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March 30 2009

Alyson Hannigan gives birth to a baby girl. Satyana Denisof was born last week on Alyson's birthday.

what a gift.
Congratulations Alyson and Alexis!! She must be so cute.
Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis! How is Satyana pronounced, exactly?

I hope this new joy eases their sorrow of a friends passing.

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Congrats! And what a beautiful name!
How exciting! Much needed good news. Congratulations to the happy couple! ^_^
So nice to read this good news after the sadness of Andy's passing. Hope little Satyana has a wonderful and happy life (and she should with such lovely, sweet parents)! Satyana Denisof is a lovely sounding name!
Wow..this is such beautiful news, after the terrible one we just had..
Congratulations, Alyson and Alexis! this little girl must be the cutest thing..
And what a beautiful, peculiar name.. I wonder what it means..
That would seem to put to rest the question of whether @alysonhannigan is real or fake, then, wouldn't it.
Congratulations Ally and Alexis.

Circle of life huh? Death and birth, sadness and happiness. It's nice to have some joyous news after Andy’s passing.

Hope child and mother are doing very well
thanks for this! I came to check in about Andy, so good news is... good. :-)
Much needed good news. Congrats to the lovely new parents!
Aw yay, congratulations Alyson and Alexis. I was thinking just last week that the baby's birthday must be going to end up very close to Alyson's, heh.
Congrats to the lovely couple and new parents!

That would seem to put to rest the question of whether @alysonhannigan is real or fake, then, wouldn't it.

I've been watching closely and (1) one of the 1st things she did was to "follow" AB and give a shoutout to @amber_benson (not impossible but..yeah) ; (2) she said she has a stunt singer(?); (3) she's replying to mentions of her name without the @; (4) a few days ago she cannot fit into the chair, and is "due anytime now" earlier today. Not sure if I missed anything but it does look like Twitter is how I met the not Aly. :)
Congratulations to Aly and Alexis! I'll bet she's a beautiful baby, with such gorgeous parents. Now that's what I call a very special birthday present!
Congrats to Aly and Alexis!
Beautiful name. And such wonderful timing; the shared birthday will keep them close.
"The name Satyana comes from two Sanskrit roots: sat, which means truth or being, and also refers to action aligned or suffused with spirit; and yana, which means vehicle. So 'Satyana' means a vehicle for action infused with the grace of spirit."

Google is my friend. :-D

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Aww, congratulations to the happy new parents (before they're too sleep deprived to understand, y'know, words ;). Hope everyone's doing well.

Life eh, it's about both ends of the journey and all the wonders in between.
Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis. Welcome to the world, Satyana.
Weird couple of days, good news followed by bad news.
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis.
Mazel tov to Aly and Alexis and welcome to the wonderful world, little Satyana! :-)
Didnt even know she was pregnant. Congratulations.
Congratulations Alyson and Alexis! She share her mum's birthday day if I am not mistake. Nice!
Congratulations, Alyson and Alexis. Can only guess at the conflicted emotions they must have at the moment concerning the birth of their child and the passing of their friend, especially Alexis who worked so closely with Andy. Must feel like a very strange time for them both.

All the best hopes and wishes to Satyana.
Congratulations to them all. Good news,
Alexis totally psyched me out with all his boy name comments! I totally fell for it, I was sure it was going to be a boy. Well, I am happily proven wrong. Although disappointed they did not go with my preferred name, "Joss." :P Ah well, Satyana is very unusual and lovely. Sure to stand out from the Ellas and Emilys.

I can just imagine them telling her the story of how they met. I'm so happy for them! More than I usually am for complete strangers. Welcome baby!
Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis.

I am not too keen on the name, but its not my baby! My baby doesn't have a name yet. :)
Congratulations to the Denisof family. New baby! Yay!
Congratulations to both Aly and Alexis! So happy for them. I bet they'll make great parents! :-)
How auspicious! Congratulations, Alyson and Alexis, and welcome, Satyana Denisof, you strong little woman character, you!

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Congratulations to Aly and Alexis on this happy occasion an all the best to the whole family in the future. :-)
Wonderful news! Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis! As others have mentioned it's strange how these things happen but this news is certainly something to celebrate. Welcome Satyana!
I have no clue if Alyson or Alexis follow any specific religious faith, even if Aly's mom is Jewish, but it is rather traditional within the Jewish faith to answer questions about the sex of a developing baby with the response "So long as it's healthy." That is the be-all answer to "Do you want a boy or a girl" or "Is it a boy or a girl?" So the perceived mislead the article mentions to me makes perfect sense. :-)

To the new parents, congratulations. Get some sleep! Because for the next few years it is going to be sadly lacking. (I know; my first kids were twins, and it took me and my first wife 4 months to figure out that when one kid woke up at night to feed, wake the other one as well so both get fed and you get 3 hours of sleep rather than one!).
Well congrats to the new parents indeed, still, Satyana sounds a little like, maybe, Satsu?
Congrats to both new parents!
Wonderful news! And what a lovely name. Wishing health and happiness to Satyana and her parents.
Congrats to Aly and Alexis. All the best to them and their new arrival!
Well, that's just great news! Massive congrats to Aly and Alexis.

Weird couple of days here on the black. Joy and sadness, close together.
Aly continues the trend of celebs naming their kids something weird. Atleast this one actually sounds like a name and I do like it phonetically. It's just kinda weird that at this point if some celebrity were to name their daughter Karen or Lisa that would almost be exotic at this juncture.
It's not just celebs giving their kids, uh, 'unique', names; they just get more publicity.

Anyway, congrats to Aly and Alexis.
Congratulations to them both (and I had missed the news about Andy until just now... oh God).
Super congratulations to the happy couple, and many, many more beautiful little babies too.
Yay for Aly & Alexis. :)
Joyful news!!
That's amazing news! I'm so happy for the both of them.
Congrats to Aly and Alexis :)))! Fantastic news.
Wonderful news about the whole deal. Really in love with the name, just exotic enough to be awesome. Congrats to the happy parents.
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis. This is really great news :)
They didn't get married at Two Bunch Palms. They got married at the Willows.
Wow, they share the same birthday! How special. Congrats to Aly and Alexis!
Congrats Alyson & Alexis! I like that people are using names that are different, and it's definately not just celebs doing it. While sometimes the different names are just plane odd, I think Satyana is really nice.
Such wonderful news! Congrats to the new parents! And what a lovely name too.
Congrats Alyson and Alexis!
Fantastic news. Maybe in 15 years we'll see Satyana on our screens!
This is such wonderful news after last night - keeping the circle of life going; especially with David and Jamie having another baby.
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis! A baby girl- wonderful news!
Congratulations to Aly & Alexis! Actually I don't think that Satyana is a 'weird' name at all, it just depends upon where you live (many of my friends named their kids Indian names). This is really lovely news, I was enjoying watching Alyson on HIMYM last night, hiding behind boxes and children and just about anything on set to conceal that pregnancy!
Congrats to Aly and Alexis!
Here's wishing Satyana a lifetime of health and happiness. And if she's half as much fun as her mommy is, I think she's in for a very amusing life. ;)
Congrats to Aly and Alexis. Love you guys! :)
Congratulations Andy and Alexis! And welcome Satyana!
Wishing you three tremendous happiness.
Congrats to them!

Dana5140; Aly was raised Jewish, altho her mother didn't practice much and neither does she. (Altho having a child has been known to change things like that. Ask Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, just not in the same room.) Just as a guess, Alexis's background is probably either Russian Orthodox, Anglican, or Methodist, no idea how active he is either and also no idea how this will all shake out and it's not my beeswax anyway.
How wonderful, I bet she's an absolute angel. Congratulations Alyson and Alexis!
So great! Congrats to the happy new parents. And Aly did such a fab job hiding that tummy on HIMYM.
Congratulations! Such excellent news after yesterday.
Congrats to both of them! It's so nice to hear good news like this after yesterday's news about Andy. What really surprises me though is that Alyson gave birth a week ago and this is the first anyone outside of their friends and family have heard of it. They did a great job keeping the news private.
Congrats to the both of them!
How awesome!! Congratulations!!!!
Yay for baby joy! I would say odds are pretty good that this little girl is going to be both lovely and talented.
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis!! March 24th people ROCK!! Tis my birthday, too :)
Alexis now has two ladies in his family to buy birthday presents for! It's a good thing he has a new movie role lined up! :)
At least he only has to remember one date ;).

(a friend of mine had her eldest on her own birthday and I always felt a bit sorry for her - at least for the first few years it's obviously all about celebrating the child's birthday and there's a danger of Mum's getting slightly sidelined)
But she probably gets out of all the birthday-party cleanup. That's a plus.
Joyous news of a new little life. Welcome to the world Satyana! I hope the new parents sleep when they can, and emerge unscathed from what I like to call "Baby boot camp"--the first 8-16 weeks are especially hard.

I really like the name Satyana! To my virtual ear, it sounds like /saht-YAH-nuh/ --close to rhyming with Tatiana. I think it is lyrical, sounds great with Denisof, and if they were following the Sanskrit meaning as detailed above by ShadowQuest, it has a lovely spirit as well. But then, I myself chose "unusual" names for my kids :) Most people say to me "Oh, is that a family name?", which I take to mean, "Where the %^&# did you come up with that one?" Half the time I think they actually like it, though they wouldn't have chosen it themselves, and half the time I think they think it's a bit weird. To each his own!
Beautiful name.

Congratulations Alyson, Alexis, and little Satyana. *wonders what they'll call her for short*
Congratulations to the new parents!
Al Hannigan (Aly's father) psoted on another site today that all the women in his family were born on the 24th of whatever months they were born in. Not just his duaghetr and grandaughter (1st grandchild) but also, his sister Lynne, and Lynne's daughter. (Al and Lynne also have 4 or 5 brothers but they had either all sons or no children. Their mother was born on the 25th.)

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Congratulations and best wishes to the family. This is good news!
Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
Ah, another family where mother & daughter share the same day (my mother & sister have that honour - though living in separate hemispheres gives them a few hours of birthday independence)!

Congratulations to Alyson & Alexis with a welcome to the world for Satyana.

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