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March 31 2009

DVD cover art and early specs for the 1st season of Nathan Fillion's "Castle". It's slated to be released on September 22nd and it should retail for US$39.99.

The art cover is horrible.

The show doesn't have about 10 episodes? And it's being sold for 40 dollars?
Oh, I don't know. I think Nathan looks pretty good. Is there something else I'm supposed to be looking at?
Even though it's nothing special, I kind of like the cover. ;-)

Anyway, I wonder when we'll hear about the details for the Season 1 DVD of Dollhouse - hopefully it will be a "Season 1" DVD and not a "Dollhouse the Series" DVD...

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The bottom half, with the city and the feet is better than the top half. That can't be right, surely?

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Sometimes these are just preliminary mock ups this far out, but it could be the final version.
No one ever pays full retail. Ever. Firefly had only 14 episodes and it retailed for $55 originally, I believe. The cover art is okay...nothing special...but I would have preferred the color scheme from the little opening theme they have on the show, along with the pen and the blood pool.
I like the feet under the book. I think it conveys the theme of the show well. And Nathan looks cute as always. :)
Available for pre-order on! Someone else can do the linky thing.
I agree, the cover art could have been better.
Strange they didn't announce the Blu at the same time.
Cover art is . . . kind of meh, I think mostly because of the color scheme. Who knows if that'll really be what they'll use, though. Way too early to be sure.

Available for pre-order on! Someone else can do the linky thing.

Linky thing.
For some reason, I HATE poses like that. Back to back, arms crossed. It is just so cheesy. But on top of the book with a corpse underneath? I DO like that.
ceo did the
Linky thing.

for the DVD pre-order on
Thanks! BTW, it's currently listing at 25.99 there, so already discounted.

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There'd better be a Blu-Ray version too. "If it airs in HD it should be sold in HD."
But since when is 10 episodes a season? It should have 22-25 episodes to be called a full season (regardless of what the original order was for)

Though I'd like to know how many episodes they have made so far.
Castle received an order for 10 episodes. It has become standard practice for first year shows, or those which are not performing well, to order a smaller number of episodes, usually 9-13, to minimize losses if it does poorly. If the show premieres at the beginning of the season and does well, it will often get a "back 9" pickup, meaning the remaining 9 episodes (since 13 is the most common reduced order size) are ordered to complete a typical 22 episode season. Midseason replacements (like Castle) don't typically get a back 9, they are just picked up for the next season.

I can't find any specific info on where they are in the production process on Castle, but since it went into production in the fall and the directors for all ten episodes have been announced it's likely that the filming for all episodes is complete (or very nearly).
I believe it's a season, mid-season.
Like in different places the seasons have more or less episodes: UK 12, here, something like 32.
12 (or 13 as per 'Doctor Who') is probably higher than average for the UK in fact, many dramas run for 6-8 episodes per "season" here (or "series" as we call 'em). That said, on the BBC at least, an "hour" show actually is very nearly an hour (about 58 ish minutes) since there're no adverts so 8 BBC episodes = about 11 US network episodes.

But yeah, 'Castle's a mid-season show so will likely get a maximum of 13 episodes this (TV) year. Technically I think that used to be called a 'half-season' but obviously they're not gonna put that on the DVD box because then people might think they'll need to buy another set of the second "half" of the season.
You're right Saje. I remember, now, seeing the 6 eps of Survivors
And i think CSI, even with the regular 22 episodes, was sold in smaller packs.

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