having not heard about it since, that it was all better.
I'm so sorry to hear I was wrong.
Like most hear, I loved the character of Lorne.
Thank you Joss for having given us all the chance to get to know Andy!
Andy, you will be missed.
So sad and so young. Have David Boreanaz and Joss made statements?
He was such a sweetheart, and I'm so sad to hear this.

A couple years ago at Dragon*Con, it was late at night in the Buffy track room and a bunch of us were trying to do karaoke, only the machine was busted. We were singing to a cd player, when Andy showed up and spent a good hour trying to fix the machine. He'd sing along sometimes too.
When we were booted out of the room, he asked if there was somewhere else we could go, so we spent a couple hours in one of the hotel bars eating ice cream and chatting. He ate almost the whole pint of chocolate ice cream, and felt so bad he bought my friend and I another one.

He'll be incredibly missed.
I've edited this entry to include the links about where donations and cards can be sent.
It feels really wrong that I didn't learn about this until five minutes ago...

I'm still in shock,

Deepest sympathy for all of Andy's friends and family.

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I came late to Angel, Netflixing the series just last year.
When Lorne was there, he was great fun to watch because it seemed that Andy had a ball playing him.
(I always wondered, did Joss name the character Lorne, because he's green?)
What a sad, sad thing this is. He will be missed.
He did a spectacular job as Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan. I'll always remember that role.
I won't be able to listen to "Bein' Green" again without thinking about him, he's such an amazing talent and he'll be sorely missed.

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