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"Yep... That went well."
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March 31 2009

The Onion must have a Browncoat on staff... Though this centers on BSG, it references the presidential love of Firefly...

Okay, that is really very cute... and I am kinda feeling the same way.
Oh, Onion. I heart you.
In a similar vein to this Onion article about Obama's love of comic books.

"Wonder Woman? That's not even Marvel. Who are you people?"

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So funny, so brilliant. Shame they didn't mention Dollhouse to make up for something to watch on Friday, though.
President Obama, I feel your pain! :^)
Thats hilarious.
I love that even the Afghan president was weighing in on Obama's BSG obsession. :)
That was hilarious. Loved it. And Michele's quote about Firefly/Serenity was quite the cherry.
David Axelrod as one of the Final Five? As Oz would say, "That explains a lot!"
It's amzing!
I did'nt knew Obama was a flan.

Off Topic: Someone could explain me two questions about the BSG Finale?

Obama attempts to console himself with leaked production stills from the upcoming spin-off Caprica.

It's those adept little touches that make the Onion great.
LOL I bet that Obama is totally a Firefly fan.
Brasilian Chaos Man, both of those are meant to be up to the viewer's interpretation, so said Ron Moore in an interview I read but cannot locate at the moment.
Thanks bobw1o!
Those things were killing me. Now I can hate Ron Moore more easily ;)
BCM, The only thing I think I'm certain of from the BSG finale is that
april fools!!!!!!!!!!!
jclemens ;)
however, it give me hope to own a cameron model.
Sigh. Nobody liked Cally but me.

You gotta love The Onion!
jclemens, why would it be him? He didn't write the song, it was Bob Dylan!

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