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March 31 2009

From Electric Thief to Mystical Princess. Alexa Davalos has been cast as Andromeda, "the captured princess," in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' "Clash of the Titans" redo.

Now this is a movie remake I'd like to see.

Should really benefit from today's updated technology when it comes to special effects, etc.
A remake of Ray Harryhausen's last great effort? Seems sacrerelgious, yet intriguing.
Her name actually sounds Greek so that's neat/fortunate! I'm really curious if they'd try to keep the remake family friendly like the original or if they'd be inclined to make it darker like 300 or the God of War video games.

Hrm, I suppose they could even go for Troy (though I'm assuming nowhere near removing all the mythological creatures) and turn it into a more pompous-style period epic. I'm pretty curious in any case!
'Clash of the Titans' is pretty explicitly fantasy with a lot of family friendly elements so without changing it a fair bit I think a dark and gritty approach would be difficult. And largely pointless too IMO - why choose to remake a film with the gods of Olympus, flying mechanical owls and a light, swashbuckling air and totally lose all that ? Just commission/buy an original script.

I enjoyed it but 'Clash ...' is no 'Jason and the Argonauts' so i'm not too bothered by a remake - it's more like remaking '3:10 to Yuma' than 'The Searchers'. Andromeda's a fairly small part (assuming they haven't changed it too much) so I hope Ms Davalos gets a chance to shine.

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