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March 31 2009

Miracle Laurie in Uke Box Heroes. Feeling sad? Listen to our favourite Mellie in her ukulele cover band with her man.

This is adorable. What a great discovery - thankyou. Needed it.
That is fabulous.
Sweet. Thanks for linking to this.
I have loved me some Uke Box Heroes for quite some time now, and it's always great when others discover their fabulousness. :D
I love these, they make me happy. I'm told they've recorded a bunch more songs which should be available in a few weeks or so.
(is the description of this a bit spoilery for those not caught up?)
Is it bad that I liked their cover of "Tin Man" better than the original?

Looking at Miracle's MySpace page, she looks well preserved for an 81 year old, LOL.
daedreams, good point, I've swapped a word.
This is beautiful. Thanks.
Very fun! And I love her on DH. She is so gorgeous!
Their cover to "Tin Man" sounds a lot like the original, except with ukeleles. I wonder if they plan to appear in L-A any time soon?
Did y'all notice that Christopher May was in an epi of BtVS?

Small, small world.
What a great discovery - thank you so much for posting! What lovely voices they both have.
I love this! Thanks for posting, Gossi.

I actually have an extraordinary ukulele, it's a 1920 Martin that I inherited from my grandmother. It's my pride and joy, I love that instrument.
Man, uke is like a fad now amongst celebs. You've got Miracle in Ukebox Heroes, Kate Micucci in Garfunkel and Oates...
I wonder if her man ever brought home those lemon seduction candles Buffy advised him to buy.
Lovely. And I was watching the Eddie Vedder/Janet Weiss duet on "Tonight You Belong To Me" just last night on YouTube . . .

Ukeles have that adorably evergreen sound.
A lovely voice is hers.
I can't talk ukes without bringing up my all-time favorites, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.
Lovely! Especially 'You Belong To Me', so sweet.
Did not hate that even slightly. Sort of reminds me of Elbow's live Radio 1 cover of 'Independent Woman' - on paper it totally shouldn't work, in reality it's a little slice of unique brilliance. Great stuff.

Also, is that MySpace 'friend' named Angel Laurie her sister ?
Doesn't she have a sweet voice? It is so like her speaking voice, which is not always the case with singing.
Very cool music to browse with. Thanks.

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